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Luo Qiu had no idea that where You Ye got the bullets.

Although he used to play with guns in the shooting range under supervision, he hadn't touched one in years after his father left.

He just remembered the basic actions, but had to improve his accuracy through shooting practice.

The good news was, as the boss, he had the ability of teleportation. Therefore he went into the wilderness with You Ye to shoot at midnight.

"Boom, boom, boom--!"

His score was terrible, and the sounds merely scaring the small animals. Without realizing it, he had used a dozen magazines.

He rubbed his shoulders and laughed after seeing the final recording of his shooting: "Is that OK?"

You Ye smiled: "As long as you feel happy."

Luo Qiu was certainly aware that his results were terrible, but he felt no embarrassment. He returned the pistol back to You Ye, waving to say goodbye to her, then went back home.

"Call me if another customer comes." Luo Qiu explained: "If it's possible, these days, I'll be myself, an ordinary university student in this city, with a nice stepmother."

You Ye nodded and saw Luo Qiu vanish out of her sight.

When You Ye went back to the club, she just sat there quietly, this was considered rest for her. However, as soon as the wooden door opened and door bell rang, this servant girl would stand up with a beautiful smile, ready to be of service to the customers.

When Luo Qiu woke up in the morning, Ren Ziling had already left home for work.

As per his original plan, Luo Qiu should take a bus to the university, but he changed his mind.

Luo Qiu had very few real friends in the university—So did most students, actually.

That was because not everyone was interested in communicating, and few people would show you their real selves.

But the main reason was Luo Qiu's major.

Luo Qiu still believed he had been possessed by some ghost during the time he picked his major, which was new and had no seniors.

His major was—paleontology, with merely two students, including himself.

On the other hand, there were some advantages majoring paleontology. For instance, there were extremely few classes which the humanities students envied, and had only one professor, who was often absent…

Therefore, he wouldn't fail the only course in any case.

He heard that the professor was obsessed with his research in paleontology, so he was funding his research under the guise of the new major.

Hence, Luo Qiu didn't even had to request for leave.

After washing, Luo Qiu sat down in front of his computer, searching the place which the insect monster had provided him using the satellite map.

He spent a whole morning looking for it—the insect monster declared that his skin rotted due to consuming food tainted by pollution. Thus Luo Qiu focused on the potential sources where the insect monster could have been poisoned.

At noon, Luo Qiu turned off his laptop and went back to the club.

So far, there was no new customers.

You Ye prepared stewed beef, a dish of pickled cucumber, bread with caviar, and the borscht as Luo Qiu's lunch.

Luo Qiu looked at the bread: "Is this Russian bread?"

"Yes." You Ye smiled: "Of course it's just a common bread, but larger and harder."

The whole meal was arranged neatly and had an graceful atmosphere, so Luo Qiu smiled: "This should be a normal meal in Russia. It seems you prefer Russian dishes?"

You Ye smiled, but she didn't answer his question.

But according to clues left behind, he could tell something about her—she was made by an alchemist, so she shouldn't be an easterner.

The alchemist was likely to be a Russian, or from some neighbouring country, which might have been the hometown of You Ye.

He asked You Ye if she could recall the events before she became a puppet.

But she merely shook her head, her royal blue eyes dimmed for a moment.

"Master, do you like this style of meal?" You Ye asked suddenly.

A puppet didn't need food, yet she could cook such amazing dishes. Therefore it was probably due to the soul sealed in her body, which was the only memory relating to her past.

The food she cooked most often during the last 300 years, might be these Russian dishes.

"That's ok, I'm not selective to food." Luo Qiu shook his head, "But it doesn't feel authentic."

He looked at You Ye, then smiled: "So if it's possible, let's go to Russia, and create dishes made from the freshest materials there. The taste would be very good."

Luo Qiu thought he saw a slight hint of desire in her beautiful eyes.

After lunch, Luo Qiu chatted with You Ye to find out more about the monster's world hiding from human society.

Luo Qiu was so interested in the strange news about monsters that he even ignored the appointed time. Only when You Ye admonished him did Luo Qiu hastily prepared to teleport and send themselves to the designated destination.

It was in a forest, with a river flowing from west to east. There were blocks of buildings not far away from it, with faint light emitting from the inside.

A chemical plant was located here but was forced to close down due to illegal sewage discharge which was reported in the news a few years ago. However it seemed to have been reopened later.

The river water was clear reflecting the new moon. However it was starting to seem a little murky with floating dead fish bodies—they had no idea how long the river would be clean.

"Master, the customer is coming." You Ye suddenly reminded Luo Qiu near his ear.

Luo Qiu took a deep breath, then looked to his second customer with a smile.

The customer wore the same clothes as yesterday. As he was an insect, he didn't walk quickly.

The insect monster finally reached Luo Qiu at last, and said happily: "You, came, here."

However right at that time, a scream came from somewhere. Then the insect monster started to tremble. Based on these situations, Luo Qiu was aware that the so-called enemy was coming.

En…a 120-year-old mantis monster?

He was looking forward to meeting it.

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