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Mo Si looked at that rare expression of anxiety his young master displayed before looking at Huan Qing Yan who lied on his thighs, she looked like she's resting? Being his young master's woman, he dare not linger his gaze…

Mo Si retracted his gaze, "Young Master please be assured, with the great reputation  like Du Jing City's auction house, they would never dare to sell fake items…"

Ji Mo Ya squinted his eyes at him for a moment, his gaze was filled with icy intent.

Mo Si immediately reacted, "Yes Young Master, this subordinate shall investigate immediately. If it is found what they offer are fake goods, Mo Si would bring in the head of the seller in a bag and present it to you. If it is real, this subordinate will ask if they still possess anymore, if they have more, I will rob them of it. What do Young Master think about this?"

Ji Mo Ya replied with his clear voice, "That is a pretty good idea, proceed."

Mo Si nearly slipped and fell on the spot.

He possesses the parrot spirit treasure, so the words he used should not be taken too seriously; didn't the young master know? Yet he still took him seriously and say it's a good idea! What to do!

However, Mo Si was still rather happy as his idea had received the recognition of the Young Master, and that filled him with gusto.

"Yes, this subordinate will proceed immediately."

Ji Mo Clan.

After a set of cultivation techniques practice, Madam Ru received a report from a serving girl.

"Madam, we have investigated the background of that foolish girl."

"Speak." Madam Ru opened her eyes that were filled with domineering power.

She, Mu Rong Ru, has been blessed by the heavens with outstanding talents since young. This led to the development a proud attitude and when she was young, she would often disguised herself as a man and travelled to the corners of the continent. Only until she met Ji Mo Ya's father, Ji Mo Wu Hui, did she change to female clothes.

Her years of travel and experience had created a character that could not lose to men, a typical example of a strong and independent woman.

"She is a young lady from a fallen house of Hanging Cloud Empire, her name is called Huan Qing Yan. Her father had passed away, leaving behind his widow and younger brother. Her father was a spirit chef when alive and passed on his skills to her, she is now already an Intermediate Spirit Chef while her spirit treasure possessed Goose Egg Star Talent. Young Master selected her as his spirit chef when he was visiting Hanging Cloud Empire during his travels…"

The serving girl reported every single detail.

These were results that was obtained from a few days of investigation.

Madam Ru's exquisite face displayed her unhappiness, "So he did not want Xin Ruo because he has someone in his heart already."

Her voice was plain and cold.

Mu Rong Xin Ruo stood beside her and carried a basin of water for Madam Ru to use when she wanted to, therefore she was able to clearly hear everything that was reported as well. Her face paled as she bit her lips and lowered her head as much as possible.

"Since cousin like this Lady Huan, then she must be very wonderful, her star talent is high and is also a spirit chef…"

Madam Ru was extremely frustrated at how meek this niece of hers was, "The women of our Mu Rong Clan can even win the men, yet how did we have such a weak-willed descendant like you!"

Her tone was extremely harsh, causing Mu Rong Xin Ruo to shrink her body uncontrollably.

This reaction only further amplified Madam Ru's anger, and after a sudden flash of thought, she simply waved her hand, "So be it, this is just another concubine to be; since he got one by himself, with the first there will surely come a second. All of you can leave, remember to get our men to watch over the situation closely and to report immediately if they noticed anything strange."

"Yes madam."

Number Eight Private Room of Du Jing City's Auction House.

Immediately after the psyched-up Mo Si had departed, Ji Mo Ya sensed a faint movement on his thighs.

Huan Qing Yan had opened her charming phoenix eyes and looked at him directly with her clear and lively eyes; in her gaze there was also a hint of innocent probing.

"Yan Lass?" Ji Mo Ya was startled for a moment before his starry eyes filled with a sense of joy.

The Huan Qing Yan on his legs not only looked at him, she even stretched her hands and caressed Ji Mo Ya's face; with a dreamy look she said in a tender voice, "Uncle, you are really good looking."

Uncle? What the heck?

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