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"It is indeed not  good, but I am getting anxious from all this waiting. You possess the Dragon Spirit Treasure, so the best candidate for your dual cultivation partner is someone who possesses a Phoenix Spirit Treasure. However, a person with a Phoenix Spirit Treasure has yet to appear in the Spirit Treasure Continent.Therefore this matter has been dragged on endlessly till now. The current number one candidate that the patriarch had reserved is someone who possessed the Luan* Spirit Treasure, so why don't you get a concubine first and marry an official wife later. I believe that Lady Luan would not mind…"
(Cuppa: It is a mythical bird that is related to the phoenix, it can be considered as a type of lesser phoenix.)

Ji Mo Ya's voice turned colder, "This son is now a Mystic Spirit Master, as mother should also know the higher the cultivation, the harder it is for the cultivator to have children. I would only waste the future of the lady; we can do without the method of getting a concubine."

There was a natural law within the world of cultivation.The higher one's cultivation reaches, the harder it would be for the cultivators to have children,.But if a child was really conceived then the child would without a doubt be a person of unparalleled talents.

Ji Mo Ya was such an example!

He was conceived when both his parents were at the level of King Spirit Masters.

Thus he was extraordinary from the moment he was born and carried the hope of the Ji Mo Clan as well as the the human race on his shoulders.

Madam Ru glanced at Ji Mo Ya, "Are those ladies you saw not to your tastes? Although a Mystic Spirit Master has a small chance of conceiving children, it is not impossible. Although both me and your father were King Spirit Masters we still manage to have you, right?"

Ji Mo Ya gave a calm smile and did not reply her.

The mood chilled.The previous scene of a kind mother and a filial son artificially created by Madam Ru was no longer present.

The character and temperament of this son of hers was something she knew about all too well.

If it was a small matter that he finds insignificant;no matter how many times you request for it he would not reject it and would accomplish it.

But if it was something that he felt would affect his principles, you can forget about even asking.

Because there would be no point.

No matter what  reason you may give, he would only display a calm expression and not utter a single word like a lofty celestial.

Madam Ru was also not stupid, although Ji Mo Ya's replies did not have any obvious intent of rejection, everything he said implied that he did not want to get a concubine.

What was the reason?

Was it because…?

"Ya'er, are you worried that Lady Luan would be unhappy? I've heard that this lady is an extraordinary God Chosen like you, and someone of great talents as well…"

Ji Mo Ya's brows was like that it was drawn by a painter; his expression was fleeting while his smile was faint.

Yet he still did not reply.

Madam Ru also stopped trying to guess his intentions, "So be it, Mother is getting tired from all the guessing.No son and could ever become as distant as you and me. It's fine if you do not want these girls but you can't not want Xin Nuo.She has been raised to be your partner since she was young, you must give the position of head concubine to her. Just don't let her down."

Ji Mo Ya calmly said, "This son had always seen cousin Xin Nuo as my blood sister, there is no other feelings other than that.It's better to not waste her future."

The teacup on Madam Ru's hand froze dramatically, "Ji Mo Ya, your wings are getting big now; not even giving any leeway for your mother! No matter what, I'm still the one who raised you.Although I did not personally take care of you the past few years, have I ever not missed you for a day? Putting this mother aside, you should know very clearly how Xin Nuo  treats you; such a good girl like her are you still able to let her down?"

Just as the mother and son were at a standstill, Xin Nuo who was outside the door came in with a flustered and anxious tone, "Auntie please do not be angry, you should think about Cousin Ya's injuries.Let's leave the discussion of matters to the future."

Witnessing Xin Nuo's current attitude, Madam Ru got angered as well, "Look at how soft you have gotten, no wonder Ya'er doesn't fancy you. Yes, I did tell you to be obedient but not till this level of uselessness.Get out, both of you just get out!"

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