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Chapter 137.1 - Meeting again

“If there’s anything you need help with, tell your uncle as soon as you can. Uncle Ruan will definitely try his hardest to help you.”

“Qingwu thanks Ruan family head for his care.” She was only scared she wouldn’t be able to live it up. “I don’t know what type of help that the Ruan family head was looking for?”

“That …”

Ruan Xiuren didn’t think that Lou Qingwu would be the first to bring it up.

Originally, he wanted to continue to mention her mother, leading to her reminiscing about her mother before mentioning the ninth madam.

The way that Lou Qingwu spoke instead, messed up his original plan.

He suddenly furrowed his brows before smoothly continuing, “Qingwu, do you have anything else organised for today?”

“Nothing right now.” Lou Qingwu calmly looked down, still and quiet, especially obedient.

“That’s good, that’s good. Then, what if Uncle Ruan brings you to meet a person?” Ruan Xiuren finally let his guard down.

Recently, he’d heard rumours about her but this was just a girl that hadn’t grown up yet.

As long as Ning’er used her emotions to play with her a bit, using her affection and familial love to move her, it wouldn’t be hard for this little girl to loosen up.

As long as Ning’er’s ‘Thousand Days Intoxicated’ was cured, then he wouldn’t suffer Ruan Zhen’s threats any more.

After half a beat, his cold eyes brightened before looking up, regaining his previous gentle composure as he quietly waited for Lou Qingwu’s response.

Lou Qingwu’s pretty eyes were lowered, cold, as she slowly nodded her head, “Okay.”

A while later, Lou Qingwu followed Ruan Xiuren into the biggest restaurant in the capital.

Ruan Xiuren led her onto the second floor and stopped at a private room.

Ruan Xiuren didn’t go inside, he stood at the entrance as his cold and stiff face forced out a gentle smile, “Qingwu, you can go in by yourself. The person that wants to see you is inside.”

Lou Qingwu obediently nodded her head, her eyes rolling around as her pale wrist raised up and lightly pushed open the door.

Ruan Xiuren turned around and entered the neighbouring room.

His eagle eyes were deep, unreadable.

When Lou Qingwu stepped into the room, she closed the door on her way.

She took a few steps forward before raising the pearl curtain.

There, she saw a woman with her back facing her.

Her waist was slender, a single jade hairpin held her hair up.

When she heard a sound, she turned around with her graceful eyes and beautiful face.

Her watery eyes fell on Lou Qingwu and without saying a word, a single tear first fell on her jade-like hands, “Qingwu ….”

She mumbled a sound as Lou Qingwu froze stiff.

She looked dazedly at the beautiful older woman in front of her.

It was like there was a small drum was beating hard on her heart.

But when it had beaten it and broken it, she could only force herself to put away the darkness in her heart and pull on a normal expression, she could only ask blankly, “Mother?”

The ninth madam’s tears fell even harder as she twisted a handkerchief in her hands.

She stood up, about to reach forward to embrace Lou Qingwu but scared that she’d frightened her, could only stand uneasily.

She occasionally looked down to sob, using her handkerchief to hide her tears, “Qingwu, I don’t deserve that term any more. In these years, it was mother who didn’t deserve you. I’ve already changed identities, I’m now the Ruan family head’s ninth madam.”

Lou Qingwu’s lowered hands clenched into fists.

After a long time did they slowly release.

When she walked to in front of the ninth madam, she lightly pat her shoulder and pulled her down towards her seat, “Have you been well, these few years at the Ruan residence?”

“En, very good. The family head treats me very well. Back then, the way that your father treated me, he forced me to do this, I was forced.”

“I know.” Her pain had come after all.

Even though she’d already planned on saving her, her arrival still sliced another wound in her already bloodied and beaten up heart.

Did it hurt? It was already numb.

“Qingwu, mother came this time, to ask something of you.”


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