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The battle has caused both souls to become badly damaged with only a shred of their will remaining.

This was their strongest obsession that was located within the deepest depth of their hearts, their body was currently being controlled instinctively by these remnant wills, to put it simply, she has turned into a deranged person…

Elder Snow roared in rage, "Jin Da Zhong, did you use Soul Search on her?"

Jin Da Zhong was trembling in cold sweat due to the roar, "No I did not Elder Snow, a person will become a vegetable after a Soul Search was performed on them, yet she is still able to smile and perform attacks. Please verify these yourself…"

Jin Da Zhong was also stunned, he had not even gotten anything out of her and yet this girl had gone crazy already.

He had only just started using Soul Search, under normal circumstances, this situation should not have happened!

Where did everything went wrong?

He was exceptionally unhappy with the current results, it looks like he would not be able to get anything out from her…

However, he was still unwilling to give up.

Huan Meng Yue hid behind Jin Da Zhong with a fearful expression, "Master, this is how some of those demonized people react. The demonic soul hiding within her must be coming out, this disciple is very scared!"

Jin Da Zhong acted along with her, "Indeed, that must be a sign of demonizing, there is a demonic aura coming from her! Elder Snow, the Surging Wave Academia have been investigating all incidents regarding demon men, we cannot allow any to escape. It will be best if you do not get involved in this matter, we will be bringing her with us to seek treatment."

Huan Qing Yan was smiling coquettishly, her current appearance was suddenly filled with boundless allure.

This caused Jin Da Zhong to be dumbstruck for a moment, when suddenly, Huan Qing Yan picked up a stone from the floor and threw it at him, "Kill you, kill you, kill you, go away…"

It hitted his bald head with a loud thud!

Leading to a bump to grow on his head.

As Elder Snow was still present, Jin Da Zhong could only grit his teeth and not react to her attack.

Elder Snow sighed when he saw her actions, suddenly seeing a nice lass like her turning into this state has left him very confused as well.

A pity that such a good seedling of humanity had become like this.

"Why did she turn into a demon man?"

Jin Da Zhong quickly said, "It's like this, a forbidden spell called Plate Spirit Calling has been spreading within out academia for some time…"

And started explaining the incidents that have been happening recently.

"You are saying that this lass here had used the forbidden spell?"

"Yes, not only did she use the forbidden spell, she had also trespassed into the forbidden grounds of the Tyrant King Lizard Nest, she looked fine when we found her, only now did she turn mad. For the demon soul to be hibernating within her for so long, it will likely make treatment hard. Elder Snow, as you know, matters regarding the demon souls invading the body must be treated as soon as possible…"

Elder Snow was still unable to feel reassured, "How can I be sure that you will do this properly, you are not someone from Zero Light Hall after all?"

Jin Da Zhong took out a pair of tokens, "Elder Snow, this is the tokens that gave us the authority to enter the Cliff of Reflection, although this junior is not a member of Zero Light Hall, but my Hidden Origin Hall is in charge of providing treatment to those who have demonized. We must bring her away to receive treatment as soon as possible, as senior had witnessed, the reason I used force on her was because she had tried to resist earlier, that was also the moment when Elder Snow you arrived."

This was an answer that revealed no flaws that had caused Elder Snow to drop his guard, "So be it, quickly bring her away to receive treatment! This old man will be monitoring her situation…"

"Okay, Elder Snow."

Under the attentive gaze of Elder Snow, Jin Da Zhong and Huan Meng Yue each took a side and dragged Huan Qing Yan away by the arms and left the Cliff of Reflection.

Mo Si detected the anomaly from within the cave, as the entire mountain cave started shaking badly. On one hand, Mo Si was considering whether if he should enter to inquire with his Young Master but on the other, he was worried about disturbing his Young Master's closed-door healing process.

When he finally stopped himself from going in.

The tremor from within the cave also stopped, allowing Mo Si to finally feel at ease.

When he heard the cold firm voice of his Young Master, "Mo Si, to Surging Wave Academia."

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