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Chapter 10 – “My little sister took in a dog. His name is Gargan, she says.”

EH-!? What do you mean, five hundred? Why are there so many dogs?

Feeling confused, I asked Nielsen(Pervert). According to Nielsen(Pervert), “They are brave veterans who are loyal to Camilla-sama.” apparently.

――――I see! In other words!

Over these last few days, Timu has participated in the Demon King event together with Nielsen(Pervert). There, Timu made some fans; as we call them in the idol otaku world, the praetorian guard.

I can believe it. Honestly speaking, Timu is cute in a special way. People like AKB from my old world aren’t a match. That well-featured face and that beautiful silver hair of hers should catch anyone’s eyes.

On the contrary, isn’t 500 too little?

Anyway, I know now that Timu has a household guard. I can imagine that they’d idolise Timu as well. But as you’d expected, we can’t hire them all at the shop. Or rather, since they’re Timu’s fans, they’re probably not jobless like Nielsen(Pervert).

…Probably. Or more like, even if there are any more jobless people, we can’t take them!

Even at best, just hiring Nielsen(Pervert) alone is the limit for us. Even if any more chuunibyou patients appear, we can’t take care of them you know.

That’s why I asked Nielsen(Pervert) to tell them “Stop doing stuff like following around idols and go back to work!” for me.

When I did so, Nielsen(Pervert) said “Understood-!” and quickly left the room. Based on his reply, he had plenty of spirit. I hope he can properly persuade them.

Seriously, I’m relying on you. Just having Nielsen(Pervert) at the store is already keeping our hands full after all.

“But still, you actually have a household guard, huh, Timu. I didn’t know.”

“Huhu, Oneesama, it isn’t just a household guard. I have a magic beast amongst my retainers as well. His name is Gargan.”

Magic beast? I wonder if it’s something like a cat or dog.

But why would she have a magic beast…

I see! A fan gave it to her, didn’t they?

As expected of Timu. She’s already captured the hearts of her fans.

Ah~ but our house is a restaurant, so having an animal is no good, isn’t it. It’s pitiful, but I’ll need to have Timu give up on keeping a pet.

“Timu, our family can’t raise Gargan.”

“Oneesama, it is fine. I am letting Gargan run wild, you see.”

“Will that be okay? What about the food?”

“Yes, there is a lot of food(humans) around, so letting it run free is fine.”

Nature certainly does flourish around here. There are quite a lot of fruits and nuts after all, and the climate mild too. Even letting it run wild, it’ll probably live just fine.

“I see, then we can relax, huh? Gargan was it~? Could you let me see him too, next time?”

“Of course. I am sure you will like him too, Oneesama.”

Huhu, Timu seems to like Gargan quite a bit. She’s already given it a name.

But still, I wonder what kind of magic beast it is.

I’m sure it gives out a soothing aura like a cat. Lately my stress has been building up, so I’d like to be healed.

‘Healing’ is a sort of Japanese casual way of referring to ‘being soothed by cute things’.

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