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Published at 2nd of January 2020 01:37:52 PM
Chapter 14.3

When Ju Mu Er heard that, her heart felt warm . This Second Master is a really kind person . She did not refute to it and followed what Long Er had said . She then followed him to rest in the room .

Soon, the doctor came . The doctor felt her pulse rate as he asked her about her symptoms . Ju Mu Er answered it as she dozed off . Her extreme spacing out had made Long Er felt like grabbing her by the shoulders and shake her, shouting: Wake up! Wake up!

But he did not do so . Of course he can’t do so . Although he’s angry, it’s not the point that he lost his rationality .

And so he gritted his teeth as this idiotic lady is being diagnosed . That had made the doctor felt shocked, thinking that by chance did he not diagnose the lady properly . He had thought to feel her pulse more, but afraid that the Second Master will think that he’s not being professional; he had also thought to seem as if he has great skills and get it done quickly, but he was afraid that the Second Master will think that he was not detailed enough .

And this diagnosing session had one of them feeling drowsy, one of them with a dark face, and one of them being careful and scared . In the end when it is done, the doctor then prescribed medicines for her . He then undid the cloth around Ju Mu Er’s head to look over her wounds properly before applying medicine on it .

When her head was touched, Ju Mu Er felt so painful she was awake instantaneously . She asked the doctor how many days to go before her wounds can touch the water . The doctor then answered must be ten days regardless . When she heard that, Ju Mu Er showed hr unhappiness on her face .

When the doctor left, Ju Mu Er said to Long Er: “Second Master, this case cannot be dragged anymore . We should get it done and end the case as soon as possible . Let’s head to the court together now . ”

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Long Er replied: “Eat your medicine and head to sleep after you have your meal . Make sure your fever gets cured soon . I will head to the court and get things settled . When you’ve somehow recovered, I will take you over there . ”

“No, no . it’s better for me to head there with you now . ”

Long Er frowned: “Aren’t you so drowsy that you became kind of dumb early? So what’s the rush now?”

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“Didn’t you hear what the doctor said?”

“What did he say?” Long Er did not recall the doctor saying about anything related to the case .

“He said my head can’t touch the water for ten days . ”

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Long Er’s eyebrows creased deeper: “And so?”

“That means, in these ten days, my head will be applied with those smelly medicines and I can’t wash them . With it accumulating, just how smelly will it get?” She wrinkled her nose: “We should head there as soon as possible before it will be so smelly that it will make Fu Yi DaRen faint from that . I will do whatever I can as quickly as possible and hide myself in the house to take in the entire odour by myself . ”

“……” Long Er was speechless . He thought that she must still be drowsy with all the nonsense she’s talking about .

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