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There was a high chance that he would come in conflict with the monster, so Luo Qiu felt slightly nervous. However, due to the club's protection, nobody could take his life.

Luo Qiu was not the same as his upright father, but he had branded his father's words in his mind: "Face your problems head on and fight."

He held the loaded USP pistol in his hands, aiming at the ground.

As for You Ye, she looked more relaxed and just stood there like usual. She probably didn't even regard the mantis as an opponent.

In contrast, the insect monster trembled constantly due to fright. So Luo Qiu stuck close to him, staying in front.

At this time, the trio stood backed against the river, and looked towards the forest. Because they thought the mantis monster would find it hard to assault them across the river.

All of a sudden, a loud shriek rang, and a shadow darted forth from the left of the forest!

Before Luo Qiu reacted, You Ye had stepped forward to engage the opponent. The air resounded with the sounds from the collision of weapons.

A second later, he saw You Ye held an expandable black metal stick, and a fourth shadow appeared under the moonlight…

"Who are you guys?"

A gruesome sound came from the front.

It was a mantis monster. He stood with his legs slightly separated and hands hung low. His fingers closely sticking to one another--that's right-- fingers.

Because in front of Luo Qiu was a well-featured young man with a slightly waxy complexation.

He wore a dark blue suit and would seem like a model if he wasn't taking such a weird stance.

Only the fierce look ruined his good impression.

This mantis monster had obvious differences compared to Luo Qiu's customer—that insect monster.

"This…eh, Mr. Mantis, I suggest you leave here if possible." Luo Qiu said in a more polite manner: "My… friend that in front of you, is being protected by us. Could you please leave here tonight?"

Luo Qiu wanted to earn the transaction fee without using much effort.

But as the rule of the club stated, any staff of the club could not use the name of the club, especially before the enemy of the customer.

The mantis answered while Luo Qiu was distracted.


The mantis scornfully sneered, setting his sight on the insect monster, "Do you think you can break away with the help of these two guys?"

Then he walked one step forward with a grisly look.

The insect monster took a step back by instinct. Alarmingly, he said, "Don't, come, over, here!!"

As hearing this, the mantis laughed, "If I didn't eat all larger monsters and became too hungry, I wouldn't eat such a young guy like you."

Then the mantis snorted: "I still remember the scream from your mother when I ate her. So how should I kill you first? Like I ate your mother? Pulling apart your arms? Or twisting off your head? Do you remember your mother? I twisted her head off first!"

"Stop, talking!!! Ah!!!"

The insect monster lost his mind. Uttering a heartrending cry, he rushed towards the mantis. But due to his body being too cumbersome, Luo Qiu extended a leg, tripping him to stop him going forward.

Luo Qiu shook his head: "Stand up, you're under protection."


Perhaps the tumble made the insect monster realize that the mantis wanted him to close the distance so that it would be easy to eat him. Then, he became afraid again.

"Mind your own business, I'll eat you first!" the mantis sneered and jumped up.

His arms were extended and turned to sharp scythes, hacking towards Luo Qiu.

Though he hadn't any experience fighting with a monster, but instinctively, Luo Qiu took aim at the mantis.

Peng, Peng, Peng!!!

"Do you think these small bullets will hurt me? So naïve!"

The bullets didn't manage to pierce the two scythes of the mantis!

The mantis landed in front of Luo Qiu and sent out a horizontal slash! The scythes were extremely sharp, sharp enough to even cut through rock.

Luo Qiu immediately squatted to evade the attack.

He wouldn't die anyway even by being shot in the head, because of the protection from the club.

He wouldn't die, but he could still feel pain!

As soon as Luo Qiu squatted, the mantis kicked him viciously.

To the surprise of the mantis, he didn't hit him. Instead, Luo Qiu showed up 3 meters away from the mantis monster, with the same crouching posture.

After that, Luo Qiu stood up quickly.

Luo Qiu was maximising the use of his teleportation ability.

This time, the mantis was stunned, but still remained calm and stared at his target.

Just when the mantis intended to attack Luo Qiu for the second time, a deafening sound suddenly came from the back of his head. Then he hit the ground directly, his limbs spamming and foaming at his mouth. Slowly, his body transformed gradually back to his original appearance.

What a huge mantis he was!

Luo Qiu couldn't help giving You Ye a thumb up.

It was quite an impressive attack just by using a metal stick—only a sophisticated master could land such a strike without the mantis realizing it.

When the insect monster saw that his enemy was almost dead, he suddenly screamed and climbed onto the mantis.

You Ye seemed disgusted by the insect monster, so she backed up a few steps when he got closed.

At this point, the insect monster bit down on the mantis immediately.

"My God…I just realize he's not vegetarian."

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