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Chapter 137.2 - Meeting again

“Qingwu, mother came this time, to ask something of you.”

“Oh, what is it?” She lowered her eyes, her eyes catching on the ninth madam’s thin wrists.

In the end, her heart softened.

“Mother is sick. I need to borrow a bit of your blood, do you agree?” The ninth madam was a bit uneasy.

Her hands gripped onto Lou Qingwu’s arms tightly, her beautiful eyes were worried and filled with water.

Lou Qingwu looked up, looking straight into her eyes.

Was she scared that she wouldn’t agree?

How could she not?

She lightly laughed, “How could I not agee?”

“Too good …” The ninth madam let out a relieved breath, her expression delicate and graceful.

“But,” Lou Qingwu watched her deeply, “Mother, do you know the consequences of borrowing my blood?”

“I know.” The ninth madam’s mouth curled into a smile, the way that she smiled was very alike Lou Qingwu.

She had a big dimple to the side of her mouth, especially sweet.

She didn’t look her age, more like a twenty-something girl.

The way that she spoke was sincere, not warranting a single hint of suspicion, “I’m just borrowing a bit of blood, the family head said there was no danger.”

“.... Really?” Lou Qingwu’s smile deepened, slowly holding onto the ninth madam’s fingers, smiling especially deeply, “Mother, I’ll save you.”

Right until Lou Qingwu left did the ninth madam regain her senses, her ears seemed to echo Lou Qingwu’s last phrase.


The ninth madam stared blankly ahead until she saw Ruan Xiuren.

She jumped into his arms.

“Xiuren, are you hiding something from me? Why did she say that she’d ‘save’ me? Didn’t you say it was just a bit of blood?”

“Silly Ning’er, you’re overthinking it. We didn’t even tell her why we needed to borrow her blood, so how could she know what we were using it for? So it’s just that you’re worrying too much.” Ruan Xiuren embraced the ninth madam tightly in his arms.

His masculine brows furrowed together, he didn’t know if he was thinking too much into it but it seemed like the phrase that Lou Qingwu said seemed a bit strange?

The ninth madam was still leaning in his arms, her graceful brows slightly furrowing as well, “Xiuren, is she really my daughter? But why don’t I have any impression of her at all?”

“Didn’t I tell you? You had a big bout of sickness before so you forgot everything about the past.”

“But … doing this really won’t harm her?”

“Silly Ning’er.” Ruan Xiuren slightly loosened his arms.

His finger caressing her face, gently, “She’s your daughter, so no matter what, you’re blood related, no? How could I harm her? Ning’er, don’t worry, it’s just a bit of blood. It’ll be fine. En? Be good, don’t you believe me?”

“Believe, why wouldn’t I believe you? Xiuren, having no memories is really pitiful, even when I think about it, my body goes all cold. It’s such a good thing I met you …”

“Now that you have me, I won’t let you suffer any more.” Ruan Xiuren embraced her again, his eagle eyes sharp before falling on his ninth madam and becoming soft again.

As long as he could save her life, he didn’t care about anything else!

Lou Qingwu left the restaurant as the carriage that Lan Bai sent out came.

She got on the carriage, lifting up the curtain as she looked towards the second floor before slowly letting it go, hiding the flash of apathy in her eyes.

“Go.” Lou Qingwu soundlessly sighed, unable to describe how she was feeling.

She closed her eyes, leaving her heart to sort out its own mess.

The carriage slowly moved forward and when it passed a teahouse, another palanquin passed by.

When the carriage left, the panaquin stopped in front of the teahouse and following a maidservant who lifted up the curtain, the delicate figure walked out.

From inside, a girl who was slender and graceful, her expression gentle, walked out.

It was the future second prince’s consort -- Shangguan Yiyun.


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