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Mo Si immediately started fawning, "Young Master, you are a man amongst men. The first person since ancient times who possesses such a noble soul and broad shoulders. This subordinate prostrates himself in great admiration and respect…"

Words come out of his mouth like an overflowing torrent.

After everyone left the vicinity of the forbidden grounds of Tyrant King Lizard, a stealthy human figure sneaked to the entrance of the cave. It took out a package from its waist and opened it, it was a spirit dish!

With a casual flick, it threw it inside the cave.

The action was very well practiced, it was as though it has been done countless of times before.

However, unlike before when it would leave immediately after, it remained outside the cave for a very long time…

Yet there was no movement, the stealthy figure did not know what happened inside the cave, and dared not enter. After some hesitation, it decided to swim away.

When Huan Qing Yan woke up, she discovered that she had already returned to Surging Wave Academia.

She had finally escaped the boundless ocean water.

Not far away was Hou Ning Xue and their remaining surviving teammates with sullen expression. Wang Chao and his team were also present, Kang Hao Ming and a few other teachers were currently interrogating them. When they noticed that Huan Qing Yan had woke up, all their gazes fell on her.

"Huan Qing Yan, you sure have guts, you actually dared to enter the forbidden grounds of the academia!" Kang Hao Ming scolded.

Towards this student, he only felt an immense headache. While on their way towards the academia, she and Bai Chen Feng had fearlessly entered the Five Black Mountains and caused some trouble.

Now, only a few days after joining the academia, she had caused another big incident.

If their talents were poor, then the solution would be easy. They could just sack them and easily end the matter.

However, the both of them were individuals with exceptional potential, and were people who could increase his standing. Especially Bai Chen Feng, he was able to obtain his current position of Hall Master all because of him.

Now however, he only felt anxious and harried, along with a major headache.

Observing Huan Qing Yan looking at her surroundings, Kang Hao Ming assumed that she was searching for Bai Chen Feng. "For the sake of saving you, Bai Chen Feng nearly crippled half of his body. He's currently unconscious and in the middle of being treated.  There is no need to worry, the academia doctors can save him. Let's talk about you for now, did you perform the plate spirit ritual with these people?"

Only now did Huan Qing Yan notice that Bai Chen Feng was not here.

She stood up quickly, "No, I didn't! Teacher, I have some matters to attend to now… If there's anything else can I report it to you later?"

As she spoke, she started walking out of the door.

She wanted to look for Young Master Ya and explain everything to him as soon as possible, before things got any worse.

"Huan Qing Yan, how impudent. Where are you going?"

Huan Qing Yan did not reply as her entire person had already scuttled away.

The other teachers inside the building all stared at Kang Hao Ming, as the Hall Master he had the final say on how to handle this matter.

Kang Hao Ming coughed, "She will not be able to escape, let's settle things with the rest first. Speak, why did you get into a conflict for the sea elephant…"

Within Kang Hao Ming's mind, he connoted that Huan Qing Yan must have been worried about Bai Chen Feng and went to look for him. It was best that she checks up on him and obtains a peace of mind!

For unknown reasons, he highly regarded the couple. A handsome man and a beautiful woman, both of whom had outstanding talents that were blessed by the heavens. In addition, they were both recruited by him, it was to the point that he was already having thoughts of accepting the pair as his personal disciples.

This couple had extraordinary talents, if they were able to grow together and become a celestial couple. Ss their direct teacher, it would greatly improve his reputation and image in the future.

The only flaw in this perfect plan was that the lass was quite the troublemaker, she would lead astray Bai Chen Feng…

Just like that, Huan Qing Yan was able to easily walk away.

However, after checking where she was, she once again stood still.

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