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Published at 19th of December 2019 06:31:54 AM
Chapter 47.2
Chapter 47(part 2)
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Note: I have contacted Momoe Pom and decided to continue translating this novel . To be honest, Momoe translate much better than me, so I sincerely advise you guys to keep reading his works . However, if someone want to read through this novel more frequently and a little faster, you can choose to read my translation . So, have a good time!

Master’s eyes were red and his moves were full of murderous spirit .

But his sword light had not even broken through the bleak fan blade, it had been beaten back .

One didn’t notice that his wrist was cut a long way by the fan blade, and he could not help releasing his hand .

The sword felled with a clang .

Xiao Se took back the fan, hit the opponent’s chest with his elbow, grabbed him by the shoulder and dragged him forward while the temple leader was retreating, instantly sealed the three big acupoints on his chest, making him kneel on the ground and could not move .

“You see now, We didn’t resort to deceit you . Your apprentice is dead . You don’t want to end up like him, do you?” “What’s the charm of Shen Qiao? It’s worth your life to hide him like this?” He said with a smile .

The Taoist priest spat out a puff of blood to him: “Bah! What Shen Qiao or Zhang Qiao(means bridge), I said I don’t know, you don’t understand people’s words! “

Without a smile, Xiao Se took out a handkerchief from his sleeve and slowly wiped off the blood foam on his face . Suddenly, he abruptly cut off the left ear of the temple leader .

The master’s dumb acupoint was under control . He couldn’t even scream . He could only open his mouth and stare at him .

Xiao Se squatted down and looked at him at the same height: “You also realized the means of He Huan Sect, a Shen Qiao, is worth your life? Tell me where he is . I’ll let you live . It’s good for all of us . ”

It was a long time before he untied the dumb acupoint of the temple leader .

The temple leader was gasping for breath, and his ears were still bleeding . He was in a mess . It’s hard to see him .

“I said I don’t know Shen Qiao! “

Bai Rong suddenly smiled and said, “Xiao Shixiong, why do you have to talk superfluous words with him? Even if he wants to hide people, he has to hide them in this Taoist temple . Shall we look around?”

She said to Yan Shou, “Elder Yan doesn’t have to do it . I will go to find him with Xiao Shixiong . ”

Yan Shou didn’t speak or move, which meant that he acquiesced in her words .

Bai Rong first went into the room where the temple leader had just come out, and after a while came out: “I haven’t found any mechanism in it . I don’t think it’s possible for someone to hide there . ”

Xiao Se found several other places and found nothing .

This Taoist temple was dilapidated and ruined, but it had an advantage of large place . If someone was hidden in a hidden place, it might not be found for a while, let alone the old Taoist temple, which usually had an escape route .

Yan Shou was impatient for wasting his time: “I will give you half the time of incense . If you don’t talk about it, you will die . ”

The temple leader didn’t speak .

The time of half incense passed quickly, Bai Rong and Xiao Se came back one after another, saying that he had found nothing .

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Xiao Se glanced sideways at Bai Rong: “Bai Shimei, you went to find a lot of places just now . Did you see anything, but deliberately said you didn’t see it? I can remember that you seem to have friendship with Shen Qiao . ”

Bai Rong didn’t get angry but laughed: “Xiao Shixiong said this very strangely . What kind of friendship can I have with Shen Qiao? If fighting is friendship, isn’t Xiao Shixiong also having friendship with Shen Qiao? “

Xiao Se: “You…”

Yan Shou frowned: “Stop quarreling!”

He looked at the temple leader and said, “Do you say or not?”

The temple leader sneered: “You crazy beasts, don’t say I don’t know Shen Qiao . Even if I know, you have killed my apprentice and still treat me like this, I won’t tell you! You think that if you have high martial arts, you can do whatever you want…Bah! Kill me if you have the ability . One day, You will be punished… “

Before the word “punished” was finished, Yan Shou attacked him with his palm on the top of his head .

His skull was broken, and blood flowed down his head, through his eyes that staring at Yan Shou, and finally into his collar .

He turned over in his grave .

The corpses of the master and the apprentice were only a short distance away, but they could never be closer .

Yan Shou didn’t look at the corpse, but turned to Bai Rong: “You didn’t find anything just now?”

Under the sharp eyes of the other party, Bai Rong seemed not to be affected by anything, and she said with a smile: “If you really don’t find it, if you don’t believe it, let Elder Yan and Xiao Shixiong look for it? Maybe I missed it . “

In the cellar, the acupoints of Shen Qiao and Shi Wu had been unlocked, and the latter was full of tears and trembling .

Shen Qiao tightly covered his mouth and didn’t let him made a sound . Even though he was also in tears, he desperately pulled him to the back .

At first, Shi Wu struggled badly . Until the temple leader was killed, he seemed to lose his last strength and let Shen Qiao drag him away without resistance .

They bumped and fell all the way in the dark secret road . Shen Qiao was still seriously ill, and his meridians were not even recovered . He had to drag a Shi Wu that was not much lighter than himself . His bones were suffering . It was like being dragged by iron rope, step by step, as if he had used his whole life’s strength .

Didn’t know how long they had gone, might not long, but Shen Qiao felt like he had gone through half his life .

His hand trembled slightly . He opened the stone gate which had been sealed for many years, dragged out Shi Wu, found the mechanism in the hidden grass, and closed the stone gate from the outside as the temple leader had ordered .

In this way, even if Yan Shou and others found the secret path and traced it to the end, they couldn’t open the stone gate from inside .

Outside the secret road, they led to the foot of the other side of Bailong mountain . The time between them was enough for them to found a place to hide or escaped leisurely .

After all this, Shen Qiao let go of Shi Wu and coughed violently against the stone . He felt that he was in pain everywhere . As if he had just been tortured, he didn’t even have the strength to stand up . After spitting out some blood, he just felt that his stuffy chest was more comfortable .

Looking at Shi Wu again, he was still immersed in extreme sadness, curled up and hugged his knees, buried his face in it, crying and shaking all over .

Shen Qiao sighed and touched his head: “Sorry, but for me, brother Zhu and Chu Yi would not die miserably . Just think it’s for them . Let’s leave here now . When everything is safe, you can kill me and beat me . You can do whatever you want . “

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Shi Wu looked up in tears and said, “Master and Chu Yi, they will never live again, will they?”

Shen Qiao’s eyes were tearful, but he bit his teeth and didn’t let it fall down . His heart was stirred, and his throat was filled with a smell of sweetness .

“Yes, they can’t survive, but they want you to live well . If you are caught like this by those people, how can you be worthy of them?”

Shi Wu didn’t make any more noise, but wept silently . After a while, he staggered to his feet: “You are right! I want to live well . I can’t let master worry… Where are we going now? “

Shen Qiao took a deep breath and said in a hoarse voice, “Go east to Bi Xia Sect . I’ll take you back to sire bond . ”

He took out the things that the temple leader had just put into his arms . In fact, it was a small wooden card, with three characters of Bi Xia Sect engraved on one side and a “Zhu” written on the other side . I think it was the identity certificate of the temple leader in Bi Xia Sect .

After a while of caressing and Scrutinizing, he handed the wooden card to Shi Wu: “This is the relic left by your master . You should take good care of it . ”

Shi Wu looked treasured at it for a long time and then carefully put it into his arms . He touched it several times, as if he was afraid that if he didn’t pay attention, the wooden card would be lost .

Shen Qiao pulled him . They stepped across the grass with one deep foot and one shallow foot, and walked forward .

Shi Wu couldn’t help looking back .

Behind them, under the heavy cover of thick trees, the small exit stone gate was also blocked tightly, as if it had never appeared .

Once again, the tears of Shi Wu came down .

Shen Qiao held his hand tightly .


Bi Xia Sect was in Mount Tai, and Mount Tai was in Dongping county . If you went to Dongping County, you could go directly to Ji Zhou . But Shenqiao was afraid that the people of He Huan Sect would guess where they are going, so he took Shi Wu to Liang Zhou, Which was like taking a big detour and taking more than half the distance .

Shi Wu became silent . He was no longer shy and friendly . When he saw people, he didn’t talk much . Shen Qiao knew what was wrong with him, and he knew Chu Yi couldn’t be persuaded . He had to wait for him to figure it out by himself .

The temple leader hid some copper money in the cellar before, which was not much, but enough for them to live frugally all the way to Dongping county .

During the day, they hurried on with their journey and stayed in the city at night . If there were no city, they tried to find some lively towns, which was hermit in the city , but it was more difficult to find out if there were many people .

On this day, they went to XiYan Zhou, just in the evening . Shen Qiao found a Inn in the city and settled down . He shared a room with Shi Wu, gave up his bed to fifteen, and then he made a bed on the floor and practiced .

After reconstructing the foundation with Zhu Yang Ce, Shen Qiao seemed to entered a new world that had never been heard before .

The square inch world is very delicate . When the state of mind was extremely indifferent and empty, it was possible to have an understanding of the most magical and subtle beauty of nature .

The inborn vitality flowed through the damaged meridians with a little pain, but it seemed that it was growing newly . It seemed that the damaged meridians were slowly being repaired together .

This is the real mystery of Zhu Yang Ce .

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As you could see from the viscera, the morning light shone on the trees, and the bright moon shone into the room, full of verve and fragrance .

Juque, Zhongting, Huagai, Xuanji, the previously blocked or damaged meridians and acupoints had been reopened one by one, and the stuffy and dull pain that had been blocking the heart for a long time were also disappearing .

Shen Qiao’s eyes closed tightly, unaware that there was a pair of eyes peeping at him .

Shi Wu, who was supposed to be asleep, was wrapped in the quilt and pretended to sleep without moving, but his eyes opened a slit quietly .

He saw Shen Qiao who was very healthy, suddenly spit out a mouthful of blood, and his face changed greatly . He could not care about anything else . He lifted the quilt and got out of bed, and ran to Shen Qiao with several steps .

“How are you? Are you OK?”

Shen Qiao opened his eyes, shook his head and said with a smile, “It’s extravasated blood . It’s good to spit it out . ”

Shi Wu’s eyes were full of tears: “You don’t need to deceive me . I know you didn’t buy any medicine on the way, just to save money . When I saved you, you were obviously seriously injured as if you were going to die soon!”

Shen Qiao: “It’s really money saving not to buy medicine, but now I can use my Internal strength to recover slowly . It doesn’t matter whether I take medicine or not . ”

Shi Wu: “Really?”

Shen Qiao touched his head: “Really, I promised your master to take good care of you, so I won’t leave you behind . ”

Shi Wu suddenly hugged Shen Qiao and wailed: “I, I didn’t mean to ignore you, I just, just very sad!”

Shen Qiao had the impulse to cry: “I know . ”

He patted Shi Wu on the back: “I’m sorry . ”

Shi Wu shook his head: “Don’t say sorry, it’s not your fault . ”

Shen Qiao smiled bitterly: “Why is it not my fault? They came to hunt me down, but they’ve got you involved . “

Shi Wu: “They were so cruel . Even if you weren’t there, they would still kill if they thought that master hid you . Master saved you, just like I saved you, we didn’t blame you . Don’t blame yourself, OK? It’s the bad guys that deserve to be punished, not the good guys . “

Shen Qiao was sad and heartbroken . He said in his heart, brother Zhu, you in the spirit of the deceased and should be relieved to see Shi Wu so sensible and reasonable .

He asked Shi Wu, “Do you want to learn martial arts?”

Shi Wu nodded, “I want to learn martial arts well, and then revenge for master and Chu Yi . ”

Shen Qiao: “Before you go back to Bi Xia Sect, I’ll teach you the martial arts of Xuan Du Mountain on the way, OK?”

Shi Wu’s eyes brightened: “Xuan Du Mountain, the sect known as the the best in all the land?”

Shen Qiao nodded .

Shi Wu: “Shen, are you a disciple of Xuan Du mountain?”

Shen Qiao smiled: “Yes, my name is Shen Qiao, the sixth generation of chief Qi Fengge’s personal disciple in Xuan Du Mountain . ”

Shi Wu said, “Ah, I thought I heard your name from master before! Have you ever been a chief? “

Shen Qiao touched his head: “Yes, it’s hard to say . I won’t tell you for the time being . I came to Ye city this time to find the disciples of xuandu mountain in the north . Who knows…”

He paused for a moment, “Who knows to encounter sang Jingxing, later things you already know . ”

Shi Wu said in embarrassment, “But master said that martial arts are the secret of every sect . Unless you join that sect, you can’t learn them . I have promised master to go to Bi Xia Sect, so…”

Shen Qiao said with a smile: “The martial arts of Xuan Du Mountain and Bi Xia Sect are all learned by people . As long as the people who teach and learn do not have the prejudice of sects, why care about it? I only teach you martial arts . You don’t need formally acknowledge me . “

After that, he wrapped the black cloth layer by layer, took out the Shan He Tong Bei Sword, and remove the cloth layer by layer .

“Shan He Tong Bei Sword? ” Shi Wu read the seal script curiously .

“All things in the world have disasters . Mountains and rivers share sorrow . Grass and wood are spiritual . Heaven and earth are immortal . ”

Shen Qiao said leisurely, stroking the scabbard with his fingers, suddenly holding the hilt and pulling the sword out of the scabbard . He could not see how to move his wrists . In a twinkling, the room was full of light, as if there were light and shadow of the sword everywhere . Everywhere, there were kill intention . He felt like a crane flying high and a wild goose flying across the snow .

But for a moment, all the light disappeared .

The room was still that room, and the sword was still that sword . It seemed that it had never gone out of its sheath . The scene just happened was only the illusion of Shi Wu .

Shi Wu had been stunned there for a long time . He was so surprised that he couldn’t close his mouth and looked stunned .

Shen Qiao smiled at him and said, “Go and feel that dress . ”

The clothes were Shen Qiao’s own . Because of the rain when he came, he hung them on the wooden frame in the room .

As soon as Shi Wu’s fingers touched the clothes, he couldn’t help but “tut” .

The outer garment turned into several pieces and floated down .

In addition, everything else in the house was in good condition .

Shi Wu’s expression could be described as sluggish .

Shen Qiao: “How was it?”

Shi Wu: “Great, powerful…”

Shen Qiao chuckled: “I am asking if you would like to learn martial arts with me?”

Shi Wu nodded like a pestle: “Respected Teacher Shen, please accept Shi Wu’s worship!”

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