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Chapter 11 – “Iron Wall Nielsen has humbly come.”

“Huhu, I have Tilea-sama’s confidence.”

No good, no good. As the captain of the household guard, I cannot relax. I accidentally broke into a smile, but I restrained myself.

But still, what a magnanimous personage Tilea-sama is!

That day I misunderstood her to be slighting Camilla-sama and turned my fists towards Tilea-sama. It was an outrageous thing to do.

Not only did Tilea-sama not punish a fool such as myself, but she even allowed me to serve her. And probably because she had quite some interest in me, she was kind enough to ask about me, from my birth to my military history. I ended up proudly recounting my military exploits despite myself. A truly embarassing thing to have done.

Tilea-sama is the esteemed elder sister of Camilla-sama, and the host to fearsome power. And I am able to serve such a person. As a warrior, there is no greater joy. Indeed; I am Tilea-sama’s sword, and shield, her faithful servant, a dog.

I recalled Tilea-sama’s words from earlier. She ordered me to ignore herself and Camilla-sama, and instead do my job; in other words, Tilea-sama ordered “We don’t need bodyguards, so so all of you, carry out your duties.”. We of the household guard do more than just protect our lord. Our duties include annihilating the enemy as well.

Huhu, as expected of Tilea-sama. Rather than defence, she seems to prefer offence.

Tilea-sama, please leave it to me. I will show you the indiscriminate annihilation of all who threaten your path to domination!

While trembling at the thought of Tilea-sama’s order, I headed to the plains where the members of our unit were waiting.

After a few hours, I arrived at the plains they were stationed at, north of Beruga town. Five hundred members of our household guard were orderly waiting on standby.

“Everyone, you have waited.”

“My, it’s Captain Nielsen. We have been humbly waiting.”

“Everyone, Captain Nielsen has returned.”

The orderly soldiers upon noticing my return began to grow noisy. Everyone is excitedly and impatiently awaiting their orders.

And that is understandable. We of the household guard are warriors; and after reviving after thousands of years, we can finally fight.

To convey Tilea-sama’s orders, I look over the soldiers.

That day, when I told them that we would be betraying the Demon King Army, as expected, discomposure spread through our unit. Demon King Zorg is a special existence to we demons after all.
However, when I told them that it was Camilla-sama’s orders, the unrest immediately stopped. We of the household guard are chosen elites that swear absolute allegiance to Camilla-sama. If Camilla-sama so orders, whether they be a god or a demon king, we have the mettle to defeat them. That’s why it was impossible for there to be any discontent to begin with.

As expected of the household guard that I am so proud of!

And then, I told them about Camilla-sama’s esteemed elder sister, Tilea-sama. Tilea-sama was the reincarnation of the Evil God Dark Matter, and was the possessor of unfathomable power. And I passionately told them that she was the master that our lord Camilla-sama had offered her body and heart to serve.

Indeed; Tilea-sama is the lord of our lord. A lofty, yet grand being. We are being permitted to serve such a grand personage. Naturally, all members of our unit trembled, moved.

Very shortly I will be telling them Tilea-sama’s words, and there is no mistaking that they will be even more moved than they were on that day. I stepped forward before the soldiers on standby to convey Tilea-sama’s words.

“I will now be reporting Tilea-sama’s words!”


All members dropped to a knee, and lowered their heads. They had all moved together without missing a beat.

“Tilea-sama’s words were 『Accomplish your duties』. Henceforth, we, formerly known as the Demon King Army, will now begin mobilising as the Evil God Army Household Guard Unit.”


From now on, working towards obtaining information on the Demon King Army is our foremost priority. As the Evil God Army, the Demon King Army will be our greatest enemy. We must pay utmost attention to their movements.

Being the case…

“Belnandes, begin searching the area within a twenty kilometre radius of Beruga town. If you find the spies of the Demon King Army, or anything else of suspicion, report to me at any time.”

“By your will.”

Belnandes quietly answered. Belnandes Bo Macdo. He serves as the Camilla Unit’s intelligence operative. In every battlefield he performs duties as a spy, and in setting up the logistics. In tasks behind the scenes, there are none greater than him. Enough that they say that, in the shadow of Camilla-sama’s victories, lies Belnandes. If it is Belnandes, then I suspect we will be able to promptly acquire information about the Demon King Army, and deal with it.

The information we need next is on the military strength of the human side. I will decide on the unit that will infiltrate the royal capital. When it comes to infiltration, Belnandes would be suitable, but he will have his hands full in dealing with the Demon King Army.

In that case…

“Ortissio, pick thirty troops and hide in the royal capital of the Kingdom of Arkudas, and gather information. In particular, I want to know the war potential of the humans of this era.”

“Understood-! After selecting some men, I will head to the royal capital.”

Ortissio replied with an enthusiastic voice. Ortissio Bo Bach. In the Camille Unit, he is the most talented after Mühen. He has a quick tempered side to him, but he holds enough power to compensate for that. Besides Belnandes, there is no great difference in the information gathering skills of the others. At present when we know nothing of the human’s military strength, it will be fine to leave it to Ortissio, who is suited for fighting, even amongst our men.

For now, I will entrust the information gathering of the Demon King Army and human strength to them. Next, I must think about Magic Beast Gargan’s management. When it comes to magic beasts, there is probably only him.

“Muram, I leave the control of Magic Beast Gargan to you. Additionally, until Ortissio’s information arrives, I do not want the humans to notice the existence of Gargan. Erase all eyewitnesses.”

“Understood-! As you command.”

Muram replied, in his own zone. Muram Bo Fischer. The foremost summoner of the Camilla Unit. In the great war of old, using hundreds of magic beasts, enemy soldiers were devoured to death. If it is he who understands the language of the magic beasts, then we will be able to smoothly deal with Gargan’s concealment and management.

Finally, what’s left to be concerned about is revenge from the Demon King Army. The vanguard of the enemy will likely be one of the Six Demon Generals, Kira. If it’s Kira who detests Camilla-sama like poison, they would probably gleefully attack us. We’re leaving the spies to Belnandes, so it will work out somehow. We’ll immediately be able to catch hold of the timing of their attack. Also, to ambush the Kira Unit…

“Mühen, lead a unit and attack the Demon King Army’s Kira Unit, and while absorbing their power, engage in guerilla warfare.”


Mühen replied in a calm voice. Mühen Bo Eret. The finest swordsman of the Camilla Unit, and my right-hand man. Mühen has been the cornerstone of support for our unit in numerous battles. There is nobody but him who can hold back one of the Six Demon Generals. Even if we leave Kira himself to Tilea-sama or Camilla-sama, we need a commander to hold back the Kira Unit if they attack. I will be coordinating this as a whole, so I’ll leave the finer details to Mühen.

“Mühen, our army is of small number. I think I will be forcing you into a difficult battle.”

“Captain, was the Retreat at Velaad not different to this? Please leave it to me.”

The Retreat at Velaad…

Our army was under pursuit by forces numbering ten times our own. Against those enemy soldiers who kept gushing forth no matter how many we killed, just how many times had we prepared ourselves for death? Even in that situation, Mühen continued to calmly support the unit, managed a retreat to Demon Capital Benz unharmed, and accomplished a miraculous result. He is the same as always, isn’t he. Mühen is giving the same smile he did at that time. Even in a disadvantageous battle, he loses not even a little fighting spirit; he is a true warrior.

“Phew, it was a needless worry, wasn’t it. If it’s you, you’ll do just fine. I’m counting on you.”

“Understood. I’ll let that Kira guy savour the taste of boiling water. Just watch.”

Everyone is full of morale. All the soldiers are dazzlingly overflowing with fighting spirit.

I took a breath.

“Henceforth, the Evil God Army commences its trampling of enemies!”

“”Understood-! For the sake of the Grand Tilea-sama, and our beloved and respected Camilla-sama, my lord!””

Belnandes Bo Macdo Ortissio Bo Bach
Muram Bo Fischer Mühen Bo Eret

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