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Published at 2nd of January 2020 01:37:39 PM
Chapter 14.2

The carriage entered the Long residence through the side gate . Long Er went out of the carriage first and ordered someone to bring the doctor over in a low voice . After that, he told the maids to clean a guestroom out for Ju Mu Er to stay in . he then went back to the carriage and planned to shake Ju Mu Er to wake her up .

“I’m awake, you know . ” When he was about to shake her, Ju Mu Er said to him puzzlingly .

“Why are you not moving if you’re awake?” Long Er gritted his teeth . He had even given orders to the servants in a low voice in consideration of not waking her up and had even do his things slowly to let her sleep more; but in the end, this girl had woken up long ago .

Ju Mu Er rubbed her eyes drowsily and said: “Since no one woke me up, that means I don’t need to move . And since I don’t need to move, I might as well just sleep for a little bit more . ”

Long Er glared at her . He ahd then remembered that she can’t see him glaring her after s while and so he told her: “I’m glaring at you . ”

“O, understood . ”


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Long Er was speechless and can’t help but to continue to glare at her . Seeing that he did not react after some time, she then asked: “Are you glaring at me again?”

“Yes . ” This word was said as Long Er gritted his teeth .

Ju Mu Er frowned . Her migraine had gotten worse, so she wanted to continue sleeping . She asked: “Then are we going down the carriage now or are you going to continue glaring at me? If you still want to glare longer then I will sleep for a little more . ”

“We’re going down the carriage!” Long Er carried her by her waist and heavily dropped her down after jumping off the carriage . This woman can even make the Bodhisattva furious when she’s in daze .

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Sleep, sleep and sleep . All she knows is to sleep only .

When they are out of the carriage, the surroundings had become cold and Ju Mu Er was awake after she shivered . She gripped onto the bamboo cane and raised her shoulders, asking: “Second Master, where are we currently?”

Long Er had yet to recover from feeling frustrated . Seeing Ju Mu Er becoming another person after feeling awake, her tone had also become proper and polite . He humph in his heart, thinking on how fast she had changed her way of speech .

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Seeing her frown, Long Er hold onto her elbow and led her to the front . While walking, he answered: “At Long Residence . ”

Why Long Residence? Ju Mu Er did not understand . As Long Er walked fast, she was not able to inquire about it and can only say: “Second Master, do walk slower, I can’t keep up . ”

“You can keep up since you don’t need to memorize the road and have no need to escape . I’ve already summoned s doctor to diagnose for you . Rest up and sleep for a little more . I will head to the court there to meet Shopkeeper Lu and greet Fu Yi DaRen . I will tell you about the situation after I return . Once you’re done resting and felt refreshed, I will bring you to the court . ”

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