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Chapter 50.2
Chapter 50 (part 2)
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Zhao Chiying looked at him for a long while, and suddenly sighed, “How lucky I am that I met a friend like you?”

Shen Qiao: “Shixiong Zhu could sacrifice his life for a stranger, and I can also fight for Bi Xia Sect, not to mention that I indeed knew Kun Xie . So it is not all for Bi Xia Sect’s sake . ”

Zhao Chiying didn’t have deep friendship with Shen Qiao, but he gave her a good impression in the thing happened today . Now she saw that he would stand up for Bi Xia Sect that had nothing to do with him . She was grateful and said: “Thank you very much, I’ll remember it forever . Whenever you need help, I will go to help you .

After discussing, they finnally made a plan . After seeing the tiredness on the Shi Wu face, Shen Qiao got up and left . He took Shi Wu back to the guest room .

On the way back, Shi Wu asked Shen Qiao: “Master, Master Zhao said just now that she will remember your intention, what did she mean, I don’t understand . ”

Shen Qiao said: “Bi Xia Sect is declining . Master Zhao must be very anxious . She knows that the strong in the world are respected . So she can’t wait to become stronger to protect Bi Xia Sect . Unfortunately, Lu Feng betrayed the school just at the time of her training, so Master Zhao had to stop the training by force . Although she didn’t show it, she actually suffered internal injuries . If she fought against Kun Xie, she would have no chance to win . She knew that I offered to fighting with Kun Xie was to help her, so she thanked me for my intention . ”

Shi Wu was nervous and said: “Master, can you defeat Kun Xie? I heard you lost to Kun Xie before, Is he very powerful?”

Children say what they like . In the case of someone else, he may be cautious to care about the feeling of Shen Qiao .

Shen Qiao laughed: “He is not the most powerful, but he does have some advantages . I haven’t recovered my skill now, and I am not completely sure if I can win him . ”

Shi Wu: “What’s the odds?”

Shen Qiao touched his eyebrows: “Half . ”

Instead of being smoothed, Shi Wu’s eyebrows were tightened, apparently frightened by his words .

Kun Xie’s skill was slightly lower than that of Shixiong Duan Wenyuan, but it is not too low . It’s disgraceful for Him to poison Shen Qiao with Yu Ai, but he was not weak . If Zhao Chiying’s skill was not damaged, may be able to draw with him . But it’s hard to say now . If without Shen Qiao, It’s better for Bi Xia Sect to retreat early, and the ancestral gate on the Zhunan Peak would be occupied by outsiders, and the inheritance of Bi Xia Sect will be destroyed . Ruan Hailou’s hatred to Hui Leshan would be conveyed to the Bi Xia Sect’s ancestors .

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So what Shen Qiao promised was not just a fight, a fight for justice, but it was likely to keep Bi Xia Sect’s shaky foundation, which was about to be destroyed .

Shi Wu suddenly hugged Shen Qiao, his head buried in his arms, and said dumbly, “Do you have to fight? Your martial arts have not been fully recovered!”

Shen Qiao hugged him: “Half of possibility to win means that I still have chance to win . I do my best that I will have the chance to win . I lost to Kun Xie that day and since then I was depressed . He became my nightmare . I fell there, so I’m going to learn to stand up again from there, do you understand? ”

Shi Wu held him and silent for a long time, and he whispered: “Yes … I just don’t want you to be hurt …”

Shen Qiao said with a smile: “I’ll be fine . I will live long life as I promised to Shixiong Lian Zhu, and I when you become an old man with white beard, I will still hold you by the ear and lesson you . Until that time, you would be tired of me! ”

Shi Wu couldn’t help but laughed with tears .

Shen Qiao sighed and touched him: ”
Other’s disciples would try their best to make their master happy . But I would try my best to make my disciple happy . I’ve lost my prestige! ”

Shi Wu did not refute and just smiled . He thought that the least majestic Master was the best Master in the world .

Considering that he was a disciple of Shen Qiao, he felt contented in his heart .

Two days later, the mountain was peaceful and there were no outsiders going up the mountain, but this also gave Bi Xia Sect the opportunity to take a break . Shi Wu helped Fan Yuanbai to bury the bodies of the Bi Xia Sect disciples who died in the battle . The sect that had been lively before now became cold and cheerless .

Although Fan Yuanbai, Zhou Yexue, and others survived, they were not happy . They were both sad for their dead disciples and worried about the possible fierce fighting, so they couldn’t be happy .

On the third day, a bell rang outside Zhengyang Hall, which affected Bi Xia Sect . It meant that someone was going up the mountain, and the disciple on duty in the middle of the mountain couldn’t stop it .

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When they rushed to there, they saw a young man dressed as an alien standing with his hand behind him, followed by two people, with high noses and deep eyes . Their hair were spread down and braided, and tied with a headscarf . This distinctive dress made people recognize their identity at a glance .

Zhao Chiying said in a deep voice: “Welcome to Bi Xia Sect, May I ask your name?”

“I’m Kun Xie from Tujue . I came here to take my disciple . “He said proudly, and looked at her up and down, and shook his head: “Are you Zhao Chiying? The Master of Bi Xia Sect? It is rumored that you are extremely talented and you are a main of Bi Xia Sect . Nothing more than this . ”

Fan Yuanbai and others were angry after hearing the words, and Zhao Chiying was shocked .

She suddenly remembered Shen Qiao’s evaluation of Kun Xie: this man was a noble person in Tujue, and he was a disciple of Hu Lugu, so he was very proud, and his martial arts skills was excellent . Even though he played tricks on the battle of Half-Step Peak, he should not be underestimated .

Kun Xie said so at the first sight, not because he looked down upon on her, but he found that Zhao Chiying had internal injuries and could not match him .

The sharp eyes of the other side were indeed what Shen Qiao said before .

Zhao Chiying was shocked in heart, but she didn’t show it: “It turned out to be the second king of Tujue . Your disciple joined with Ruan Hailou from Dongzhou to collude with Lu Feng to kill the disciples of Bi Xia Sect . Do you have anything to say? ”

Kun Xie chuckled: “Pu Anmi was invited by your elders to come up to the mountain as a guest . Who knew that it wasn’t the food and wine that waited for him, but the knives, swords and halberds of your disciples . As his Master, I don’t know whether he is alive or not, how can Master Zhao explain to me? ”

This was irrational . If Kun Xie hadn’t planed it with his disciple, how would he know that Pu Anmi was trapped here?

Everyone was annoyed .

Pu Anmi was imprisoned . Zhao Chiying did not kill him, but she could not just let him go . If Bi Xia Sect’s submission to the Tujue was known by others, it will be difficult for Bi Xia Sect to establish its prestige in the world . What’s more, Pu Anmi should pay for the death of the disciples .

Zhao Chiying said lightly: “You know what he did . It is useless for you to argue here . If there was still a person in Bi Xia Sect, he will not allow you to take Pu Anmi away . ”

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Kun Xie laughed as he heard a joke: “Zhao Chiying, I see that there are less than ten disciples behind you . How can you say this? If I kill you today, There would be no Bi Xia Sect in the word any more! ”

“You can kill people, but you can’t kill their mind . ”

How familiar this sound was, Kun Xie couldn’t help but frowned . He turned to look, and saw a man approaching with a sword in his hand .

That face was so familiar that Kun Xie would never forget it .

Because he once fought with this man on Half-step Peak .

That battle attracted worldwide attention, and he became famous in the Central Plains .

But the person in front of him lost his fame and lost all his martial arts . Fortunately, he survived in the battle, but he could only live hardly .

“Shen, Qiao . ” Kun Xie said with complex emotions that he could not even explain .

“How are you? Kun Xie . ”

Shen Qiao nodded at him, which was the same as he did at the Half-step peak that day . At that time, Shen Qiao was a master that admired by the world . But Kun Xie was unknown to the public .

Nowadays, the position of the two has changed dramatically . They were totally different .

But how could he be so calm?

As soon as Kun Xie met him, he took a closer look at Shen Qiao, but he couldn’t find any bitterness or pain in his face .

Shen Qiao was still Shen Qiao, he has no change in appearance .


He has been changed .

Kun Xie suddenly said: “Master Shen, no, I can’t call you master . Taoist priest Shen, were you injured when you fell down of the cliff? Your sight seemed to be not well . ”

Shen Qiao: “Yes, but my eyes have nothing to do with the cliff, but because of Xiang Jianhuan, shouldn’t you be more clear than me?”

Kun Xie shook his head: “You should blame on your Shidi . It was Yu Ai that poisoned you, not me . I made an appointment to fight with you . I fight with you openly on the Half-step peak . Everyone saw it . I didn’t do anything to hurt you secretly . ”

He looked at the sword in Shen Qiao’s hand and said with a smile: “Are you waiting for me here? Or do you want to help Bi Xia Sect?”

Shen Qiao said: “The past has passed . Today I am waiting for you here, I wonder if you dare to fight with me?”

He slowly drew out the sword, the tip of which was facing down, quivering slightly, and there was a gleam in the sun .

Kun Xie became extremely serious .

He also pulled out the broadsword on his back .

This battle would come sooner or later .

Kun Xie even faintly sensed his excitement from his bones . Although he had won last time, he felt that his victory was not real .

And this time, he wanted Shen Qiao to be convinced!

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