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"Demon! It's you!!"

Su Houde was stupefied, his lips started trembling and his face turned ashen. The person formed from the green smoke was not Sanniang he yearned for, but instead, his old adversary. Now, he didn't even know was it sorrow or rage he felt.

Yang Taizi revealed an astounded expression as well. He mumbled, "How can… the records circulated within my sect be fake? This isn't the real Koan Sutra?"

"No! The Koan Sutra is real! But you don't know the other side of the story!" The demonic old man laughed grimly. "Yu Sanniang! You made me suffer for 500 years! I, Tai Yinzi, swear to make you suffer eternal damnation after I break through this cage!"

"You're…Tai Yinzi? The traitor expelled by master?" Yang Taizi expression became even uglier.

"Traitor? Hahahaha!" Ridiculous!" Tai Yinzi laughed maniacally. "How ridiculous! If I wasn't framed by the b*tch, Yu Sanniang, I wouldn't be expelled by my master! Scr*w that evil b*tch!"

Su Houde couldn't hold his back indignation, saying angrily, "Evildoer, stop insulting Sanniang! You caused Sanniang and I to be separated for hundreds of years, and now you are still defaming her…I, I'll never let you off!"

However, Su Houde couldn't help shivering due to excessive fear of the old man.

Tai Yinzi laughed sarcastically. "Blockhead! Do you still think that b*tch loved you deeply? It was just her trick! She just wanted that enormous sorrow you would give off when you two were separated! That was her true purpose!"

"Bullshit! All lies!"

"Bullshit? Hahahaha!" Tai Yinzi laughed pathetically. "Look at my pitiable state! 500 years ago, I was furious after being framed by that b*tch, so decided to follow her to the imperial palace! I was extremely clear on how she seduced you, how she cultivated her firm Taoist heart using your 'true love'! You were the only person that believed you two were a fated pair! Do you still think she loved and was willing to be with you---a person from a lower class? I'm telling you, she was using the most basic illusion magic! It was all a dream! Foolish idiot!"

"Did you know at the moment you were beheaded, Yu Sanniang succeeded!? Her tears fell when she witnessed your beheading! At that moment, she managed to achieve the Indifferent Mind! Ever since then, she had a sharp increase in power, and I wasn't a match for her! Emperor Xian Zong asked me to deal with Yu Sanniang, but I failed, and was sealed in the white jade tokens! Then she dressed up as me, sent the jades to the emperor, and escaped from the palace to enjoy her life in leisure! Hum, everyone was cheated by her! But only you didn't know that and kept denying reality!"

"You liar! I don't believe it! I won't believe it!"

Su Houde went mad and rushed at Tai Yinzi, striking about wildly and clumsily. However, it was impossible to punch smoke. At last, he ran out of his energy and fell down. Then, he just kept repeating, "You lied to me…lied to me…lied to me…Sanniang loved me! Yes, she loved me!!"

"I lied to you? Idiot! If I lied to you, it makes no sense why I'm the one sealed in the jade and not Yu Sanniang!" Tai Yinzi sneered. "Try recalling whenever you slept with her, didn't you feel sleepy or felt your conscious blurring? You didn't drink or have any sort of disease, why were you so tired every time?! You think you can still lie to yourself after 500 years!?"

"You liar!!!!"

Su Houde stood up abruptly and…ran towards the warehouse exit.

Luo Qiu frowned and glanced at You Ye. You Ye snapped her fingers and a ray of light was shot towards Su Houde's back. He then fell unconscious and collapsed onto the ground.

"Well…Yu Sanniang really was a b*tch." Luo Qiu broke the silence after a while.

But obviously these words made the situation more awkward.

Tai Yinzi suddenly went into a frenzy, "Hey, boy! Break the jade tokens in your hands! I know your story since I fell into the hands of that butterfly monster! You have no power here. Hurry up! Or I'll kill you!"

Luo Qiu replied coolly, "I'm so scared…If it wasn't for my help, did you think you could escape from the jade? Besides, you wasted 10 minutes of my time."

The faint light faded away at once, while he shook his head. Then the green smoke was divided into two and was absorbed by the jades again. With a piteous cry, Tai Yinzi vanished from sight.

Now, the only ones that were still conscious were Yang Taizi, his disciple, Luo Qiu and You Ye.

Luo Qiu waved his hands. A black flame gathered above his palm, and suddenly transformed into a black card devoid of any stamps. Then he flicked it out, leaving it stuck between the floorboards near Yang Taizi's feet.

Luo Qiu said with a poker face, "The pair of white jade tokens are mine! If you want them, then exchange them with items of equivalent value!"

The moment Luo Qiu finished speaking, Yang Taizi felt a powerful spirit force sweeping through him, striking his conscious. He passed out and fell down without being able to react.

"Master, how should we deal with Su Houde?" You Ye asked.

Luo Qiu said, "He is merely a pitiful guy. Just leave him here!"

You Ye inquired, "Master, don't you want to make a deal with him? He has a wonderful soul that has existed for 500 years."

Luo Qiu had his own thoughts on that matter and shook head. "If it's necessary, he will come to us…right? Plus…"

"Plus what?"

Luo Qiu laughed, "Leaving after acting cool, is really exhilarating!"

You Ye didn't say anything. Then the two just left and headed towards the airport.

Not long after, Yang Taizi woke up. He found the black card, holding it in his hand without saying a word.

His disciple asked him curiously, "Master, what's this?"

Yang Taizi expression showed that he wasn't sure. He hesitated for a while, then said, "It might be…a legend from long long ago. Could… it be true?"

"Master, I've sent the white jade token anonymously by express to Ms. Dong. She should receive it by tomorrow."

You Ye reported to Luo Qiu at the airport, then asked puzzledly, "Master, You Ye doesn't understand. Why did you send back the jade?"

Luo Qiu replied while reading a magazine, "If we don't, how will they react after that? I don't want them making apologies every other day or so. Anyway, Ms. Dong promised she would send it to me herself as soon as they got it."

He turned to another page, "It'll be a happy ending once she sends it to us. What's more, we've obtained the secret of the jade tokens, so time is of no matter now."

You Ye nodded without a word.

Luo Qiu suddenly smiled. "Do you feel that I think too much? To actually be concern about such worldly matters, does it not match my status of a boss?"

"No, You Ye dare not to do so."

Luo Qiu shook his head, "Take it easy. You'll be with me for a long time. If you dare not do anything, life will become boring."

You Ye said, "Master should not be limited by ordinary ethics and rules."

Luo Qiu replied, "I actually think so too…but not now. Sure, I'm the current boss, but that hasn't even been a week. It's hard to change my thoughts after being shaped by more than 20 years of ordinary life and education. "

Luo Qiu paused for a moment. "Thus, I won't' stay in the club permanently until I get used to that lifestyle. Do you understand?"

You Ye didn't seemed to get it but still nodded.

Luo Qiu smiled. "You may understand it if you recall the memories you had before turning into a puppet."

You Ye shook her head firmly. "It is not necessary. You Ye serve the club, and obey orders from the boss, that is everything for me."

Luo Qiu was unwilling to speak anymore, he felt he would get annoyed if this conversation continued.

So he closed the magazine and put it back, then stood up. "I'll go buy something good to stop Ren Ziling's talkative mouth. Or else she'll lecture me for a whole night."

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