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Published at 2nd of January 2020 01:37:30 PM
Chapter 14.1

Long Er had a shortcoming . If it’s something that belongs to him, he will feel that it has nothing to do with him and is not bothered to care about its well-being . But if something that belongs to him, he will feel that they are under his responsibility, no matter if it’s a human or an object . So he will mind any business that’s related to them .

And so, for Ju Mu Er who was still a stranger to him yesterday, he had found her to be someone he feels comfortable with after he said “I will marry you” to her today . Not only has he found her to be someone he feels comfortable with, he had even felt that him minding her business is a matter of fact .

So, after stating how troublesome it was for her to crawl up the carriage complacently, he then carried her up the carriage on the spot . But after she got onto the carriage, she just went on to look for her seat . After she touched and found a seat, she just sat there by the side of the carriage . Not even a gentle and heartfelt gratitude can be heard from her .

Long Er then found himself feeling unhappy at that as he strongly reprimanded this heartless blind girl in his heart . Even with his proactive mental activity, Ju Mu Er felt nothing in regards to his feelings . After leaning onto the wall of the carriage, drowsiness rushed up and so she closed her eyes to sleep again .

Long Er hold in his anger and sat right beside her . Even after sitting for a long time, there were no reactions from the one beside him . Reversely, her breathing became more stable, as if she had really fallen asleep . This had made Long Er felt even more frustrated .

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The carriage moves forward and the carriage were slightly rocking . Ju Mu Er’s head was leaning on the wall of the carriage, following the movement of the carriage, her head knocked lightly onto it, letting out light sounds .

As if she did not know about it, Ju Mu Er continued sleeping as her ehad continued to knock onto the wall of the carriage . On the other hand, it was Long Er who had found the knocking sounds to be irritating . He turned his head over to glare at Ju Mu Er’s head . As her wounds have yet to recover, it was still bandaged . With it being knocked on like that, this woman still continued sleeping, as if she can’t feel the pain at all!

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Long Er unhappily stretched his palms out and covered the back of her head . The warm and big palm is obviously more comfortable compared to the hard carriage wall . Ju Mu Er mumbled and snuggled his palm, and slept deeper than before .

And now no more sounds can be heard in the carriage and Ju Mu Er’s head had also stopped shaking . But Long Er’s palm was taken over .

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Long Er glared at the woman who was sleeping peacefully and finds himself to be an idiot . He raised his hand like an idiot and no one was there to feel grateful towards his actions . He should’ve just let her be and have her continue knocking her own head .

But in the end, this idiotic Second Master had raised his hand all the way till it reached his residence .

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