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Published at 4th of February 2020 09:32:45 AM
Chapter 15.3

“You’re saying that . I’m afraid your father is still busy watching over the stove to warm the medicine up when you’re there sleeping like a log . He also won’t be there to watch how your temperature going up, not having you drink the medicines on time, and not even having any doctor over even when your situation worsens . You will need to change your medicines if it was not treated without being diagnosed . ”

“Then not even allowing me to sleep when my sickness worsens is just having me die faster . ”

“What nonsense are you talking about . ” Long Er wanted to poke her head, but looking at her pitiable face, he was not able to poke her .

Fine, fine .

He then helped her up and have her leaned on the bedside . He then said: “I will watch over you finishing your food and medicine before I head out . ”

“Oh . ” Ju Mu Er answered dully and did not even open her eyes . She will be able to sleep even when she’s leaning anyway .

The way she acted made Long Er felt even more dispirited . Does she not want to bother him or whatsoever? She had seemed to be in full spirit when she’s talking about the case, and now that she’s done, she didn’t want to bother him?

Then he shall make her bother about him .

He pushed her lightly, she then creased her brows . He then pinched her cheek, she then slapped his hand away . The way she looked when she crunched her nose up not wanting to bother him that looks like a child’s expression made Long Er smile . He said: “If you’re able to not sleep, I will give you a present . ”

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“Alright, thank the Second Master . ” Ju Mu Er answered quickly, but her eyes were still shut . She then pointed towards the chair and said: “Then do give me that chair . ”

“What do you want the chair for?”

“If I become bored in the future, I will then talk to it . I already gave it a name; it shall be called: Er Zi . ”

Long Er was dumbfounded for a moment and seeing the smile on Ju Mu Er’s lips, he finally understood that he was mocked .

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Second Master Long became unhappy . He then swung his sleeve over and walked away without even giving a humph .

This woman that knows nothing!

Who said that Second Master Long has a narrow heart? Look at her, how she acts is what a narrow hearted is like!

If he treated him well even after all that, then he is, he is, he is Er Zi!

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Second Master left with an unpleasant expression, which had made the two maids bringing the trays in felt scared and curious . When have they seen Second Master will appear like that when dealing with the ladies? He firstly had the lady tell him saying whether her head becomes smelly or not and his lips pursed and his face creased together hearing those; and after that he will tease her and laugh; when the food and medicine are coming late, Second Master had even become angry . But when they hurriedly brought the things over, in just this little time, the Second Master became unhappy again .

What is up with Second Master? What is his relationship with this lady? The maids are Granny Xu’s people, so they decided to report this to her .

When Granny Xu received the news and went to sneak a peek at Ju Mu Er, Long Er had already reached the court . He had already ordered someone to greet the FuYin DaRen ahead of time and he went to visit Shopkeeper Lu who was in the jail .

Shopkeeper Lu was excited to see Long Er . Long Er advised him to not be worried, and there were some clues to the case, so he will for sure be out of the jail soon proving his innocence . With the guarantee of Second Master, Shopkeeper Lu’s heart became even more settled . Long Er had him recall the events on that day in detail and Shopkeeper Lu talked about it all over again .

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