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It was not too long ago that Luo Qiu encountered a monster. Now, it was a Taoist---another mysterious power of ancient east.

The old man gave off immense pressure at the beginning. However, it was quick to disappear. Not because of You Ye, but because of the buried altar in the club that safeguarded his soul.

Just like in some western fantasy novels he had read, some necromancers or monsters hid their hearts to ensure their bodies lasted forever.

Luo Qiu's situation was similar to theirs.

Luo Qiu's heart…was sealed within the altar. He wouldn't die as long as the altar existed and he had enough lifespan.

"You Ye, are you able to deal with him?" Luo Qiu asked.

You Ye said proudly, "He is only a trashy old goat. Anyway, I'll kill anyone that dares to threaten my master."

"The old man said the jade was his item. I want to clarify a few things," Luo Qiu whispered. "Don't beat him up too badly."

You Ye nodded, but revealed an aggressive expression the next moment. She seemed to have gathered her powerful psychic force, and was ready for combat.

Yang Taizi felt killing intent from that murderous stare.

He tried his best to maintain a calm mind, staving off the pressure from You Ye's overpowering mental force.

Nevertheless, after a mere split second, he realized the huge gap between them.

However, he had no choice but to go against her and get the jade back! That jade was of great importance to his sect, and it was his obligation to obtain it.

"Wait! Wait! Friend! This pair of white jade tokens really belongs to my sect! I don't have any ill intent, the words I said were just to frighten all of you!" Yang Taizi promptly shouted.

At this critical juncture, he valued his life more than the heritage of his sect.

Long ago, he and a few other refugees had fled the fires of war and taken shelter at the mountains. By chance, they were accepted by an old master. After years of training and hardship, their cultivation had reached a decent level. Nevertheless, after that, his senior and junior brothers decided to leave the mountain. They couldn't stand the dull, dry life of a Taoist and wanted to enjoy worldly pleasures. The only person that remained was Yang Taizi, who decided to stay with his master. Due to his clever choice, he had received all of his master's teachings. On the contrary, his senior and junior brothers that left were all devoured by the war, only leaving behind a simple tomb. From all of the above, he understood the saying 'Those who adopt their actions to suit the times are wise indeed.'

From an ordinary person's point of view, those mysterious Taoists should have a lot of pride. However, Taoists understood that it was not a shameful thing to acknowledge defeat to those who are stronger.

Luo Qiu waved for You Ye to stop her attack.

"Su Houde told me a believable story," Luo Qiu said in a low voice. "So how are you going to prove that the jade is your item?"

Yang Taizi saw a glimmer of hope, so he answered at once, "The Koan Sutra carved on it is not the well-known version circulated in recent times. It is an unknown version! I can recite some of it. If this guy(Su Houde) was the real jade craftsman, he should be able to distinguish if it is false."

Luo Qiu said coolly, "Then go ahead."

Yang Taizi then hastily chanted several sentences…but it wasn't coherent, and nobody knew what he was talking about. Nevertheless, Luo Qiu was observing Su Houde carefully, and saw some imperceptible changes in him after listening to it.

However, Su Houde insisted that Yang Taizi was lying for the sake of claiming ownership of the jade.

"Hey! I actually saved you once, how could you be so ungrateful!" Yang Taizi went ballistic as soon as he heard Su Houde's defamation. "God knows the truth and will correct this wrong!"

"God?" Su Houde sneered. "I've wandered in the secular world all these years, if it actually existed, why it didn't take pity on me? And why it didn't pity Sanniang when her soul was divided by the monster? And you still said that God will right the wrongs? Total bullshit!"

Yang Taizi said, "My master had originally intended to temper Sanniang's will in Taoism, so he requested her to teach the emperor. He never thought that experience would stimulate her worldly desires and started an affair with you, causing the emperor great fury! You were too arrogant and carved the evidence of your crime on the jade, thus you were finally beheaded… You got what you deserved!"

"We genuinely loved each other, and didn't care about immortality! You Taoists claim to be ascetic, but you're all actually inhumane! A group of cold blooded animals! Give the jade token back to me!"

Su Houde went mad with rage, dashing over to the old man.

Luo Qiu was annoyed with them, so he turned to You Ye. "Shut their mouths, and pass the jade to me, please."

After gaining permission from her master, the puppet servant girl had no qualms and released her mighty force.

With a mere 'Humph' from You Ye, Su Houde, Yang Taizi and his disciple all screamed and collapsed. Their hands clutched their heads, grimacing in pain. You Ye then waved a hand towards Yang Taizi. All of a sudden, the jade in his hand flew to You Ye, which she then presented to Luo Qiu.

Luo Qiu said to the trio coolly, "I'm interested in Sanniang's statement."

He combined two jades together, "If you're still alive, then you should know about the fool that sought after you for hundreds of years, and should also know about your fellow junior. Do appear before them please."

The two jades brightened at the same time, and two clouds of green smoke were emitted, they circled around the warehouse and finally coalesced together.

It slowly formed.

"Hahahahaha!! 500 years! I have seen the light at long last!"

The present person was not Sanniang, a beautiful girl, instead, it was an old guy with disheveled hair and a dirty face. Furthermore, he seemed to be a lunatic…

Luo Qiu was shocked. [F*ck!]

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