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Chapter 435
Chapter 435 – I’ll Use This Life To Repay This Sinful Debt To You…


Ji Mo Ya pushed away Bai Chen Feng bluntly and retrieved Huan Qing Yan from his arms.

Due to his unchecked strength Bai Cheng Feng was hurt during the exchange with Jin Da Zhong, Bai Cheng Feng took several steps back after being pushed before he managed to stabilize himself.

Only after he could hold his ground did he realized that Ji Mo Ya was inspecting Huan Qing Yan’s condition.

The chamber had been shredded into pieces due to the battle, but the fight managed to not reach her. She looked fine, however the sight of her dull eyes and the silly expression on her face induced  heartache.

Ji Mo Ya gazed at her gently, it was as though he was peering into the depths of her heart.

After a few moments,

Ji Mo Ya made a lengthy sigh, “Little One, this young master was merely gone for a while and you had caused so much to happen to yourself.”

Huan Qing Yan turned her head, it was as if she found voice familiar and  her beautiful face smiled widely but without warning tears also fell from the corner of her eyes.

Ji Mo Ya could not borne to look at it any longer, he carefully cradled her in his arms as if she was a long lost treasure. Huan Qing Yan tried to resist demurely but Ji Mo Ya patted her shoulders and used his magnetic voice, “It’s fine now, don’t be afraid, I have returned.”

Bai Chen Feng felt a bloody spit welling up in his throat, “Young Master Ya…”

Ji Mo Ya coldly looked at him and with an even colder voice, “Bai Chen

Chen Feng, from today onwards, you no longer have the qualifications to be near her. This young master gave you my blessings and handed her off to you, yet where were you? Is that how you protect her! Are you still a man?”

Bai Chen Feng felt as though his cheeks had been slapped several times and they were burning; these words had directly pierced his heart.

Initially he had already been blaming himself, feeling regrets regarding his lack of strength. Now that Ji Mo Ya fact-slapped him bluntly to his face, his pride as a man was brought down to an all-time low.

Bai Chen Feng suppressed all the unhappiness, melancholy and anger under his heart.

“I will definitely surpass you! The person that Little Yan likes is me…”

Ji Mo Ya arrogantly gave him a cold side glance and hugged Huan Qing Yan somewhat tighter.


somewhat tighter.

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Abruptly, the tearing Huan Qing Yan started smelling Ji Mo Ya’s body, with her actions looking exceptionally amorous, it gaeve off a snse of exceptionally close intimacy. Her eyes remained dulled, yet desire seemed to be emerging within it now…

When Bai Chen Feng saw this scene, he unconsciously tightened his fist.

The same dull and silly state, yet Little Yan show more more intimacy with Young Master Ya, that was enough to demonstrate everything clearly.

He leaned against a wall, disappointed and unable to speak, and for that moment all he felt was immeasurable rage…

Ji Mo Ya choosed not to exert his dominance over Bai Chen Feng further, he relaxed his grip on Huan Qing Yan slightly and gently said, “Be nice, don’t cause a ruckus. Wait for this young master to deal with the two scums the two scums first.”

Huan Qing Yan frowned to display discontentment, she displayed a fierce look while protested to Ji Mo Ya, “Eat, eat, eat…”

Ji Mo Ya sighed another breath of relief, she still understood waiting and it meant that her remnant instincts and conscious was still present thus it was not the worst case scenario.

Only heaven would know of the number of times his heart tightened whenever he had a glimpse of her state while rushing over… He was already very satisfied to be able to obtain the current her. As long as there was a chance to save her, everything else was fine, this was the heaven giving him a chance to make amends.

“Yan Lass, this young master must have been in your debt in my previous life, I will use this life to repay the debt owed to you…”

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