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Chapter 35 – The contribution points crisis Translated by Monkillu


As the voice fell, a black clothed figure appeared from the distance. A handsome man appeared with a confident smile and a trace of ridicule on his face.

“Zi Chen!” When he saw the person approaching, Wang Meng’s eyes widened. He stared at Zi Chen appearing from the distance with an incredule look.

“Zi Chen, hehehe, I knew that you would be fine.” The white clothed Lin Xue rushed forward.

A sweet scent blew from Lin Xue as she arrived at Zi Chen’s chest: “I knew that you would be fine.” Because she was very agitated, Lin Xue’s voice was somewhat choked.

“Of course I’m alright” Zi Chen smiled and he embraced Lin Xue in his chest. [My inner girl is all going "Kyaa, he’s finally being like a real man and embracing her.”]

“Zi Chen, you……you actually came back. Where’s my big brother? Haven’t you met him?” He didn’t know why, but there was a bad premonition in Wang Meng’s heart.

“What do you think?” Zi Chen sneered, there was a trace of killing intent in his eyes.

“This……This is impossible, you are just an inner disciple that just entered the inner sect. You only relied on sneak attacks to kill Cao Kai and Yi Ping. How could you kill my big brother?” Wang Meng still couldn’t believe it.

“Oh?” There was doubt in Zi Chen’s eyes, then he relaxed and said: “Lin Mi told you this right?”

“Of course it’s him.” Wang Meng at this moment had remembered Lin Mi’s eerie smile before he died, that strange eerie smiling look was just like looking at dead people.

“If I haven’t guessed wrong, you killed him.” Zi Chen said.

Wang Meng did not speak, he admitted it in silence.

“No wonder.” Zi Chen felt relieved.

Lin Mi was killed by Wang Xiong and the others, this was completely beyond Zi Chen’s expectations. Moreover, he didn’t expect that Lin Mi would actually conceal the fact that he had comprehended the Thunderbolt Finger. When Wang Xiong and the others saw him use the Thunderbolt Finger the first time, they were surprised, Zi Chen was confused about that before, but now it all made sense to him.

Zi Chen pulled Lin Xue and walked to the front of Miao Kong, he did not pay attention to Wang Meng, they would not cross each other’s paths anymore. Without Wang Xiong as his backer, he was nothing in the sect.

“You have killed my brother, killed a fellow disciple. Zi Chen you’re finished, I’m gonna report you.” having said that, Wang Meng then left quickly.

However he did not go to look for an elder, but he went to look for Luo Men.

“Ha ha ha, I knew that you wouldn’t die.” Finally, there was a smile on Miao Kong’s face.

They hugged each other.

“You are able to kill Wang Xiong, it seems like your strength has broken through.” Miao Kong said with a smile.

“Just broke through a little.” Zi Chen also smiled, and then raised the token in his hand, the ‘29’ for contribution points on it was very eye catching.

Seeing these contribution points, the three people laughed, they naturally understood what had happened.

“Go with me to exchange for a movement technique.” The trio entered the sect on Zi Chen’s suggestion.

“Exchanging for a movement technique?” Miao Kong frowned slightly.

“Yes, without any rank two movement technique, my mobility is in a disadvantage.” Zi Chen said.

“This movement technique matter, don’t worry about it for now, I suggest that you first trade for an fighting technique.” Miao Kong said.


“Fighting technique?” Zi Chen hesitated. He already had the Thunderbolt Finger, if he exchanged for a fighting technique again, it seemed to be a waste of contribution points.

“Ha ha ha, you can also change for Zhen Qi Pills or Qi Restoration Pills.” Seeing that Zi Chen hesitated, Miao Kong smiled, then he arrived in front of Zi Chen and whispered in his ear: “The matter of the movement technique, I have a way.”

Zi Chen nodded. In Ling Wu Sect, he still had this one friend left.

The trio walked towards the place to exchange the contribution points.

Soon, the three people once again arrived at the place to exchange the contribution points. Then they entered the building where they collected their rewards before and bumped into Luo Men once more.

“What’s the matter?” Seeing Zi Chen come in, Luo Men said coldly.

“I want to exchange for 14 Zhen Qi Pills and a Qi Restoration Pill” Zi Chen took out his token and said lightly.

Luo Men received the token, his expression suddenly changed, and pointed at Zi Chen, saying: “Where did you get so many contribution points?”

“Don’t mind my business” Zi Chen said indifferently.

“Good fellow, all the contribution points of Ling Wu Sect are issued by me, Luo Men, and I never issued any to you. And now you actually took out more than 20 contribution points. Talk. Did you kill fellow disciples?” Luo Men asked.

“No.” Zi Chen said.

“You’re talking nonsense, you killed my brother and you sneak attacked Cao Kai and the others.” Suddenly, an angry sound rang behind them, Wang Meng came in.

Zi Chen turned around to see Wang Meng, and then he looked at Luo Men, the corners of his mouth had a trace of ridicule.

“The rule of Ling Wu Sect says: For killing fellow disciples, the punishment is death! Zi Chen, do you admit it?” Luo Men said coldly. [H[He would be pretty retarded to actually admit that after that sentence.]p>

“Admit what crime, I do not know what you are saying.” Zi Chen naturally won’t admit it.

This kind of matter in Ling Wu Sect, every year, even if there weren’t a hundred cases, there were at least a few dozens of them. They did not investigate it at all, but this time they actually wanted to investigate his matter. Naturally this was Luo Men’s scheme. Once Zi Chen acknowledged it, then he would be killed here immediately.

Miao Kong was motionless and Lin Xue actually retreated quietly.

“Lin Xue, where are you going?” Suddenly an indifferent voice resounded, a white clothed disciple blocked Lin Xue’s way.

This person was Luo Mu, he was the senior brother that wanted to borrow Zi Chen’s Zhen Qi Pill that day.

Lin Xue was forced to come back, seeking for help was hopeless.

At this moment, a large number of inner disciples appeared. Most of them were the one that tried to take advantage of Zi Chen and were called as idiot by him.

The crowd glared menacingly and surrounded the trio.

“What do you want to do? Attack us?” Zi Chen sneered, he appeared very calm.

Miao Kong was also the same, he wasn’t worried at all.

“Zi Chen you killed your fellow disciples. The evidence is undeniable, today is your time of death.” Luo Men also said.

“Idiot, you said that I killed my fellow disciples, which one of you dog eyes saw that I did it? And now you slandered me. Where’s the evidence? These contribution points?” Zi Chen was staring at Luo Men.

“That’s right, it’s these contribution points. Tell me, from where did they come from? I have not given you any contribution points. Where did you get them?”

“I picked them up.” Zi Chen had a dauntless expression. In Ling Wu Sect, there were more than dozens of people that ‘picked up’ contribution points every year, Zi Chen was not the first, and will not be the last.

“Bullshit, what do you take the contribution points of Ling Wu Sect for? Chinese cabbage? They grow on trees?” Luo Men was aggressive: “Zi Chen, you are unable to explain your contribution points’ origin because you obtained them by killing your fellow disciples. Today will be the day you die, I hope that the elder will make the decision.”

Luo Men suddenly turned and bowed towards the back.

“The evidence is undeniable, but also hope that the elder will make the decision.” Other people are also respectfully said.

At this time, a scarlet robed elder came out from rear area. This was a middle-aged man, his look was swift and fierce. When he came out, he had been staring at Zi Chen.

“This is elder Luo Fei.” Some people recognized this elder at a glance.

Elder Luo Fei was at the Xiantian Realm. He was specifically in charge of Ling Wu Sect’s contribution points. He was among the ten elders who were at the assessment that day.

“Do you have anything to say?” As Luo Fei appeared, an oppressive pressure of the Xiantian realm flooded throughout the hall.

“My contribution points were picked up by me, I have not killed any fellow disciples.” Zi Chen was still not budging, he refused to back down.

Luo Fei’s question was very clever, if Zi Chen replied that he had nothing more to say, then he would’ve fallen in Luo Fei’s trap. Luo Fei would then certainly say: It is good that you admit it. And then he would get rid of Zi Chen completely in a flash.

“You are still making excuses. Then you tell me, where did these contribution points come from?” As the voice fell, the pressure of the Xiantian Realm in the hall disappeared, but there was another stronger pressure locked on Zi Chen.

“I picked them up.” The body surface of Zi Chen turned into a faint silver light, his seventh Zhen Qi Layer zhen qi surged to resist this pressure.

“You are still making excuses.” A cold light flashed across Luo Fei’s eyes.

“I picked them up.” Zi Chen still insisted.

“Courting death! You killed your fellow disciples to obtain contribution points. I sentence you to death.” There was already killing intent in Luo Fei’s eyes, Xiantian Realm zhen qi started to surge, it seemed that he would make a move the next moment.

Lin Xue was very anxious, but she did not have any way to save Zi Chen. The matter this time was obviously caused by Wang Meng colluding with Luo Men.

“Stop!” Just when the crowd was waiting for elder Luo Fei to attack, a cold voice suddenly rang from outside.

The crowd separated, the first genius beauty of the inner sect, Su Mengyao came in, with her white dress fluttering, just like a goddess had arrived. She captured the attention the moment she appeared.

“Senior sister, you must rescue Zi Chen, they framed him.” Lin Xue walked to the side of Su Mengyao, and held her hand.

“Relax, I am here, no one can frame Zi Chen.” Su Mengyao’s tone was very unyielding.

“Sister sister Su, what is your meaning? Zi Chen had killed his fellow disciples, the evidence is undeniable. When did we frame him?” Luo Men said discontentedly.

Seeing Su Mengyao, Luo Fei’s pupil contracted slightly. His eyes had a trace of fear, and he no longer opened his mouth.

“Who did he kill?” Su Mengyao was looking at Luo Men.

“He has killed my brother, Cao Kai, Yi Ping, and many other people.” Wang Meng opened his mouth first.

“Shut up! What kind of thing do you think you are? Do you have the qualifications to speak here?” Su Mengyao glanced at Wang Meng coldly, a fierce and awe inspiring aura appeared from the goddess’ body.

Wang Meng’s strength was the lowest here, he simply didn’t have the qualifications to speak with Su Mengyao.

Wang Meng was startled, his look became very ugly, but he did not dare to refute at all.

“Senior Sister, it’s useless even if you are angry, he has killed Wang Xiong.” Luo Men said.

“Did you see it?”

“These contribution points are the evidence. The contribution points are issued by me personally, how is it possible to picked them up?” Luo Men said.

“Of course his contribution points weren’t picked up by him, I gave them to him.” Su Mengyao said.

“What?” The crowd’s expression changed, apparently they did not expect that Su Mengyao would say so, and even so unyieldingly.

Luo Men and the others couldn’t even say a word. If there hadn’t been no Su Mengyao, they would have already killed Zi Chen, but Su Mengyao appeared, this excuse was obviously insufficient.

“Elder Luo Fei, do you thinks that there’s anything wrong if I give out some contribution points?” She did not pay any attention to the ugly faces of the crowd, Su Mengyao then looked at Luo Fei.

Luo Fei’s gloomy face suddenly had a trace of a smile, and he hurriedly said: “Of course there’s nothing wrong with that. Luo Men, this matter is your fault. You did not investigate clearly, and you accused innocent people carelessly, next time you must pay more attention.”

After saying that, he then entered the great hall and disappeared.

The crisis was resolved by Su Mengyao with a few simple words. Even the elder retreated when he saw Su Mengyao. The crowd had clearly perceived Su Mengyao power, they did not dare to pester again.

The expression of the previous senior brothers that wanted to frame Zi Chen was very gloomy, apparently they did not expect that Su Mengyao would actually support Zi Chen. Moreover, even the elder seemed like he was trying to flatter Su Mengyao.

“Xue’er, go back with me.” After she had settled this matter, Su Mengyao then left. But just before she left, she looked at Zi Chen, on her beautiful face, there was a trace of appreciation.

“Zi Chen, you are not bad.”

After that, Su Mengyao left with Lin Xue.

The appreciation of Su Mengyao made the crowd incomparably envious, but they met with Zi Chen’s ice cold look.

The eyes of Zi Chen swept that bunch of inner disciples, the corners of his mouth sneered, and he said : “Good, your performance today was very good, I will remember you.”

At these threatening words, these bunch of people couldn’t help but shiver in their hearts. They only now remembered that this lord was an existence that killed Wang Xiong. They smiled awkwardly, and said that this was a misunderstanding, they then left resentfully.

All people had left, including Wang Meng, there was only Luo Men left here.

“I want to exchange for Zhen Qi Pills” Zi Chen said coldly.

“Fine, but I must deduct three contribution points.” Luo Men also refused to bend, and he responded indifferently.

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