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Why on earth would a person stab their heart for no reason?

Wu Cang Hai was a wise old man who has experienced many things throughout his long life. He immediately understood that it was a difficult topic that Ji Mo Ya did not wish to talk about.

"The Holy Court sent a message to me. According to it, you were ambushed by two Demon Kings and were heavily injured and require recuperation. This old man haS specially made arrangements for you to heal and recuperate in an area near the spirit spring. Now you possess new injures on top of your old ones. No matter how strong that young body of yours is, you must stop fooling around, do you want this old man to take a look at your condition?"

"Thank you, Headmaster. But there is no need."

Wu Cang Hai continued, "You emerged from the sealed grounds of the Tyrant King Lizard earlier on, right? Did anything happen inside?"

Since the very beginning, the Tyrant King Lizard's seal had always been strengthened with the assistance of the Ji Mo Clan. Ji Mo Ya possessed the authority to enter the sealed grounds of the Tyrant King Lizard without requiring permission.

The Tyrant King Lizard was an ancient greater demon that possessed the unique attribute   regeneration, it couldn't be easily be killed; even if killed it would revive itself. Therefore, it was decided that they would seal it under the watch of Surging Wave Academia, where they would strengthen and maintain the seal once every hundred and ten years.

Ji Mo Ya replied, "It's no matter. However, I've heard that there were incidents of our students demonizing. Did you manage to find out the cause?"

"Someone unknown started spreading a forbidden spell for calling plate spirits to the students. Some of them were unable to resist the allure and used it, in turn summoning the various demon souls that were sealed underneath our Surging Wave Academia. We are still performing investigations."

"So that's the case, it's a pity that my body's currently injured and unable to aid the headmaster. This junior shall return to recuperate first." Ji Mo Ya nodded with an expression as pale as snow.

"No worries, you should properly recuperate. The people below have prepared a place near the Spirit Springwater Treatment, why not just stay and…" Wu Cang Hai sincerely invited.

Ji Mo Ya was the most important individual in the younger generation. Due to his dragon spirit treasure, he would often come to Surging Wave Sea to train and was thus given an honorary title of Vice Headmaster within the academia. He would occasionally give lessons to the students and was undoubtedly the most popular person within it.

Wu Cang Hai naturally welcomed him with great joy. If Ji Mo Ya's dragon spirit were to summon spirit rain whilst he was in the academia, a large number of the academia's students would breakthrough their bottlenecks and rank up…

"Headmaster, there's no need for you to worry about the cave of the Tyrant King Lizard, it's not a serious matter. In addition, those two individuals have some relation with this young master. I hope the Headmaster would not probe further into it. This junior is rather tired, I bid you farewell here." Ji Mo Ya tactfully declined.

It was also natural for Wu Cang Hai to notice the other two people, he had planned to ask Young Master Ya about them, but before he could do so, this little fella spoke about it first. It was not appropriate for him to continue probing for an answer now due to courtesy.

There was also no need to forcefully ask him to stay, every cultivator lives doing whatever their hearts desires.

"Alright then, bon voyage. I hope you recover quickly."

Just as the Flowing Cloud Flying Carriage was about to set off, Ji Mo Ya noticed that Huan Qing Yan had finally been rescued by the teachers.

He unconsciously breathed a sigh of relief.

As the Flowing Cloud Flying Carriage flew away, Mo Si said, "Young Master, you are too benevolent. That little fat girl has betrayed you, you should kill her with one strike to dissolve your hatred. If you are unable to do so, this subordinate is willing to go back there now and help you…"  

"This young master give them my blessings, it's only one woman." Ji Mo Ya said mockingly, but no one knows if he w mocking himself or others.

It was time to end this ill-fated relationship.

From today onwards, it would be a clean break. Be it happy or sad, it no longer has anything to do with him.

He would never look for her again, not even a glance, a woman like that was not worth it.

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