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Chapter 40 – Rank 8 Ferocious Beast Translated by Monkillu


In this dangerous night, some human cultivators were killed by the extremely poisonous blood chain snake king.

At this time, Zi Chen was sitting cross legged, sensing the surroundings, but he did not know that danger was approaching.

Sitting cross legged, Zi Chen looked as if he was asleep, but his ear heard an orderly rustling sound, this sound was the main sound in this plain.

The blood chain snake king was tens of meters away from Zi Chen. It was looking at Zi Chen through the green grass, similarly motionless, but its eyes were colder.

Time seemed to have stopped. One man and one snake, motionless. At the side, the green grass was dancing with the wind.

When the breeze disappeared, a rustling sound appeared from the green grass. A streak of red light shot towards Zi Chen suddenly, the rustling sound was a very good cover for the the blood chain snake king.

“Not good.”

Zi Chen, who was sitting quietly, suddenly felt a dreadful feeling, it was just like some danger was going to hit him. His eyes opened in an instant, and he saw a streak of red light arrive in front of him. Zi Chen saw two sharp poisonous fangs, that were exuding a coldness, almost about to strike him.


The sharp poisonous fangs were still in front of him before, but the next moment, they had arrived at his nape. He heard a light sound, and Zi Chen felt a pain at his nape. The poisonous fang had actually punctured his skin, followed by a strong toxin released inside, which flowed towards Zi Chen’s blood vessels from the wound.

Under this violent poison, Zi Chen felt dizzy, his four limbs went limp, even his hands that were grabbing the blood chain snake king started to tremble, it seemed like he was about to fall down any minute and die.

As Zi Chen was about to lose his life due to the violent poison, suddenly, from Zi Chen’s body, streaks of lightning appeared. The silver lighting in this pitch black night was as bright as the stars. The poison that had entered Zi Chen’s body, under this lightning, was neutralized instantaneously.

His lost strength returned once more. Zi Chen grabbed the blood chain snake and exerted his strength suddenly, and rotated several times in the air. After that, waves of silver light surged on both hands, Zi Chen grabbed the blood chain snake’s head, he exerted his strength and crushed its head directly.

The blood chain snake king struggled for a while and became motionless.


After Zi Chen was out of danger, his mouth gasped heavily. It had only been a few short breaths of time, but his black clothes were soaked with his cold sweat. There was also sweat on his forehead, and as the breeze blew, Zi Chen felt cold.

Currently, the bloody holes at his nape were still bleeding.

“Blood chain snake king. Could it be that nearby there is a higher level of blood crown flower?” After the danger, Zi Chen speculated this, but he did not dare to go. In this pitch black night, the green grass was really too dangerous.

Just a moment ago, if it wasn’t for that silver light that appeared, he may have already been finished. The place where that silver light appeared, was exactly Zi Chen’s heart. The poison was just running through his heart.

In the dark night, several shrill screams resounded from time to time. Apparently, some cultivators were killed.

This night, even Zi Chen passed it being anxious, fearful, and apprehensive. Especially the pitiful screams that resounded from time to time made him even more terrified.

Fortunately, the night would end eventually, and just as a trace of brightness appeared on the horizon, Zi Chen finally relaxed. With his vision restored once more, his safety was higher.

But he insisted to depart only when the sky shone brightly.

This time, Zi Chen took a detour intentionally, and sure enough, he saw a 100 years blood crown flower. He was very cautious, but he did not discover any blood chain snake guards here.

Having finished picking the blood crown flower smoothly, no blood chain snake appeared.

Along the way, Zi Chen was very cautious. After half a day, he finally left the plain and arrived at a piece of jungle.



Leaving the plain and seeing the jungle, Zi Chen sat down. Due to his high degree of concentration before, Zi Chen’s consumption was very big.

He took out those blood crown flowers from his bosom, after he chewed one for several times in his mouth, he swallowed it.

Only now could Zi Chen finally put down his heart and cultivate peacefully.

The danger from the blood chain snake had disappeared, but it didn’t mean that there was no danger in the forest. Just as Zi Chen was relaxing, there was a shadow that appeared in the jungle.

“Hmm, another prey came. It seems like his consumption was quite big. What a pity, he came out of the plain smoothly, but he actually ran into me here. I wonder how much his harvest is.” Looking at Zi Chen’s bag, the shadow was scheming silently, at the same time, he was also approaching Zi Chen slowly.

Zi Chen was cultivating, he did not feel any anomaly. Moreover, he had just left the plain, his mind was completely relaxed. He did not expect that danger was approaching. In addition, it also showed that the concealment method of the shadow was really exceptional, he actually avoided Zi Chen’s super strong perception.

“Die.” When he was 20 meters away from Zi Chen, the shadow finally launched his attack. He emerged from a big tree, his double-edged flat sword stabbed ruthlessly towards Zi Chen’s glabella.

Danger arrived again. Zi Chen opened his eyes suddenly, the zhen qi in his body surged strongly, both his hands held a fist and blocked the front.


The shadow’s sword edge and Zi Chen’s fist collided. Due to the effect of the zhen qi, an explosion sound rang. Zi Chen was steady, in contrast, the shadow actually retreated several steps.

“This……such a powerful physique.” The shadow fell back, his expression suddenly changed.

Zi Chen blocked the shadow’s sword, obviously it was due to his powerful physique.

“Miscalculated. Retreat.” Even his sneak attack was blocked, so let alone fight directly. He was no match for Zi Chen at all, the shadow started to retreat.

“You actually sneak attacked me. You have a deathwish!” Last night, he was sneak attacked by the blood chain snake king, and he nearly lost his life. Today, he met another sneak attack. Zi Chen could be said to have reached the limits of his anger, there was killing intent surging in his bright eyes.

As his feet moved, the rank one movement technique, Ethereal Step, appeared. Zi Chen, in the blink of an eye, arrived in front of the shadow, at the same time, Zi Chen pointed one finger at the shadow.

A silver light flashed on his finger. The First Finger of Raging Thunder appeared suddenly, bringing along an aura of destruction, rushing towards the shadow.

“No……!” Zi Chen’s strong force was completely beyond the shadow’s expectations. As he lifted his hand and the First Finger of Raging Thunder was sent out, it frightened the shadow to the extreme. There was despair in his eyes, he could only try to resist the thunderbolt attack with all his might.

However, with only his strength of the eighth Zhen Qi Layer, how would he be able to resist Zi Chen’s powerful attack at the peak of the seventh Zhen Qi Layer.

The thunderbolt exploded in an instant, a burnt smell spread through the forest. The shadow’s heart had been pierced through by the thunderbolt.

The shadow fell on the ground and revealed the bag on his back, a red light was revealed from it.

“Blood crown flower?”

Zi Chen untied the bag, and he saw a 100 years blood crown flower.

“At least you had some conscience.” Looking at the dead shadow, Zi Chen muttered.

Because they were not from the same sect, therefore, Zi Chen was unable to get the opposite party’s contribution points, so it was already a pleasant surprise that he could obtain a 100 years blood crown flower.

Because he was sneak attacked twice, Zi Chen became much more careful. This time, he jumped directly on a big tree, sat on a branch, and looked around. After he determined that there was no danger, only then did he begin to refine these two 100 years spirit medicines.

The energy required to break through to the eighth Zhen Qi Layer from the seventh Zhen Qi Layer was far beyond Zi Chen’s expectations.

When he was in the sect, he had refined over a dozen Zhen Qi Pills. When he arrived here, he had refined dozens of spirit medicines, but he was still at the peak of the seventh Zhen Qi Layer.

As his heart absorbed the two spirit medicines, the rich silver energy flowed through various parts of Zi Chen’s body. But when this energy was depleted, Zi Chen was still stuck at the peak of the seventh Zhen Qi Layer.

Zi Chen opened his eyes, as for the difficulty to break through to the eighth Zhen Qi Layer, he now had a deeper understanding.

So many spirit medicines, as well as Zhen Qi Pills. If it was someone else, they would have already broken through. Due to the Heavenly Thunder Body Tempering technique, most of the energy was absorbed by his body, it was excusable that Zi Chen had not broken through yet.

“Alright, I should leave now.” After eating some dry rations, Zi Chen jumped down from the tree, he was ready to go deeper.

Suddenly an angry beast roar resounded from the distance.

“Is this the roar of a blazing tiger?” Zi Chen knitted his brows.

The weakest blazing tiger was a rank six ferocious beast, in general they were mostly rank seven ferocious beasts, but there was also no lack of rank eight ferocious beast. Listening to this beast’s roar, the rank of this blazing tiger should not be low.

“The blazing tiger must be guarding a spirit medicine, I wonder how old the spirit medicines is.” Zi Chen’s eyes suddenly lit up, he moved his feet and dashed towards the direction of the roars.

The beast’s roars rang from several miles away. Zi Chen rushed forward at full speed, in less than ten minutes he had arrived.

“Scram! This is the domain of our Zhan Wu Sect.” However, Zi Chen had not even come close, but a figure jumped down from the tree and blocked his path.

“The domain of the Zhan Wu Sect? Where was it written?” Zi Chen asked coldly.

“Scram or die.” The person who blocked his path said coldly.

Zi Chen did not say any nonsense. When he heard the blazing tiger ahead, it’s angry tone had turned frightened, it seemed that it was dying. Therefore, his right hand made a fist, his zhen qi surged, and he sent out a Fierce Tiger Fist.

After a tiger’s roar, the loud explosion sound rang, this seventh Zhen Qi Layer disciple from Zhan Wu Sect was blown away by one fist from Zi Chen. His body hit a big tree, his head dropped, and he fainted.

Zi Chen walked ahead, but he was more careful this time. His steps were light, he didn’t make any sound when he stepped on the ground, and soon he arrived at the battlefield.

In a glance, Zi Chen saw a nearly five meters tall blazing Tiger. Its red fur was just like a burning flame, the look of the ferocious mighty tiger’s head was even more domineering.

But unfortunately, this blazing tiger, that was a lot bigger than the ordinary blazing tiger, and was an existence of a rank eight ferocious beast, today it actually encountered it’s nemesis. Its whole body from top to bottom had many wounds, bubbling blood flowed out from the wounds, even on the domineering tiger head, there was a deep cut.

“Ha ha ha, try being rampant now.” A carefree laughter resounded.

Zi Chen just discovered that in front of the blazing tiger, was a youth that was similar to his age. In his hand, he was holding a shining black sword. Displaying his swift and fierce swordsmanship, his strength was only at the eighth Zhen Qi Layer.

In the distance, there were many disciples from the Zhan Wu Sect. They were guarding and keeping watch on the surroundings, and did not have attack the blazing tiger.

“Only by one person’s strength, he was actually able to inflict heavy injuries on a eighth rank blazing tiger?” Zi Chen’s eyes squinted suddenly, apparently he has met a genius.

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