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Chapter 41 – Seven Leaves Spirit Grass Translated by Monkillu


The strength of a ferocious beast was a lot stronger when compared with a human of the same rank. He was able to deal with a rank eight ferocious beast single handedly, showing that this youth wasn’t ordinary.

He already had the strength of an eighth Zhen Qi Layer at such a young age, his talent wasn’t weak. A pretty good talent, in addition with a formidable battle strength, made Zi Chen pay attention with regards to this youth.

Compared to the youth, the people around him were much weaker, they were at the seventh Zhen Qi Layer, therefore Zi Chen didn’t put them in his eyes at all.

“Come on, you little thing. You actually dare to fight me.” A sword light flashed from the black sword, causing another wound to appear on the blazing tiger’s body. The sharpness of the black sword caused Zi Chen’s eyes to brighten.

This wasn’t a rank two weapon, but a rank one weapon. Zi Chen was certain of this.

The youth attacked rapidly, his mouth didn’t idle either, as he was saying some words that couldn’t be understood by the blazing tiger.

“Little thing, I asked you to hand over the spirit medicine, but you don’t want to, so you must be courting death.”

‘Serves you right, today you met this young master Ling Fei. It is now time for you to die.”

After listening to the idle talk from him, Zi Chen’s eyes looked away from the youth and landed on the spirit medicine. That was a six leaves spirit grass, also a half seventh leaf could be seen growing. Its whole body was glittering, crystal clear, it was emitting a delicate fragrance.

“This is a seven leaves spirit grass.” Zi Chen’s eyes suddenly widened, as a look of amazement could be seen within.

The spirit grass was divided into nine leaves. It would grow a leaf every one hundred years, until it reached one thousand years, then the nine leaves would fall off, and it would return to being a one leaf spirit medicine. But this leaf will be sparkling and crystal clear, similar to a jade. It will be called a jade spirit grass, and later on it will grow a leaf every 1000 years, until there were nine leaves.

The spirit grass in front of him, although it wasn’t as formidable as the jade spirit grass, but it comprised of six complete leaves. In other words, its age was more than 600 years, and relatively close to 700 years.

A nearly 700 years spirit grass made the hidden Zi Chen excited. Now his strength had reached the peak of the seventh Zhen Qi Layer, and was only a step away from the eighth Zhen Qi Layer. But this one step, would take a long time if he only used normal spirit medicines.

However, the 700 year old spirit grass in front of him could let Zi Chen make a breakthrough to the eighth layer, and even reach the middle stage of the eighth layer.

“I must obtain this spirit grass and that weapon. It is definitely a good weapon.” Zi Chen’s eyes shone. He was planning out the process on how to obtain the spirit grass in front of those people, and that black sword.

There were eight Zhan Wu Sect disciples around, and they guarded all eight directions respectively. If Zi Chen attacked from any direction, it would definitely attract the attention of the other people, although he could pass by if he barged straight through. But it will still attract their attention inevitably.

It seems like he was unable to figure out the way to solve the situation laid in front of him, therefore he decided to directly charge in.

The pitiful screams of the blazing tiger were getting weaker and weaker, apparently it was at the brink of death.

Just as Zi Chen didn’t have any ideas, he suddenly heard Ling Fei shout: ‘All of you get out of the way to avoid the blood splashes. When the time comes, tell my brother that this blazing tiger was killed by me Ling Fei alone. On the first day in this damned place I encountered a seven leaves spirit grass, I can’t wait to see what I will come across later. Hahaha!”

The eight people nodded and then retreated, they certainly didn’t fear the blood splatter, but they allowed those disciples in the distance to witness the power of their young master Ling Fei.

Such big movement, coupled with intentionally showing off, naturally some people discovered this place, but they only watched from afar, or were stopped by other people.

Eight people drew back in succession, and passed through Zi Chen’s hiding place, they did not discover the Zi Chen that was hiding in the tree.

“Ha ha ha, little thing, go to hell.” Ling Fei laughed wildly. The black sword in his hand flashed with a sharp sword light, using his full strength, Ling Fei struck.


The black sword pierced through the neck of the blazing tiger at a sharp angle. Then, as Ling Fei mustered his power, that ferocious tiger head then tumbled down. The blood spurted crazily, and fell on Ling Fei’s body, the latter was actually laughing.

“Young master Ling Fei is great.”


“Young master Ling Fei is powerful”

The blazing tiger died, they only needed to stretch their hand and grab the seven leaves spirit grass, so those disciple applauded. However, at this time, Zi Chen jumped sideways from the big tree, the rank one movement technique Ethereal Step appeared.

As his feet moved, his body arrived a dozens meters away, and with two consecutive steps, Zi Chen arrived besides the seven leaves spirit grass silently.

“Damn it! young master there are people over there.”

“Young master be careful, the seven leaves spirit grass…”

Ling Fei didn’t discover Zi Chen’s silent arrival, however the eight people from the distance already discovered Zi Chen, and started to shout. At the same time, they rapidly moved towards Zi Chen.

“Ah! This damn motherfucker. You actually dare to snatch my thing. You are courting death!” Ling Fei’s face, that was covered in blood, was laughing happily, but after he saw Zi Chen, his expression became savage in an instant. The black sword in his hand moved, and it stabbed towards Zi Chen.


Zi Chen shouted loudly, his left hand grasped at the seven leaves spirit grass, and his right hand made a fist. Ripples of silver light appeared from his fist, and he punched towards the sword beam.


Amidst the loud explosion sound, Ling Fei suddenly felt a strong force, and he was blown backward. At the same time, due to the severe shock from the impact, the black sword slip out of his hand.

He had already exhausted a lot of zhen qi earlier, naturally he was not Zi Chen’s match.

At that face off, Zi Chen already had grabbed the seven leaves spirit grass, at the same time, the Zhan Wu Sect disciples had arrived from the eight directions..

It would be very easy for Zi Chen if he fled right now, however his eyes were actually looking at the black sword that fell not far away.

Ling Fei’s attack a moment ago had pierced through his zhen qi and opened up a shallow wound on his fist, the sharp black sword tempted Zi Chen.


His feet moved again, as Zi Chen gave up the golden opportunity to escape. He then turned, and dashed towards the black sword.

“Kid, you dare to snatch young master Ling Fei’s things, you are really courting death.” A shadow blocked Zi Chen, and a razor sharp sword slashed at Zi Chen’s face.

“Scram!” Zi Chen shouted loudly, and sent out a punch.


That one punch caused the person who blocked his path to be blown away. Zi Chen’s move didn’t stop there, he turned and dashed to the front.

Shua! Shua!

A sword and a saber flash landed behind Zi Chen, causing two ditches to appear on the ground in an instant. At the same time, several attacks fell on Zi Chen’s body.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

Loud explosions repeatedly rang.. Zi Chen’s clothes and bag instantaneously shattered into pieces, and some shallow scars appeared on his skin.

“What? Minor injuries?”

Several other disciples were looking at Zi Chen’s wound unbelieving, as if they had seen a monster. Their full power attacks only left behind some shallow scars on the opposite party’s body. This made them have the urge to vomit blood.

“Use your full strength and kill him for me. Don’t hesitate!” Ling Fei, that was blown away, only responded at this moment, and shouted angrily.

The other disciples, after hearing this, smiled bitterly, they already used their full strength moments ago, but this guy was too strange. His body was actually even more powerful than the rank eight ferocious beast, blazing tiger.

After several consecutive attacks, Zi Chen sent another two people flying, and finally arrived next to the black sword.

The pitch black long sword was emitting an awe inspiring radiance. It was pierced into a tree root and was motionless. Zi Chen stretched out his right hand and held the black sword. He heard a ringing sound as he held the sword. Similar to a flowing black light, the black sword rotated in Zi Chen’s hand.

Ka cha! Ka cha!

The two “Ka cha” sounds were the sounds of the sword and the saber, which were attacking Zi Chen, being broken at their center.

“Good sword.”

Seeing the sword cut the saber and sword directly, caused Zi Chen’s eyes to suddenly lit up. He didn’t even care about the wounds on his body, he turned and escaped towards the opposite direction. From afar, there were seven to eight people chasing him, including the one that fainted from Zi Chen’s punch.

“Little thief, you dare to provoke me, Ling Fei! Today you shall die, you don’t even need to think about leaving the Spirit Medicine Garden!” Ling Fei shouted loudly.

But in the front, the black sword in Zi Chen’s hand suddenly waved, causing another sword and a saber to break. Under the fearful gazes of the two disciples, Zi Chen dashed away.

In the blink of an eye, Zi Chen disappeared inside the forest.

“Chase! You must catch him even if you have to search through the entire heaven and earth. I want him dead!” After Zi Chen disappeared, Ling Fei’s ferocious roars resounded.

In the blink of an eye, close to 20 cultivators disappeared inside the forests.

“I will go. Who is that fellow? He actually dares to offend Ling Fei, and even snatched his spirit medicine and the rank one weapon in front of his face. It is obvious that he doesn’t give any face to senior brother Lin Yun.”

Ling Yun, the prime disciple of the Zhan Wu Sect, and also the future sect leader. He was now situated outside the Spirit Medicine Garden.

“That kid is finished.”

“Just because of a moment of foolishness, he is going to lose his life. Even Chen Feng from Ling Wu Sect can’t help him.”

The crowd dispersed, those that were watching the fun came out and discussed the incident, although in their heart they already came to the conclusion that Zi Chen will die without a doubt. But they had to admit that Zi Chen’s demeanour was very unrestrained and impressive.

A series of attacks from the seventh Zhen Qi Layer disciples fell on him, but it seemed to only tickle him. In return, he blew away one person with each punch, and when his sword finally slashed down, everyone’s weapons were destroyed.

The power of the rank one weapon was etched deeply into the minds of these people.


Zi Chen was running away crazily because Ling Fei and the others were desperately chasing from behind.

During today’s event, Ling Fei’s losses were small, but the main point was that he lost face. Because of his relationship with Ling Yun, he could do whatever he wanted within the sect. All of his things were the best, therefore he developed a proud and arrogant character. And to display his strength today, he acted willfully.

But he didn’t expect that he would be taken advantage of by a strange kid. Moreover, this person was only at the the seventh Zhen Qi Layer. This made Ling Fei unable to swallow this anger.

He swallowed Qi Restoration Pills one after another as if he was eating beans, as he was chasing Zi Chen. His zhen qi was being restored slowly, at the same time, because of his loud shouts, people that came to help him increased. Before it was a team of 20 people, but now it had expanded to 30 people. Within the crowd of 30 individuals were several existences at the eighth Zhen Qi Layer.

If Zi Chen didn’t use the Ethereal Step, he would’ve long been caught.

“Whoever helps me catch this boy, when I, Ling Fei returns to the sect, will award a rank one martial technique for free.” When he saw that the distance between both sides was increasing more and more, Ling Fei faced upwards and shouted furiously, his billowing sound spread several miles away.

“Junior brother Ling Fei, just leave this matter to me, Chen Qi.” An indifferent voice was heard from the forest suddenly. A black clothed youth stepped out from the forest.

With one step, he was dozens of meters away. His speed was much faster than the fleeing Zi Chen in the front.

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