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Chapter 51 – Nine out of ten dead Translated by Monkillu



After he killed the disciple, Zi Chen didn’t have enough time to pull back the black sword, so he shot out a Thunderbolt Finger. It was just like a roar of an angry dragon as it rushed towards another disciple.


Being struck by the thunderbolt, the disciple was severely wounded and was blown away in an instant. His body flew until it hit a giant boulder that fell earlier, after which his body convulsed for a few seconds, then he became motionless.

At the point of his death, there was still a look of amazement in his eyes.

Zi Chen was at the eighth Zhen Qi Layer, yet he was able to kill someone at the tenth Zhen Qi Layer. Even though Zi Chen is powerful, it is still very difficult for him to kill someone at the tenth Zhen Qi Layer. But due to the falling giant boulders from before that injured them and hindered their movements, they became a lot easier to kill.

The Ling Wu Sect’s ten disciples that were known as the strongest, looked like fruits and weeds that were about to be cut and mowed by Zi Chen.

“I will fight it out with you!” The zhen qi in Lin Yu’s body surged. Being the number two of the inner sect, he dashed towards Zi Chen at a very high speed and tightly clung onto him.

And on the other side, there were already two people that had died under Zhang Haotian’s long saber. At the same time, he discarded his long saber, and executed the Heavenly Tyrant Fist with a fierce and forceful aura. It struck the top of Xu Yan’s head.


Xu Yan’s strength was the strongest, therefore his injuries were also the lightest, he blocked Zhang Haotian’s killing strike, but he was also forced to draw back, at the same time, Zhang Haotian was also flying back.


At this time, a figure rushed quickly towards Zhang Haotian, he clung onto Zhang Haotian with all his strength, it was the third seed, the one that was bold but not very clever.

“Big brother! Run!” The third brother roared as he clung onto Zhang Haotian.

“Big brother. Go quickly!” Lin Yu also shouted.

“Take revenge for us.” At the same time, the two disciples that were clinging on to Miao Kong, by joining their strength, also roared loudly.

At the moment of their death, these disciples that were at the tenth Zhen Qi Layer, displayed an unprecedented strength, they held down the three people stubbornly in order to give a slim chance for Xu Yan to flee.

Xu Yan’s eyes were full of sorrow. He really did not want to leave. In his heart, he would rather die like this than run away.

“Go, big brother. Remember to take revenge for us.” Lin Yu was holding Zi Chen, all of is zhen qi started to surge. His eyes were full with the determination to die. Because of his great strength, it caused his ten nails to stab deeply into Zi Chen’s flesh.



Simultaneously, many shouts, along with some angry curses, rang.

There were already some tears in Xu Yan’s eyes. At this moment, they had given him a slim chance of survival.

“Brothers, I swear that I will absolutely take revenge for all of you.” Xu Yan wiped off the tears on his face. His feet moved, and he executed the rank one movement technique, the Ethereal Step with the essence comprehension. He disappeared from the valley.




The remaining few disciples persisted desperately, all of their power burst out in this moment. They held down Zi Chen and the rest for some time, but all of them died under the swords and the fierce fight eventually.

Fresh blood stained the whole valley, a bleak and dreary atmosphere filled the valley.

Zi Chen stood there motionless, there were ten nail marks on his body. That was the result caused by Lin Yu when he was holding him desperately as his nails pierced Zi Chen’s flesh.

The body at the ninth rank was pierced through by nails, it was obvious that Lin Yu went all out.

Zhang Haotian and Miao Kong also did not feel any better, each of them suffered minor injuries.

Zi Chen just stood there, he was moved by Xu Yan and the others’ brotherhood, he also envied them a lot, but unfortunately, these loyal people were not his friends.

“Well? Can you catch up to him?” Zhang Haotian asked calmly, his mood wasn’t affected at all.

“I’m afraid not. That Xu Yan’s injuries are very light, even if I can catch up with him, you guys cannot, and I am unable to beat him alone.” Said Miao Kong as he curled his lips.

“They were quite good, we will bury them.” Said Zi Chen suddenly while looking at the corpses on the ground.

“Okay. You take their contribution points first.” Said Miao Kong nonchalantly. He killed these loyal people, yet his mood did not fluctuate at all.

Zhang Haotian was also the same, very cool.

“The contribution points, forget it. I do not want to touch their things” Zi Chen shook his head.

“Ha ha!” Miao Kong laughed gently and said: “Then just wait till they’re taken by others. Your heart is too soft. These people wanted to kill you. Even if they were loyal, they still have to die. As for the contribution points, if you don’t take them, then it will be just a waste, who knows who will stumble upon this fortune when the time comes.

Zi Chen took the contribution points eventually. The ten seeds’ contribution points were certainly a lot. Zi Chen’s points broke through the two figure barrier in an instant, They reached a whopping three figures.

588 points.

This digit, it seriously is somewhat terrifying.

After taking their contribution points, Zi Chen gathered the ten seeds’ corpses in the middle of a pit, and then he buried them.

It must be said that Zi Chen really is a good person, but he definitely is not someone who is good to everyone. Compared with the ten seeds that were buried when they died, Luo Mu and the rest did not have this kind of nice treatment. Their corpses would stay exposed to the wilderness, waiting for some ferocious beasts to come for their corpses.

“What do we do now?” Miao Kong asked after everything had been dealt with.

“The Ling Wu Sect’s trouble has been solved, the remaining one is the Zhan Wu Sect. But this place has been exposed, even if they come again, nobody will fall into this trap again. It’s better if we leave now.” Zi Chen said after pondering for a moment.

“Find a place again and make a plan for Zhan Wu’s Sect’s people?” Miao Kong asked.

“This method can be used.” Zi Chen said.

Zhang Haotian actually shook his head and said: “This method won’t work. The present Zhan Wu Sect is not going to send anyone.

“Why?” Both of them turned their head and looked at Zhang Haotian puzzledly.

“Lin Chen is carrying out a very important task. This matter needed a lot of Zhan Wu Sect’s manpower. I’m not clear what matter it is, but it can be confirmed that he is unable to leave, and a lot of other disciples that are at the tenth Zhen Qi Layer are also unable to leave. When Zheng Hua and his friends were able to came that day, it went beyond my expectations.” Zhang Haotian said.

“Since it is like this, we will first look for some spirit medicine, it’s better to increase our strength.” Said Zi Chen, “Zhang Haotian, didn’t you reach the bottleneck of the peak eighth Zhen Qi Layer? You might as well swallow several spirit medicine to break through the bottleneck.

“How could breaking through the bottleneck be so easy. Before, I thought that I was going to break through, yet the result was that I’m still at the peak of the eighth Zhen Qi Layer.” Said Zhang Haotian as he smiled bitterly. Only when he is speaking with Zi Chen does he not show his indifferent look.

“Then you can swallow some more spirit medicine. There aren’t many things here, but there are plenty of spirit medicine.” Zi Chen chuckled.

“I will try” Said Zhang Haotian lightly, but apparently he was not too hopeful. If only relying on the hundred years spirit medicine to make the break through to the ninth Zhen Qi Layer, perhaps that Wang Xiong would not have kept thinking about Zi Chen’s 500 years snow ginseng.

“Do not be depressed, there’re a lot of spirit medicine here. The ones over 500 years are also many. There’s still plenty of time, we might as well go and look for them.” Miao Kong smiled faintly.

The three people finally left.


Xu Yan ran crazily the whole way, he only stopped when he had ran hundreds of miles away.

“Second brother, third brother……!”

Xu Yan leaned on a big tree, and his tears burst out and dripped down.

How many years had it been since Xu Yan appeared so distressed like today, he was actually forced into a dead end by three kids. Moreover, of their ten brothers, nine had actually died.

“Dead, all dead.”

His tears mixed with his mucus flowed down, Xu Yan was heartbroken, he began to weep bitterly.

“Zi Chen, Zhang Haotian, I will kill you personally with my hand.”

In the forest, the crying sounds of a heartbroken man resounded, this weeping continued for half the night.

Later that night, Xu Yan stopped crying, his pair of eyes were very red, just like a crazy ferocious beast. He turned around and looked at the direction of the valley, he kneeled with a thump and he knocked on the ground hard nine times, until blood flowed from his forehead.

“Brothers, I vow to get revenge for you.” After kowtowing, Xu Yan set out, he walked towards the depth of the jungle.

Relying on his own strength to kill the Zi Chen three, naturally, it was not realistic. Therefore, he needs to look for some reinforcements. The first one Xu Yan has to look for is the Zhan Wu Sect’s Ling Chen.

Because both sides have the same enemy.

Spirit medicine garden’s area is very big, wanting to find Ling Chen is easier said than done. Xu Yan had walked for several days, not to mention finding Ling Chen, he did not even meat a single Zhan Wu Sect disciple.

Until the 7th day, when Xu Yan heard a fighting sound, as well as a beast’s roar from the forest.

Xu Yan walked towards where the sound came from, he had finally discovered a person from the Zhan Wu Sect. Then he heard a loud shout from the distance.

“All of you back off. Go back and tell my brother, this ferocious beast was killed by me, Ling Fei, alone.” Ling Fei’s voice rang. In front of him, a several meters high giant ape had been riddled with wounds, it was dying from it’s severe wounds.

Its jet black fur was stained with a lot of blood, wound gashed criss crossed around, revealing the bright red flesh and blood. At this time, this ferocious beast that is at the peak of rank eight, reached the end of its life, it could die at any moment.

Since his last injury, it had been an entire month and his injury changed for the better. Ling Chen’s important matter did not need his help, therefore, he came out with some disciples. Their luck was pretty good, they had discovered an over 500 years spirit medicine again.

There was a shining silvery white long sword in his hand, he had not yet stabbed the body of the giant ape, when Ling Fei suddenly felt a strong force appearing from the back, followed by a figure that suddenly jumped, and a palm hit on the giant ape’s head.


The giant ape fell down as it died.

“You……!” Ling Fei was furious, but after he saw the man clearly, he hid his unhappiness.

“It’s you, Xu Yan?” On that day, he had seen Xu Yan when Ling Chen had introduced him to Xu Yan.

Xu Yan appeared, his expression was somewhat unnatural, his eyes were also emitting a red light, his mood was very unstable, just like a fireball that could explode at any time. This was also the reason why Ling Fei shut his mouth.

“You’re Ling Fei right? I have seen you.” There was a strange smile on Xu Yan’s face, it was as if it was being forced out.

“I greet senior brother Xu Yan.” Xu Yan’s expression made Ling Fei have an ominous feeling, it was as if he was looking at a vicious ferocious beast. He could only reply quickly, as for that unhappiness in his heart, it was already gone.

The other disciples walked over from the side, but they all felt the oppressing aura from Xu Yan, they did not dare to move.

“Put away your spirit medicine, I have some thing that needs your help.” Said Xu Yan lightly.

“Okay.” Ling Fei nodded, he then turned towards a nearby disciple and gave an eye signal, the latter then put away that 600 years spirit medicine quickly.

“I wonder what kind of thing does senior brother need help with?” Ling Fei asked carefully.

“Lead me to Ling Chen.” Xu Yan said.

Ling Fei was startled and he hesitated.

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