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Chapter 48.1
Chapter 48(part 1)
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“In the beginning, there are several sets of swordsmanship in Xuan Du Zifu . My master Qi Fengge thought that all Kong Fu in the world were essentially the same . Instead of practicing several kinds of swordsmanship, it was better to practice only one set of swordsmanship to the best . Therefore, He transformed the swordsmanship of previous generations into the last two sets . “

“One is Canglang Sword Tip, which is created by himself . He was inspired by the sunrise, sunset, sky and sea that he saw in the East Sea . This tip mixed up essence of previous swordsmanship of Xuan Du Mountain . It happens that we just pass the Yellow River today . The artistic conception of it was similar to the East Sea . I will practice it for you first, you don’t need to remember the moves, and just have a good understanding of the artistic conception . “

Shi Wu was serious, and he saluted by cupping one hand in the other before his chest and said: “Yes, Master Shen, I will try hard to feel it . ”

Shen Qiao smiled and drew his sword out of the sheath!

They stood nearby the river that had burst its banks last year, submerging the farmland on both sides of the bank . Almost all the villagers had moved out of here, leaving Yellow River to continue to run forward .

At this moment Shen Qiao was standing on a big rock, and beneath him was the rushing Yellow River, roaring as if to devour everything in the world .

Under the sun’s rays, the river was shining brightly . At first glance, Shen Qiao seemed to be weak and it was difficult for him to compete with heaven and earth . But when he pulled his sword out of the sheath, the sword was shining too, and the sword’s spirit was emerged . He was covered by the sword’s spirit, just like the fairy who would leave here by standing on the sword .

Shi Wu was totally stunned .

When he followed the temple master, the temple master also taught them Kong Fu, but the temple master’s own skills of Kong Fu was average, and it was difficult for him to describe what the advanced martial arts realm was . Shi Wu heard from the temple master that the true masters of Kong Fu could use their minds to affect the surroundings, including the grass and the trees .

Both Chu Yi and Shi Wu were attracted by his words . It would be nice if they could see such an expert in their lifetime .

Now the vision that he once dreamed of appeared in front of his eyes .

Shi Wu, who have just started on Kong Fu, could even feel the power of Shen Qiao’s move that connect with everything . It was an unforgettable picture that he couldn’t describe with his limited vocabulary .

Master, Chu Yi, did you see it?

Shi Wu’s eyes were full of tears, and there was even an urge to kneel and cry in his heart .

Not only Shi Wu but also Shen Qiao was in a state of indescribable mystery .

He could feel that his sword spirit and the river were related to each other . The sword spirit walk along the limbs and bones, and then came out from the Shan He Tong Bei Sword in his hands . His heart moved with the artistic conception, and the sword moved with his heart . The tangible sword was transformed into a white rainbow, passing through the vapor . Wherever the sword spirit came, bringing a sudden blast of river water, spectacular and beautiful, with water drops splashing and shining seven colors of light .

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Shen Qiao’s sword trembled, and the man jumped abruptly from the stone without warning . Shi Wu was surprised and shouted, then he ran to the side of river in a few steps . However, he saw that Shen Qiao fell in the turbulent river . At the same time, the sword in his hand never stopped . He walked quickly and slightly, and he felt at ease, as if walking in a court .

He never stayed for anyone . The Yellow River ran under his feet, which was anxious to swallow everything, turning to be gentle as moonlight, and just let him alone .

It was not spring now, but he made it spring .

The flowing water was insensate, but the sword was sentimental .

He used the sentimental sword to control the insensate water, and he was alone before the trails and hardships .

The light of the sword gathered all the best views .

After finished a set of swordsmanship, Shen Qiao back to the shore . He squinted his eyes and looked back . His sight was still not very good, perhaps because the poison had stayed in his body too long and deep . Even if the roots of his body were rebuilt, his sight could not recovered to the stage before .

It doesn’t matter, because when he performed his swordsmanship, he used his own perception of the surroundings and maintained the connection with the surroundings with swordsmanship, so he stopped at a specific place, and he was affected by the harm of vision . This can also be regarded as a blessing in disguise .

Shi Wu said nervously, “Master Shen, can I reach the state like yours in the future?”

Shen Qiao touched his head and said with a smile, “Of course, there are three thousand ways in the world, and everyone’s way is different . As long as you study hard, you will certainly be able to achieve it in the future . ”

Shi Wu smiled .

This was the first smile of him since he left Bai Long Temple .

Shen Qiao squatted down and stared up at him: “I know you have not forgotten the death of Your Master, I have not forgotten either, we keep it in our minds . But your Master must hope you to be happy . Promise me that after we pass the Yellow River, we will throw away all the sadness and go forward happily, okay? “

When heard of Master, Shi Wu’s eyes were a little bit wet again, but he nodded quickly: “Okay, I will live well and practice hard . Being a good person will not disappoint Master and you . “

Shen Qiao said nothing, only held him tightly for a while, and then held his hand to walk forward along the river .

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And the Yellow River was still rolling forward .

The two walked slowly, and it took several months for them to get the foot of Mount Tai .

Mount Tai has more than 100 peaks . Bi Xia Sect was not on the top of the peaks where ancient emperors buried, but on the top of unknown Zhu Nan peak .

The Zhu Nan peak was not high, but its location was unique . The mountains are surrounded by strange stones and the clear stream . Because of the dangerous terrain, there are few tourists and cowards . The two settle down at the foot of the mountain and start climbing .

Shi Wu was a bit nervous . When Shen Qiao led him to climb up, he asked: “Master Shen, do you know what kind of school Bi Xia Sect is?”

Shen Qiao said with a smile: “Bi Xia Sect was founded in the Han Dynasty, and now the leader of it was Zhao Chiying, who is also one of the top ten masters in the world . Brother Zhu said that Master Zhao was his nephew, so in terms of seniority, you should be Master Zhao’s peers . “

Shi Wu grabbed his corner of clothing, not out of fear of falling down . In the past few months, he followed Shen Qiao to practice sword training and he had made rapid progress . He had been familiar with the Xuan Du Mountain’s dodge “Tiankuo Hongying” .

“Will you leave when you send me to Bi Xia Sect?”

“Don’t you want me to go?” Shen Qiao teased him intentionally .

Shi Wu was a little embarrassed, and smiled lightly .

After the death of the temple master and Chu Yi, Shen Qiao took good care of him all the way . He was like his father . Shi Wu regarded him as the only family member and was deeply dependent on him . Now Bi Xia Sect was in front of him, and master’s hope will soon come true, but they were very likely to be separated . He was not happy at all .

Shen Qiao: “Relax, I won’t leave immediately after I arrive, just look at it first . ”

He didn’t tell Shi Wu that although Bi Xia Sect was a great school before, it has declined badly in recent years . It was only because of a talent Zhao Chiying that boosted its reputation . But one people was not enough to rebuilt a school . Even Zhao Chiying was powerful, and it is a bit difficult for him to do this . It’s said that in recent years, Zhao Chiying has been practicing in seclusion . It was his senior brother Yue Kunchi that was in charge of the school affairs . There must be a reason for Zhu Lengquan to leave the school, and this reason will not be pleasant . He didn’t know what they will do when they see Shi Wu . If they don’t like the Shi Wu, he couldn’t leave him here .

Shi Wu didn’t know what Shen Qiao was thinking, and he was anxious . He was worried that the people in Bi Xia Sect were difficult to get along with, and he also worried about that he would be separated from Shen Qiao soon .

The two quickly climbed to the middle of the mountain, and Shen Qiao found something wrong .

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Generally, if the school was on the mountain, there must be some guards on the foot of the mountain or the middle of the mountain .

But now, they saw nobody when they nearly to get the destination . It is very abnormal .

Shi Wu also noticed it . His hands moved out from Shen Qiao’s clothes . He didn’t want to became a burden .

“Master Shen, look!”

Shen Qiao’s sight was not good, but Shi Wu found the broken sword in the grass beside the stone road, so he bent over, and picked it up for him .

Shen Qiao touched the rupture of the broken sword . It was obviously that the sword was broken with excessive force . At this time there was no corpse, and they don’t know whether the master of the sword fell off the cliff or has escaped .

“Be careful, maybe there is still weapons above, follow me . ”

Sure enough, the more they go up, the more weapons there were, and there were corpses one after another . They can’t tell whether they are Bi Xia Sect’s disciples or someone else .

A voice sounded behind them: “Who, stand still!”

The words was not finished, and a sword had flew towards the back of Shi Wu .

Shen Qiao heard the movement, his expression remained unchanged . He held Shi Wu and turned around, the two of them changed their positions in a blink of an eye, and he himself faced the sword .

Shan He Tong Bei Sword was not even out of scabbard . He patted the sword and the sword was deviated . At the time of his sleeves rolled and down, he held the wrist of him .

“Taoist priest Shen?” The man snorted .

“Who are you?” Shen Qiao squinted and could only see a shadowy figure in front of him .

“I am Fan Yuanbai, one member of Bi Xia Sect, we have met in Su House,” the other said .

Shen Qiao thought for a while, and finally he thought of him . On the day he went to the birthday feast of Mrs . Qin in Su house on behalf of Yan Wushi, and it seemed that he had met the disciples of mountain Tai Bi Xia Sect .

Fan Yuanbai: “Why Taoist priest Shen is here?”

His tone was full of anxiety, but he was still able to held on to asked him politely . First, Fan Yuanbai had a good temper, and second, Shen Qiao’s performance against Duan Wenyuan that day convinced many people, including him .

Shen Qiao briefly explained the relationship between Shi Wu and Bi Xia Sect, and asked Shi Wu to show a wooden sign as proof .

Fan Yuanbai took the wooden sign and looked at it for a moment: “I did hear the name of Uncle Zhu, but I didn’t know the story . In this case, you two can go with me, and I would like to tell the thing to the master . ”

Shen Qiao said: “Thank you, just now we find the broken sword and corpse along the way . Do you know what happened on the mountain?”

Fan Yuanbai smiled bitterly: “It’s a coincidence that I went home to visit my relatives for more than half a year . Today I went back to here . When I got the foot of the mountain, I found something wrong . The disciples who originally arranged for the rotation there were disappeared . I was frightened and just met you two . I thought … “

He thought they were enemies not friends .

Shen Qiao: “In this case, let’s hurry up to go up the mountain to find out . If there is nothing wrong, we would be assured . ”

Fan Yuanbai nodded and he went up the mountain with Shen Qiao and Shi Wu .

The more they went up, the more nervous they became . There are more and more swords and corpses in the road . At first, Fan Yuanbai was calm and able to bend over to look at the corpses to see if there was people alive . Now his face was pale and couldn’t speak a word .

Through Fan Yuanbai’s explanation, Shen Qiao knew that there were disciples of Bi Xia Sect in these corpses, and they accounted for the majority . The other corpses were unknown . From the weapons, the other side also used a sword, with two words on it: “Dongzhou” .

Shi Wu asked out of curiosity: “What kind of school is Dongzhou?”

He thought he was ignorant that he didn’t know what to say, but he did not expect that Fan Yuanbai frowned and said nothing .

Shen Qiao said: “The Central Plains does not have the Dongzhou school, but Goguryeo has one . ”

Fan Yuanbai said: “Yes, this school is called the No . 1 school in Goguryeo, and I have heard of it, but Goguryeo is a foreign country . It has no relationship with Bi Xia Sect, how could they appear here?”

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