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Published at 4th of February 2020 09:32:35 AM
Chapter 15.2

Ju Mu Er on the other hand quickly continued her sentence: “Also, I have already thought about it at that time . After I exit the court, I will then come searching for you……” When she reached this point, her face became hot and she quickly changed the topic, “In the court, when the wife of Owner Zhu hit me, I smelt something oily from her . It smells like sesame oil, and the culprit had the same smell on them as well . ”

Long Er pondered, an oily scent of sesame oil? He remembered that Zhu Fu lived in Ping Yang Street, and that street indeed have a shop that sell sesame oil .

Ju Mu Er then said: “What I know of are about all of these . If FuYin DaRen don’t believe me, then he can just rearrange a live listening to my words . ”

Long Er thought for a little: “When you’re in contact with the culprit, are there any interactions?”

“I just pleaded for them to spare my life . I said that I’m blind and I can’t see anything . I also asked them to not kill me . They then threw me onto the ground and came near me . They were so near that I could feel their breath on my face, so they might be confirming whether I can see or not . And after that, my head was hit and I passed out . ”

Long Er said: “They then wanted to push all the blame onto you to mess the case up . Their bother does turn around quick enough . But this plan is obviously not logical . If anyone were to think about it through, they will for sure know that you’re not the killer . The death of Zhu Fu, the position where the dagger lands and the strength exerted when doing so is not something that you’re capable of doing . So, this culprit is a smart person, but they were not detailed enough . ”

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Ju Mu Er nodded her head . She was done with what she had to say and relaxed . Secondly, she had sat for a long time, which made her had a bad migraine . After thinking for a little, she directly just dropped onto the bed and planned to sleep away just like that .

Long Er was scared and bent his body down to pull her: “How are you?”

“I finished speaking, so I should sleep now . ” Ju Mu Er then shut her eyes for real, with a face saying that she really wanted to sleep now .

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This answer had Long Er become stupefied and he soon became angry: “What are you sleeping for? You should get up and drink the medicine up . How can you sleep just like that? When we’re still speaking?”

Ju Mu Er replied in a soft voice: “You also said nothing when you changed your place . And we’re still talking at that time . ”

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Long Er was speechless and did not want to bother about her anymore . He then turned his head to the maid outside and shouted: “Where’s the food? The medicine? How long has it been, why is it still not here yet?”

When the maid by the door heard that, she hurriedly answered and moved her legs to rush them .

Long Er then righteously pulled Ju Mu Er up: “Don’t sleep first . You will feel much worse if you sleep now . Hang on for a little . Eat something first then drink the medicine up . ”

“Then you might as well just send me back to my house . I can still sleep properly if I’m at my own house . ”

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