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Ji Mo Ya placed the Five Star Treasure Vine on his palm and covered it with his other palm before gently rubbing it between them.

When he moved a hand away, only a pile of brown powder remained.

He poured the brown powder into a teacup that he had prepared earlier. Next, a miniature dragon flew out of his wrist and circled over the top of the cup before a jet of water was released into the teacup…

This should be the… spirit water.

Ji Mo Ya pointed a finger towards the cup and made a stirring action; the water within the teacup started to swirl and became a whirlpool made of brownish clear liquid.

The whirlpool was like a brown hole that seemed to have the ability to suck in a person's soul.

As the brown liquid swirled, five stars could be vaguely seen within it as well …

Ji Mo Ya took a whiff of it and felt an exceptionally comfortable sensation coursing through his body, one that made him feel exceptionally at peace. Ji Mo Ya then took a small sip to taste it; other than a trace of smoothness and bitterness, he detected no other taste.

It seemed to be ready.

"Little One, open your mouth." and he lifted the teacup to her mouth.

Huan Qing Yan remained blank and motionless.

Ji Mo Ya lightly squeezed her cheeks to open her mouth to feed her and when the liquid wetted her lips, she reacted as though she had discovered something delicious and ravenously drank everything in continuous gulps.

When she was done drinking, Ji Mo Ya looked at her; nervousness could be detected within his gaze.

It was after all his first time dealing with this sort of thing, thus he was unable to determine what would be the outcome.

There was no change in the dull expression of Huan Qing Yan, however after a while her skin started to flush red while beads of sweat started to form on her forehead. A weird cracking sound could be heard coming from her mouth that sounded both painful and comfortable at once and in the next moment, her eyes twitched as she gently fainted.

Ji Mo Ya was already prepared as he stretched out his hand to catch her; when he checked her pulse he noticed that it was beating erratically.

These reactions were all within his expectation; as her soul was badly damaged, her body would be unable to stand the powerful restoration effect and that caused her to faint.

If everything goes as planned, when she awakens next, her personality should have recovered slightly.

Ji Mo Ya placed her on the table with his thigh as pillow for her; he shifted his gaze towards the auction process outside with a calm expression. Although his eyes looked impassive, the irregular rhythm of his hand that gently patted Huan Qing Yan's shoulders betrayed his real feelings.

He was nervous and on his palm fine sweat formed .

The auction outside was still bustling with vigorous activity…

There were all sorts of rare precious materials, magical equipment of various ranks and types, but the most common in that auction were spirit plants of all sorts and animals that possessed high spirit energy as well as fresh spirit dishes. As buying spirit ingredients meant that they would have to hire spirit chefs, purchasing spirit dishes to be eaten on the spot was a convenient option for many.

And the spirit dishes which sold for the highest were those that could boost attributes.

There were also medicinal food recipes for sale as well but they were a minority, these items were even more rare and expensive than spirit ingredients.

It was the first time Ji Mo Ya ever felt that time moved slowly, three items has been auctioned off yet there were no signs of Huan Qing Yan waking up.

Ji Mo Ya was unable to endure any longer.

He wanted to try using the secret soul technique thought by Elder Snow to investigate and find out what happened. Yet he was worried that if he used the technique too many times, it would cause an adverse reaction in Huan Qing Yan; even though his intentions were good, it was still a form of soul attack.

If he were to enter her consciousness during this crucial period, it might worsen her situation and made all his efforts turned to waste.

While Ji Mo Ya was beginning to feel frustrated, he summoned Mo Si who was next door.

"Go investigate the origins of the Five Star Treasure Vine, check if it has any problems or not."

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