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Chapter 50 : A greeting gift Translated by Monkillu


The serene valley was very deep, it was surrounded by long grass and trees. The branches and leaves were lush and flourishing. A breeze was blowing, the grass and trees swayed. One could only hear the sound of wind blowing in the silent valley.

At this moment, Xu Yan actually had an ominous feeling, as if this valley was a giant entrance to hell, and was waiting for them to enter.

This place is a bit strange!

No beast roared, and it was very quiet. It was very unusual.

They felt the different atmosphere. They stood outside the valley and were hesitating.

“There are people there.” Luo Mu’s hand was pointing at the front of the valley and cried out in alarm.

A figure flashed in the valley.

“It’s him!”

A light flashed through Xu Yan’s eyes. On that day, Miao Kong’s movement technique had surprised them.

“He was with Zi Chen on that day. Zi Chen must be inside. Let’s chase them quickly, they will run away if we are late.” The third seed was an impatient person, bold but not very astute. After he saw Miao Kong, his feet moved towards the valley and pursued.

“Third brother!” Xu Yan shouted.

“Big brother, let’s catch up quickly.” The moment the third brother pursued, the tenth brother, that was humiliated before, also followed.

“Yeah. Chase.” Xu Yan sighed helplessly. He discarded the intention to continue and observe. After he called out one time, he then dashed into the valley.

In the blink of an eye, ten figures flickered and disappeared from the edge of the valley.

“What should we do?” Ten people left, leaving Luo Mu and the four other people.

“We haven’t even gotten our reward yet. Let’s go in quickly. If we kill Zi Chen, we can also improve our relationship with senior brother Xu Yan.” Luo Mu’s eyes flashed. After thinking for a bit, he then took a step and entered.

In his opinion, this time, Zi Chen will die without a doubt. Therefore, he only went in to join the fun, and familiarize with Xu Yan and the rest.

After that, the remaining four people also followed closely.


They just entered the valley and they already heard a rumbling sound, just like startling thunderclaps that rang by their ears.

“Is it the Thunderbolt Finger?” Everyone was startled.

“No. What’s that up there?”

As someone cried out in alarm, everyone saw several giant boulders rolling down from the hill.

Each boulder was a few meters in size, with several hundred pounds of weight. Falling down from the hill, rumbling sounds rang unceasingly. Some of the smaller stones, that were in the way of the giant boulder, were smashed in the moment they touched. As the giant boulders rolled down, it also brought along endless dust.

“Not good. Dodge quickly.”

“As the giant boulders fell rapidly, the impact was unimaginable. Even if they were existences of tenth Zhen Qi Layer, if they were hit, they would not come out alive.


Bang! Bang!

The rumbling sounds rang one after another. And one after another, giant boulders fell down from the hill. It was extremely fierce.

Above the valley, Zi Chen was looking down at the ant-like small black spots, he was grinning again and again. As he exerted strength in his hand once again, another giant boulder rolled down.

This was their nearly two days of preparation, a greeting gift for Xu Yan and the rest. They had moved nearly one hundred giant boulders to the hill, covering the whole valley.

“Quite a lot have come.” Zi Chen sneered. His strong and fierce qi was being exerted over and over again, until he knocked down all of the giant boulders.

Meanwhile, from the other two directions, Miao Kong and Zhang Haotian similarly had pushed down all of the giant boulders. The three people looked at each other and then looked down, they were waiting for the greeting gift to show its effect.


The giant boulders rolled down, it was an exceptionally fierce sight, and sounds like fierce thunderclaps bursting in the sky.

As their feet moved, Xu Yan and the rest darted away quickly. Their tenth Zhen Qi Layer strength surged crazily, one after another, martial techniques were being displayed.

The figure’s moved in the air for a short period of time to avoid the boulder, if it could not be avoided, then they would turn towards the boulder and strike it, and then draw back from the power of the recoil.


The tenth brother had suffered from the humiliation before, he was extremely furious. He ran the fastest, he was also the one that encountered the most boulders. He had just evaded a giant boulder, when another giant boulder fell down above him with a whistling sound. That strong wind was just like a ghost’s wail, it startled the tenth brother. The zhen qi in his dantian gathered on both of his hands, then he made posture as if holding up the sky.

The strength to move a mountain.

The tenth brother lifted both of his hands. Just like the ancient giant, he wanted to catch the falling giant boulder.


The giant boulder fell abruptly with a fierce momentum, it pounded directly on top of the tenth brother’s head. Both of his hands that were raised limped down in an instant. His body, that was soaring in the air, also fell down to the ground, at the same time, the giant boulder landed on his head.


Just likes a watermelon bursting open, the bloody brain fluids splattered around, the tenth brother was dead.

Several hundred pounds of boulder falling down from the high hill, its force was simply indescribable. In addition with the impact that was tremendous, the tenth brother’s strength was the lowest, so it was normal that he was unable to resist that.

“Tenth brother!”

Several hoarse roars resounded. The tenth brother was dead, Xu Yan and the rest was so furious that their eyes seemed to pop out of their sockets. They were in deep sorrow, but at this moment, they were unable to solve their own crisis, they could only suppress the sorrow and fury in their hearts.

The giant boulders hurtled down one after another.

“Scram!” Xu Yan was furious. When his figure jumped, the imposing aura, only below the Xiantian Realm, appeared. Both of his fists were waving in the air, waves of lights appeared, they struck directly on a giant boulder. After a loud explosion, the giant boulder was blown to pieces.

Xu Yan’s single strike, had crushed the giant boulder, but its strong impact also made him fall on the ground, after which he staggered.

“Zi Chen, I want you dead!” Xu Yan faces upwards and roared with his strong murderous eyes, as if he saw Zi Chen that was above the valley.

All of the ten seeds were at the tenth Zhen Qi Layer, but even they exhausted lots of their energy to avoid the giant boulders, not to mention Luo Mu and his friends, when they came, the billowing sounds had just started.

“What’s the situation?”

“I ……Giant Boulder, run!”

Their expression changed drastically, they then turned back to run away. However their response was slow, the giant boulders pounded down loudly, they fell around the five people directly.



Two light sounds were heard as two people had been pressed down permanently under the giant boulder. Luo Mu’s body staggered, under the impact of when the giant boulder fell to the ground, he stumbled towards the front, and when he turned his head, he saw fresh blood splashing towards him.

The earth rumbled, as if the mountains were collapsing and the ground ruptured. One pit appeared after another.

“This……” Luo Mu’s face was full of horror and dismay. The scene in front of him was simply the end of the world. However, at this time, the pitiful scream from the tenth brother when he died, as well as several other people, was heard.

“Finished. Even someone from them has died.” Luo Mu’s face did not have the slightest colour. Both his feet went soft, he was unable to stand up anymore. Regret appeared from the bottom of his heart, but everything was too late now. Beside him, a roaring giant boulder fell down, which shook the ground unceasingly, just like an earthquake.

Luo Mu, that was unable to stand due to his legs going soft, simply crawled on the ground, crawling towards the outside, step by step.

He seemed to be extremely lucky, there were several giant boulder that smashed down next to him, but he was unscathed.


It was another sound of fresh blood being splattered, as well as a pitiful scream being heard, a streak of fresh blood, along with a “white object”, flew towards Luo Mu.

Luo Mu’s heart sank, another person had died.


With another sound, Luo Mu’s heart jumped once more. Another had died, among the five people, four had died, he was the only one that remained.

Luo Mu crawled even faster.

Don’t know when, the roaring sounds by his ears disappeared, the quakes had stopped. When he looked up, he saw he had crawled out of the valley.

“A……ha…ha……!” Luo Mo crawled on the ground as he laughed loudly to the sky. The joy of being the survivor of a disaster, only someone that had experienced it personally could understand what it meant. At this moment, Luo Mu truly felt the great feeling of being alive.

However his loud laughter hadn’t even ended, when he immediately felt that his vision went black, it was actually the bright sun being blocked.

A black clothed cold youth stood there. His whole body was exuding an dignified aura, he was looking at Luo Mu coldly.

“You ……Who are you?” Luo Mu’s voice trembled, his expression was filled with fear, he saw killing intent from the eyes of the cold youth.

“The one who will kill you.” The cold youth said coldly.

After that, a streak of white light appeared. Luo Mu’s head, that was coloured with a terrified expression, flew towards the distance, and blood splashed.

Having killed Luo Mu, Zhang Haotian carried his long saber, and walked towards the valley, step by step.

In the valley, the greeting gift had been delivered.

At this time, the valley was a mess, there was fresh blood everywhere, there were also a lot of holes on the ground. It was riddled with the giant boulders that had fallen. Not far away from there, the ten seeds had gathered together, but now, there were only nine people left from the ten people.

Each of the nine were wounded, there were even some whose arms or legs were broken, dripping with blood. But compared with the tenth brother, who was crushed dead by a boulder, they were luckier.

“Zi Chen!” Xu Yan’s eyes were sending out a bloodthirsty light. He was staring fixatedly at a black clothed figure above.

Zi Chen walked down from the valley, his hand was holding a black sword, his look was ice-cold. He walked towards Xu Yan and the rest, step by step.

And on the other side, Miao Kong also went forward gradually.

“Big brother, we should retreat first. The nine of us are injured, it is very unwise to fight the enemy right now.” Lin Yu whispered in Xu Yan’s ear.

“Good, we go.” Xu Yan’s heart was grieving, but he also understood the severity of the situation. All of them were ready to retreat.

But at this time, another shadow blocked off the way out from the valley. It was Zhang Haotian.

“Since you came, then you do not need to leave anymore.” Zhang Haotian’s eyes were exuding a strong killing intent.

“Ha ha ha.” Xu Yan laughed loudly. I, Xu Yan, never expected that I would be in such a sorry plight due to three small fish. Since there’s no way out, then we won’t run. I don’t know whether the brothers will accompany me to kill these villains.”

Xu Yan and the rest had seen Zhang Haotian before, they also knew about the opposite party. At this time, they were surrounded by the enemy, obviously it was hopeless to escape.

“I’m willing to kill the enemy with big brother.” Eight people said in unison. The fighting spirit rose in their hearts.

“Good, we ten brothers were not born on the same year and same month, but we will strive to die on the same year, same month and same day.” Xu Yan laughed, and his eyes were actually filled with tears.


Eight people nodded in unison.

“Murderers will also be killed.” Zi Chen’s eyes were exuding out a cold light. Xu Yan and the others’ brotherly affection moved Zi Chen, but it did not soften his heart, instead his killing intent was even stronger.

Today, if they do not die, then it will be him to die in the future.

Zhang Haotian had been approaching. Compared with Zi Chen, he was even more merciless, the long saber in his hand was sending out a strong coldness.

Miao Kong’s expression was very calm. He walked forward step by step. Although there was no killing intent and coldness, but this revealed his ruthlessness even more, as if the one that will die in front of him is not a human, but merely an animal, Miao Kong had disregarded them completely.


They did not even wait for the three people to approach, Xu Yan and the rest released a loud battlecry as they rushed towards the three people.

“Go to hell!” The killing intent in Zi Chen’s eye flashed. The Streaming Light Sword appeared, just like a streak of light, it struck towards the side of a disciple with a broken leg.


The sword beam flashed, a line of blood splurted out. The disciple with the broken leg was already injured, but now his heart was pierced through by a black sword.

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