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"Huan Qing Yan, are you willing to die with me?"

"Continue, this Young Master can continue be unconscious for a while longer."

"So Young Master Ya likes me since then, I was a 150-kilo fatty yet you still like me, what a heavy taste you have."

"Do you know what this Young Master like the most about you?"


"That impenetrable thick facial skin of yours… has utterly subdued this Young Master."

Goodbye, Young Master Ya!

We are not destined in the end after all.

Huan Qing Yan completely lose consciousnesses…

Within a deep mountain cave, Ji Mo Ya suddenly felt a sharp pain coming from his heart, causing him to open his eyes.

He seemed to have heard a voice saying, "Goodbye, Young Master Ya…"

Was it a hallucination?

He had declared that he would never think about her nor cared about her!

Yet, he still heard her voice, causing him to smile bitterly.

He forced himself to calm down and tried to toss away the thoughts of her.

However, the attempt was useless.

That painful feeling slowly spreaded out from the bottom of his heart.

It was an uncontrollable feeling that felt like his heart was being dug out.

Ji Mo Ya threw a heavy punch towards the wall of the cave, causing dust and sand to fall as the whole cavern trembled…

His expression was complicated; an indescribable mixture of struggle, pain, sorrow, coldness, gentleness.

In the end, Ji Mo Ya seemed to have finally convinced himself with much effort, "Just one glance, one final look…"

He had left a tendril of his spirit sense within the storage ring he gave her, allowing him to detect her location if she came within a certain range. Later on when he became a Mystic Spirit Master and developed divine sense, he placed a tendril of his divine sense within the Phoenix Feather Bell, allowing him to connect and see her surroundings whenever he wants.

Ji Mo Ya connected to the Phoenix Feather Bell.

It was fine when he did not check, but when he did, he immediately froze!

What happened to this girl?

It has only been a short few months, why was she locked up in a dark prison? And why did her current expression looked like something turned awry?

Did someone bully her? Who dares?

Ji Mo Ya's expression darkened, he felt his blood pressure dropping but he forcefully endured his aching heart and continued to look…

A festive mood covered the entire Hanging Cloud Empire.

On the streets of the capital, Bai Chen Feng was in a luxurious attire while standing on a huge golden chariot as he paraded through the streets.

The chariot was exceptionally wide and was furnished with all sorts of jewels and treasures.

The streets were filled with the cheers of people while highly hoisted banners flapped in the air.

The palace guards in silver gears were standing proudly in attention along the side of the streets, forming a formidable image, while the various officials of the empire were slowly following the chariot from behind as it travelled.

After the parade through the streets, a series of formalities and ceremonies were being performed one after the other.

Bai Chen Feng seems to be preoccupied during the process, he couldn't help but think of Huan Qing Yan and wonder what was her current situation.

"Lord Father, once the ceremony is completed, this son would like to return to the academia."

Bai Jing Hua was rather startled by the request but considered that it was a good thing that the Crown Prince was hoping to improve himself, he did not try to hold him back.

"If that's the case, then go ahead."

Within the Cliff of Reflection, Huan Qing Yan pulled back her mouth, laughing foolishly with a blank expression.

No matter how Elder Snow called out to her, "Lassie, hey! What happened to you? Hey?"

Huan Qing Yan continued to laugh foolishly.

She looked at Jin Da Zhong and laughed, she looked at Huan Meng Yue and laughed, and as she laughed, she would pick up stones on the floor and threw it at them…

While mumbling, "Kill you, kill you, get out, get out!"; it was what was left of the reincarnated girl's intent.

Alternatively, she would smile, "Goodbye, goodbye…"; it was what was left of Huan Qing Yan's intent.

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