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Chapter 51
Chapter 51
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No one in Bi Xia Sect expected that the war would be so fierce .

After all, Kun Xie was a master and the disciple of Hu Lugu, and Shen Qiao was the one who was able to break even with Qi Fengge .

Shen Qiao has lost once, and he must have some scruples in his heart . It was more difficult for him to win this time, because he had to defeat not only the enemy, but also himself .

When the disciples of Bi Xia Sect were worried, they saw that the master was beside them . They thought that even if Shen Qiao lost, there was still the master who could fight . But Yue Kunchi knew that Zhao Chiying’s martial arts were damaged due to breaking through the pass by force . If Shen Qiao lost the battle, Bi Xia Sect would be helpless .

Could Shen Qiao win?

He held back his anxiety and put his whole heart back into watching the battle .

Kun Xie’s martial arts was masculine and domineering . When he cut it off, the mountain shook and the earth moved . The broadsword spirit split on the ground and the ground quaked . There was a buzzing sound in the ear . It’s all the sound of broadsword spirit breaking through the air . It’s too sharp to bear . People with poor martial arts couldn’t help but covered their ears .
But it was a big mistake to think that Kun Xie’s flying skill was not good .

They fought all the way from the plain to the edge of the cliff, and then directly hung on the cliff wall . The stones were splashed all over the cliff . Compared to Kun Xie, Shen Qiao was a little gentle, and his sword was mellow and long, gentle and clear . He was a real Taoist without aggressive sharpness .

However, after the two fought with each other for hundreds of moves, Shen Qiao was still not inferior to Kun Xie . The people who were worried about Shen Qiao before found that it’s no need to be worried . Kun Xie’s move was unstoppable, and Shen Qiao’s move was gentle at first, but it was endless, and gradually turned to violent, which could contain everything .

Kun Xie was more and more anxious .

At half step peak, he could only make use of 80 percent of the broadsword spirit, but now he could make use of 90 percent . He became more skillful at the broadsword . Not to mention Shen Qiao, whose skill was greatly reduced now, he was confident that he could fight with him before he injured .

The opponent seemed to be weak at first glance . However, after he fought with him, he found that he was wrong .

Shen Qiao was stronger than he thought .

This flying skill of Xuan Du Mountain was called Tian Kuo Hong Ying, which was light and free as its name . Shan He Tong Bei sword left a trace of white sword spirit on the wall, which seemed to be easy as drawing . On closer inspection, the hard stone wall was marked with deep traces of sword spirit . If a man was cut by the sword, he would have died .

Seen from a distance, the gentle sword spirit was not inferior to the arrogant broadsword spirit .

Yue Kunchi breathed a sigh of relief . He turned his head and asked Zhao Chiying: “Shimei, Will Taoist Shen win this time?”

However, Zhao Chiying shook her head: “I’m not sure . Do you find that Kun Xie has developed the broadsword spirit to 90 percent . In fact, it is equivalent to the second high level of sword spirit . The last move was truly domineering . After one stroke, it turned into thousands of shadows and was invincible . But he only performed the move once, which was the one that Taoist Shen almost couldn’t resist . ”

Yue Kunchi became nervous again, and he whispered: “Is he consuming the strength of Taoist Shen?”

Zhao Chiying: “Yes, in terms of internal forces, Taoist Shen can’t compare with Kun Xie now . The longer the fight, the worse for Taoist Shen . ”

Yue Kunchi was a little anxious: “What should we do? Did Taoist Shen find this?”

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Zhao Chiying didn’t speak . Naturally, she didn’t believe Shen Qiao didn’t see it, but she couldn’t guess how Shen Qiao planned .

In fact, Shen Qiao was also testing .

He was testing his own bottom line .

Since “Zhu Yang Ce” has the effect of reshaping the foundation and forging the bones and muscles, it combined the advantages of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, and its internal skill also had the characteristics of three schools .

Taoism voted to be mild as water, and the non-compete way of Taoism was in line with his original move . It was easy for him to take use of it .

Buddhism was solemn and serious, with both the prestige of Jin Gang and the kindness of Bodhisattva . This was a more mysterious depiction . In “Zhu Yang Ce”, Buddhism was integrated into the sword spirit . It’s just the combination of hardness and softness . With Buddhism and Taoism, the sword was both tough and mild . It’s unobstructed to swim between the murmuring stream and the surging waves .

The style of Confucianism was more complicated . When Tao Hongjing wrote “Zhu Yang Ce”, he adopted the characteristics of Confucian kindness and tolerance, and mediated the advantages of each school . It was compatible and inclusive, so that when the trainees were exhausted, there would be a new spirit from the pubic region .

Shen Qiao once had the real spirit of Xuan Du Mountain, and then he practiced “Zhu Yang Ce” . However, he didn’t make much progress . Now he had practiced it all over again, and just now he felt the beauty of “Zhu Yang Ce”, which was worthy of the name of the world’s wonderful book . Many people didn’t know the real mystery of this book when they were competing for it .

What’s more, when Tao Hongjing wrote “Zhu Yang Ce”, he had expected that the books would not be easy to preserve in the turbulent times, and all the contents might not be completely preserved after he died . Therefore, although there are five volumes of “Zhu Yang Ce”, they were independent books . The readers would not be misled . If they could practiced all the move of the books, they would naturally reach a full state . But if they only read one or two of the books, it doesn’t mean that their power was incomplete . At most, their power and utility were weakened .

Therefore, in this battle, Shen Qiao also had the intention to use Kun Xie to test his achievements . A person could never exert his ultimate ability in his daily competition . Only when facing a real life and death moment, could he arouse all his potentiality, so as to promote to a new level .

Martial arts were like sailing against the water . Move forward, or you’ll fall behind . Otherwise, Qi Fengge, Hu Lugu and others would not have to give up their respected status and decades of profound skills to choose an advanced way that was likely to die .

At this time, the situation was extremely dangerous for Shen Qiao . The sword spirit was almost completely suppressed by the broadsword spirit . The new spirit from the pubic region was almost exhausted . He was much slower than before . The power of sword spirit was gradually weakened . Suddenly, a terrifying broadsword spirit burst out from Kun Xie, and it became a huge net, which wrapped Shen Qiao from all sides . It was so violent that the grass and trees were going to be burnt, the rivers were going to be dry, and all birds were going to be extinct!

This was Kun Xie’s ninth broadsword!

In addition to hard resistance, no other ways to break such a strong broadsword . Kun Xie was indeed a disciple of Hu Lugu . There was only a few people who can resist his move .

He was in the middle of the sky, and his blade was infused with 10% internal power . He swung it towards Shen Qiao . He wanted to cut him in two parts!

Shi Wu opened his eyes wide, staring at the two people, even forgot to breathe .

He was the one who wanted Shen Qiao to win, but even he who has just started his martial arts could see that Shen Qiao was in a bad situation .

The top of his head was a clear sky, and under his foot was a bottomless chasm . All the things he depend on were just the cliffs of ten feet wide . At this moment, it’s too late to escape even with flying skill . What should he do to resist the opponent’s all-out attack?

Zhao Chiying’s brow frowned and she stepped in front of Shi Wu . Because she didn’t want him to see his Master’s death on the spot .

Shi Wu has lost a master and could no longer afford the blow of losing another loved one .

She regretted that this war should have happened on her own . She should not have agreed to Shen Qiao at first . She thought Shen Qiao had a trump card to deal with Kun Xie, but she never expected that he would fight him with his life . It was so dangerous!

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Kun Xie’s broadsword was as fast as lightning, and it was close to the brow of Shen Qiao . Shen’s breathing slowed down . He closed his eyes and did not choose to escape, but raised his sword to fight against him .

First know things, then know me, then forget me, and forget both things, and unmoved either by gain or loss .

Shan He Tong Bei sword turned into a white sword light . Shen Qiao had disappeared in the sword light .

The smile of Kun Xie’s mouth suddenly condensed .

His broadsword spirit couldn’t fall another half inch!

Shen Qiao’s sword passed through his broadsword spirit and stabbed directly at his chest .


Kun Xie turned back suddenly, and he used the Liu Sheng broadsword to split at him . Shen Qiao appeared behind him, and the white sword crossed in two directions to suppress his broadsword spirit .


This thought flashed in Kun Xie’s mind . He didn’t think much . Taking advantage of the situation at his feet, he suddenly jumped up ten feet high, and turned back and split against the stone wall behind him . In a moment, the mountain rocks collapsed and made a loud noise . All the stones fell to the bottom, and then flew up and directly fell on the highest cliff .

His eyes swept down, but between the falling boulders, his opponent disappeared . At the same time, he was alarmed!

Kun Xie turned back and slashed again .

But the broadsword did not fall on the enemy . Instead, there was a sudden pain in his back . The other side was even faster than him, and clearly perceived his intention of every step .

It was impossible, impossible!

He thought that Shen Qiao had developed swordsmanship, but this was clearly not swordsmanship!

Knowing others, sharing their minds; Where the sword is, where the Tao is; With hearts linked, the immortal bone and Buddha heart formed .

Sword Heart!

This was clearly the sword heart!

Shen Qiao realized the sword heart!

After discovering this horrible fact, Kun Xie couldn’t wait to fly forward, and the pain behind him was like a shadow always following him . As if he was firmly pulled by a line, and he was a puppet at the end of the line .

This feeling was too bad . Kun Xie felt that he was not so terrible when he was chased by Yan Wushi last time . Because at that time, Yan Wushi didn’t want to kill him . Kun Xie also understood this, so he didn’t try his best . But this time, he wanted to kill Shen Qiao, and Shen Qiao could also kill him .

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They all tried their best to fight with each other, so he had no chance to escape .

In the future, this person must be the biggest enemy!

But it was too far away for Kun Xie . What he needed to do now was to escape first .

He couldn’t help shouting, “I give up! I failed! Don’t kill me! ”

The pain on the back remained, but it seemed to be alleviated a lot in an instant .

Kunxie was careful . He said immediately: “I want to tell you something! It has something to do with Yan Wushi! Don’t you want to kill him by yourself? He despised you before!”

The sword light brushed through his hair and nailed it into the trunk in front of him . The sword cut the tree in two .

Kun Xie felt a pain in his ears and cheeks, presumably caused by the sword light . But if he didn’t say that just now, it must not be him that was cut off .

Exhausted, he stopped and turned to lean on the stone wall behind him . He could not care to wipe the blood, just lean on the ground with his broadsword . He breathed like a cow, and he could almost hear his heartbeat .

“I lost, you won!”

He never expected that Shen Qiao would develop a sword heart . At this time, he only felt that he had just escaped from death and was full of fear .

He also knew that Shen Qiao who kept the morals of martial arts in right mind would let him go once he surrendered to him .

Qi Fengge or Hu Lugu would do the same .

Kun Xie: “Have you heard of the Dragon Ceremony?”

Shen Qiao didn’t answer, apparently waiting for him to continue .

Kun Xie took a breath and said again: “There is a grand ceremony in Tu Gu Hun Wang Cheng Fu Yi City on the ninth day of September named the Dragon Ceremony . Every year, merchants from all over the world gathered here . There would be some rare treasures, which bought by those with highest prices . It is said that this year there would be one thing left by Yan Wushi’s mother . ”

Shen Qiao frowned slightly .

Kun Xie seemed to be aware of his doubts and said: “My Shixiong said, Yan Wushi’s old surname was Xie . It’s said that he was the offspring of Chen Jun . ”

The family started in the Wei-Jin period . At that time, it and Wang family were the world’s top family . The most famous person was Xie An . Time goes by, Xie family had gradually declined, but the skinny camel was bigger than the horse . This family still had a reputation in the southeast area .

And this fame has nothing to do Kong Fu field . It was purely on the court .

However, Shen Qiao said: “It must be very secret . You have been in the grasslands outside the Great Wall for a long time and have nothing to do with the Central Plains . How can you know this? Have you heard this news from someone else?”

Kun Xie said: “Yes, Yan Wushi has a lot of enemies . Everyone wants to kill them . On the ninth day of September, when the city is full of heroes, five experts will kill Yan Wushi together . Even though his martial arts are unparalleled, it’s hard for him to escape this time . Yan Wushi had flirted with you before . Are you willing to go there and witness his death?”

Suddenly Shen Qiao said, “I finally know . ”

Kun Xie: “What?”

Shen Qiao: “In the current world, only the Northern Zhou Dynasty is most likely to unify the world . Yu Wenyong, with state Chen to attack state Qi . State Qi is doom to be occupied . In this way, the next goal of the Northern Zhou Dynasty is either the Tujue or the state Chen . Huan Yue Sect helped Yu Wenyong . If you want to kill Yu Wenyong, you must kill Yan Wushi first . So you cooperate with Linchuan Xuegong to kill Yan Wushi . Linchuan Xuegong has a huge influence in the Southern Dynasty, so he can help you find out the identity of Yan Wushi . ”

Now, Kun Xie no longer concealed: “It’s generally the case, but it was not Linchuan Xuegong but Liu He Sect to help us found the identity of Yan Wushi . I have said it before that Yan Wushi had many enemies . That night in Chu Yun Temple, he destroyed Zhu Yang Ce in public . How can Dou Yanshan not hate him?”

Shen Ye: “Well, what about Linchuan Xuegong? Ruyan Kehui was determined to restore the orthodoxy of the Hans . He must be willing to help you ff you can kill Yan Wushi . In state Chen a few months ago, he fought with Yan Wushi because he wanted to test skills of him and to prepare for the siege on the ninth day of September . ”

Kun Xie: “Yes . ”

Shen Qiao: “But Ruyan Kehui was also injured in that battle . He would not be able to attend the ceremony on the ninth day of September . Who else is there except Dou Yanshan and Duan Wenyuan?”

Kun Xie: “Your Shidi Yu Ai . Guang Lingsan, the master of Fa Jing Sect . Xueting Chanshi, the former master of Northern Zhou Dynasty . ”

These names he said was shocking .

However, after careful consideration, it was indeed expected .

Yu Ai cooperated with the Tujue . When Duan Wenyuan invited him, he would be happy to help him . Three Magic Sect had conflicts with each other before . If they killed Yan Wushi, Huan Yue Sect would be disordered . He Huan Sect had internal conflicts . Fa Jing Sect would stand up, and Guang Lingsan would not stay out of this situation; Xueting Chanshi, who was Yu Wenhu’s teacher before . After Yu Wenyong took the position, the status of the Buddhism plummeted in Zhou . Obviously, Xueting Chanshi would join this battle .

To kill one with five was disgraceful to the masters, but if they could get great benefits from it, who will refuse?

Shen Qiao was silent for a moment and he said: “How do you know Yan Wushi will definitely go? Wouldn’t he know the news in advance?”

Kun Xie: “My Shixiong said that people like Yan Wushi would definitely go even if they knew it was a bureau because he believed too much in his ability and he was too proud . He is sure that he can leave calmly . Too proud to be defeated . Isn’t this what Central Plains people like to say?”

Shen Qiao fully understood, and he sighed, “Ruyan Kehui fought with Yan Wushi deliberately to reveal the defects in his martial arts . Guang Lingsan is one of evil sect, and he must know how to successfully kill Yan Wushi, so this time You are bound to get it .

Kun Xie: “Yes, I know you hate Yan Wushi very much . Even if you don’t participate in this grand event, how can you not watch it lively?”

However, when he smiled, he waved the Liu Sheng broadsword in his hand, and hacked at Shen Qiao!

He knew that Shen Qiao would be disturbed by this news, and it’s the best time to hit him .

In the future, this person would become a serious problem for himself and Tujue . He must kill him!

When he conceded, he had already made up his mind . At this time, he went all the way and used his whole strength to hit him .

To win, or to be killed!

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