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Huan Qing Yan continued her silly laughter, on her face were traces of lingering tears …

Huan Meng Yue could no longer be bothered about her envy and jealousy that was filled to the brim, she needed to quickly escape and survive.

This fat teacher of hers was just too lousy!

Ji Mo Ya and Jin Da Zhong were both Mystic Spirit Masters, and Jin Da Zhong was even reached the later stages, yet he was unable to defeat Ji Mo Ya; no wonder Ji Mo Ya was considered the genius of humanity.

Now was not the time to think about this, she must use the opportunity when they were engaged in a conversation to sneak out and leave this place.

Just as she reached the door,  with the outside already surrounded by Feather Guards she had no way out, she was roughly dragged by two Feather Guards and thrown in front of Ji Mo Ya.

After witnessing so many things so far, how could Jin Da Zhong not understood his current situation?

Seeing how Ji Mo Ya treated that silly girl so preciously, he understood that today would bode ill for him.

Ji Mo Ya was the young master of the Ji Mo Clan and as Ji Mo Clan was a powerhouse of humanity, even the Holy Court have to be considerate about them.

He was only a small insignificant teacher of Surging Wave Academia, no matter how big his backing was, he could never afford to offend Ji Mo Ya.

His face was filled with fear and resentment, he glared at Huan Meng Yue who caused this situation to happen. She had said that Huan Qing Yan was a discarded plaything of Ji Mo Ya which granteed him the guts to deal with her…

How was this the treatment for a discarded plaything? Anyone could see how dearly and precious he treasured her. Today, it would be the end of him.

With no way out of this, he decided to shout out loud, "Someone, Young Master Ya is murdering people! Help!"

Young Master Ya's arrival would definitely attract the attention of the higher echelons of Surging Wave Academia.

Young Master Ya's whereabouts had always been the focus of attention of the various Hall Masters, they would likely be on their way here right now.

He would surely receive punishment if he fell into the hands of the Headmaster. But he believed the Headmaster would spare his life due to the various merits he had contributed to the academia.

As long as he doesn't die, there would still be hope.

However, if he was to fall into the hands of Young Master Ya, he believed even his bones would be grinded into dust.

After shouting for help, he also kept pleading, "Young Master Ya, this is all a misunderstanding… I did not know the relationship between you and her…"

Ji Mo Ya pointed his finger and the Cosmos Brush on his shoulder trembled greatly, Jin Da Zhong screamed in pain; yet the pain was not extreme enough to faint.

Ji Mo Ya's gaze was dulled, yet contained a cold murderous intent; it felt like  snakes and scorpions were crawling all over Jin Da Zhong's body, cold and venomous.

"Misunderstanding? Your disciple Huan Meng Yue must have told you before, that this girl was the spirit chef of Ji Mo Ya of the Ji Mo Clan. She has stayed with Ji Mo Ya before and was Ji Mo Ya's old flame and was said to have adored her deeply… this was the original words, right?"

"You, how did you know?" Jin Da Zhong reacted as though he had seen a ghost, "Did you place your divine sense inside her magic equipment? That cannot be, she shouldn't have any magic equipment…"

Ji Mo Ya gently looked at Huan Qing Yan, this lass was pretty good, she had kept the Phoenix Feather Bell within her storage ring without taking it out, therefore no one knew about its existence. Wearing the Phoenix Feather Bell outside was indeed a bit eye-catching; he did not caution her because he felt that since he was monitoring, it would be fine even if she did wear it.

Previously, when he had walked away, he did not know if it was forgotten due to rage or because he subconsciously did not wanted to break the bond but he did not retrieve the Phoenix Feather Bell back from her.

It was fortunate that she never thought to show off the Phoenix Feather Bell, if not, her life would have been forfeited a long time ago.

"Jin Da Zhong, Huan Meng Yue, make your last choice of this life! The Ten Great Tortures, choose how you want to die!"

Both of their faces turned ashen.

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