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Chapter 36 – Ethereal Step Translated by Monkillu


“Are you courting death?” There was a cold light within Zi Chen’s eyes as he spoke threateningly.

The corners of Luo Men’s mouth had a hint of disdain as he mockingly said: “If you have the ability you can make your move.”

The scene that had eased up just now, once again tensed up.

“If you don’t want your points to be deducted then scram!” He said mockingly. Luo Men wasn’t afraid of Zi Chen’s ice-cold eyes.

“Exchange, of course we will exchange, it’s only three contribution points.” He didn’t even wait for Zi Chen to open his mouth, Miao Kong, that had not spoken at all, suddenly said with a smile.

Zi Chen was somewhat unwilling. Miao kong whispered something in his ear, Luo Men didn’t hear the first set of words clearly, however he actually heard the last few words: “……A wise man doesn’t fight against impossible odds. Luo Men’s background is very strong.”

“Hmph!” Zi Chen snorted, he finally compromised.

“Haha, The final victor is me.” He laughed loudly, and he gave Zi Chen 13 Zhen Qi Pills directly, and embezzled three contribution points.

“Scram!” Luo Men said arrogantly.

Zi Chen left because he was pulled away by Miao kong.

At the outer sect, Miao Kong said with a smile: “Just a trivial three contribution points. Rest assured, I won’t make you suffer a loss, just wait and see.”

Miao kong didn’t explain at all and Zi Chen also didn’t ask. He only had this one friend left, and Zi Chen didn’t want to suspect Miao Kong.

“Idiot. That trash wants to fight with me. He has the strength, but without any background, you aren’t worth fart.” Luo Men sneered.

“You better be more careful, it’s best not to run into him when training outside of the sect. This kid is very dangerous.” Luo Fei’s voice resounded in the hall.

“Relax uncle, with such a lucrative job, I won’t go out of the sect. My contribution points are now enough to exchange for the Ethereal Step.” Luo Men said like he didn’t care about it at all.

“Alright, go on then. The Ethereal Step needs 100 contribution points, but you are an insider, therefore you get a discount of 10 points, so 90 points is enough. The Ethereal Step is a rare movement technique.” Luo Fei’s voice rang once more.

“Okay uncle.” Luo Men said, he turned around and walked towards the exit, but he suddenly thought of something and he said at the hall: “Uncle, is that Su Mengyao so fierce? Even uncle is a little afraid of her, just because of Chen Feng?”

A faint laughter came from the hall: “Chen Feng is only one aspect of it, but more of it has to do with Su Mengyao herself. Don’t inquire about her matter, it isn’t something you can know. In short, don’t provoke her. She is even more dangerous than Chen Feng.”

“Oh!” Luo Men left, in his heart, he was actually thinking about the relationship between Zi Chen and Su Mengyao. How should he deal with Zi Chen, of course if he just forgot about it, Luo Men naturally wouldn’t be able to swallow this anger just like that.

At the Martial Arts Pavilion, Luo Men went directly to the third floor and came out holding the Ethereal Step.

“Uncle Chen, I want this.” Luo Men took out his token when he said that, on the token, the 100 contribution points were very eye catching.

“Oh, it’s Little Luo. Good, you chose the Ethereal Step, you are very insightful. It costs 100 contribution points, but since you are an insider, you will have a ten points discount.” The elder in the Martial Arts Pavilion smiled.

“Okay, many thanks Uncle Chen.” Luo Men was very happy, and then he delimited the contribution points happily.

“The rank one martial technique, Ethereal Step.” Luo Men was reading the information sheet in his hand as he nodded satisfactorily, then he put it in his chest.

The sky was getting dark, Luo Men also had to go back. The place to exchange the contribution points, naturally, was guarded by his uncle.

After a long time of embezzlement, he finally got the fruits of labor today, Luo Men was still very happy, but then he remembered Zi Chen, making his heart somewhat unhappy.


“Hmph. One day I will kill you.” Luo Men thought secretly in his heart.

The joyful Luo Men forgot himself, there was a person in front, but he did not notice that, and they bumped into each other directly.

“Sorry, I’m sorry senior brother.” The person looked up and saw Luo Men, and apologized quickly.

This was a very ordinary person, there was nothing extraordinary about him. There were a lot of this kind of disciples in Ling Wu Sect. Luo Men did not even properly look at the opposite party.

“Son of a bitch, where are your fucking eyes? Scram!” Luo Men cursed angrily.

“Yes, yes.” This disciple was in fear and trepidation, he nodded repeatedly, and then he quickly left.

“Damn it, today is really unlucky, even when just walking, I get bumped into. That damn fucker better not have wrecked this father’s martial technique.” Luo Men was cursing while he walked. In the meantime, he reached in his bosom using his hand, and searched.

However, when he touched his bosom, Luo Men discovered that his bosom was completely empty. His complexion changed in an instant.

“Not good, that motherfucker!” Cold sweat emerged from his forehead. Luo Men turned around and there was nobody around.

“Fuck! Who was this motherfucker that stole my martial technique?” Luo Men cursed, he executed a rank two movement technique and pursued the direction the disciple had left.

After he chased for several miles and saw the first disciple, Luo Men seized the opposite party and he exasperatedly said: “You son of a bitch dare to steal my martial technique.”

After he said that, he search the opposite party’s chest and searched unceasingly.

“Ah……molester!” A woman’s scream resounded, this was actually a female disciple.

Luo Men felt a pleasant soft feel in his hand, and he knew something was wrong. Then he shoved away the opposite party, he turned toward the front once again. This time, there were a lot of disciples. Luo Men did not care about anything, he dashed toward them directly, then began searching one by one.

“Luo Men, you motherfucker! What are you doing?”

At the inner sect sect, Luo Men was not the only big shot. There was always someone who was also the same as him, and also had background, and Luo Men annoyed one right now.

“My rank one martial technique was stolen!” Luo Men bellowed loudly. He was looking at the youth in front and said : “Liu Chen, did you take it?”

“You lost your martial technique? Was it the Ethereal Step? The contribution points that you embezzled were finally enough?” Liu Chen was looking at Luo Men.

“That’s right. Tell me, did you take it?” Luo Men’s eyes started to spit fire. The martial technique was stolen. It was not just about the trivial 90 contribution points. The Martial Arts Pavilion had a record. If he could not hand it over in three months, Luo Men didn’t even dare to imagine the consequences.

“Ha ha ha. You lost your martial technique? You got what you deserved. Who told you to show off all day. Telling everyone you were going to exchange for the Ethereal Step. Finally you were targeted by someone.” Liu Chen laughed loudly with a look of schadenfreude.

“Hmph.” Luo Men snorted. With Liu Chen’s status, he couldn’t bother with him anymore.

However, there were several thousand inner disciples. There was no lack of hidden dragons and crouching tigers among them. Wanting to find one person from these many people, it was simply like looking for a needle in a haystack.

After a fruitless search, Luo Men returned depressedly. This matter was very serious, so serious that it had gone beyond his scope, he needed to ask his uncle for help.


Zi Chen returned to his room and started to study the Thunderbolt Finger. The one short move, he already memorized it. He was ready to return the martial technique.

At this time, there was knocking on the door.


“It’s me.” Miao kong’s voice rang.

Zi Chen opened the door, Miao Kong came in with a mysterious look.

“This is for you. This is the thing that I promised you in the morning. Keep it safely. After you mastered it, it is best to destroy it.” Miao Kong took out a martial technique from his bosom.

“This is…… the rank one movement technique, the Ethereal Step?” When he saw this movement technique, Zi Chen was surprised “From where did you get it?”

“Luo Men gave it to me.” Miao Kong smiled

“Luo Men?” Zi Chen furrowed his brows.

“This fellow was too cocky. When he saw someone, he would say that he was gonna exchange for the Ethereal Step. Therefore, he embezzled the contribution points very fiercely these days. I have been paying attention to him. Seeing that he just traded it, I got my hands on it.” Miao kong said.

Although he did not know what happened, but it probably wasn’t only like what Miao Kong had said. This kind of good thing, how was it possible to give to others so easily.

“Remember. Destroy it after you have mastered it. It’s better to burn it down. Don’t let other people discover this.” Miao kong warned again, then he left hurriedly.

Looking at Miao kong’s back, Zi Chen was lost in thought.


Losing a martial technique, this was a major event. Luo Men simply couldn’t take responsibility for that alone. Therefore, he looked for Luo Fei.

Luo Fei frowned. After he listened to Luo Men’s explanation, he blamed Luo men, and said: “I already told you to be low key. Great, finally someone targeted you.”

“Uncle, you need to save me. I do not want to die.” Luo Men begged tearfully.

This kind of matter has occurred before. Those that lose a martial technique, there’s only one fate that awaits them, and that is death.

“Okay, I will try to think of a solution. You go and issue a bounty. Those that have a clue, will all get 20 contribution points.” Luo Fei said.

“Okay, I will go now.” Luo Men left hurriedly.

The next day, a bounty of 20 contribution points was issued. The content: Whoever finds the martial technique ‘Ethereal Step’, if he returns it, can obtain 20 contribution points.

Inside the inner sect, seeing this bounty, almost everyone was excited.

But after several days passed by, nobody had a clue. Without any choice, Luo Men, by relying on his memory, drew a portrait, this was a very ordinary person. Whoever has seen this person, after he was verified, can receive the bounty.


In the following days, whenever Zi Chen had time, he would enter the Martial Arts Pavilion.

The Martial Arts Pavilion cannot be entered at anytime, there was a time limit. Moreover, there was a population limit. The time limit for each person was only half an hour. Moreover, you could only enter once a week.

After all, in Ling Wu Sect, the amount of inner disciples were many. If it could be entered every day, a mere Martial Arts Pavilion wouldn’t be able to hold it.

Several times, Zi Chen entered the Martial Arts Pavilion, and he would only leave when the time limit was reached. Moreover, he went straight toward the third floor every time, and looked at the same martial technique.

“Hmph. You want to learn it secretly?” Some people saw Zi Chen’s behavior, and could not help but sneer. Not to mention to practicing the extremely difficult rank one martial technique, even if it was a rank two martial technique, it was not something that could be learned secretly in the short half hour of time. Even if they saw that Zi Chen was learning secretly, nobody stopped him, instead he had attracted some ridicule.

This kind of people, there were a lot of them in Ling Wu Sect each year.

Once again, after he finished looking, Zi Chen left the Martial Arts Pavilion.

After he left the Martial Arts Pavilion, Zi Chen saw many disciples that went to the contribution points exchange place hurriedly. Moreover, the number of people were many. There was a full two rows of them.

“Hmph. There’s a clue again?” Zi Chen sneered, and he left straight away. After nearly half a month, Zi Chen finally knew what Miao Kong meant by “given” by Luo Men.

Also, after that time, Zi Chen decided to look at the rank one martial technique in the Martial Arts Pavilion. He had already returned The Thunderbolt Finger. As for the Ethereal Step, it was reduced to ashes on the second day.

And in this half month, many people wanted to cheat Luo Men’s 20 contribution points.

“Zi Chen, I have been looking for you for quite a while. How come you’re here?” Zi Chen had just come out of the door when he heard Lin Xue’s voice.

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