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Ji Mo Ya's face was calm and peaceful with no signs of him being disturbed, it seemed like he was used to this side of Madam Ru.With an indifferent attitude he bid Madam Ru farewell and walked out.

This banquet could be said to have ended unpleasantly.

Ji Mo Ya lost his father when he was young and due to that it caused a rift between his mother and him.

Later,Madam Ru entered closed door training and used it as an excuse to send him to be raised by patriarch in her stead, it was the patriarch who brought up Ji Mo Ya.

By the time Madam Ru finished her training and improved her cultivation a few years later the bond between mother and son had turned weak and insipid.

Even Xin Nuo had treated him with more care and concern then his mother.

But no matter what, she was still his birth mother in the end.

When Ji Mo Ya just walked out of Madam Ru's place, Xin Nuo who was left behind also chased after him while panting heavily.

"Cousin, cousin…"

Ji Mo Ya stopped.

Xin Nuo's face was flushed; it was unknown if it was due to the run or due to embarrassment when looking at Ji Mo Ya and meekly said, "Cousin, do not be angry with Auntie. Xin Nuo will not pester cousin, Xin Nuo just hopes that cousin will not dislike me…"

Her big pair of eyes were filled with tears, it enhanced her beauty mark on her forehead and made her look exceptionally alluring.

The coldness on Ji Mo Ya's face had also reduced slightly.Despite being able to adopt an indifferent attitude when facing Madam Ru, he was unable to do the same to this cousin of his.

Before he met Huan Qing Yan, he did not reject his cousin when she expressed pleasant intentions towards him. Due to the belief that he would accept her as his concubine in the future, he had adopted the habit of closing one eye to he actions.

But now that he has met Huan lass, his heart was now only able to accommodate Huan Qing Yan in it.

When he left Hanging Cloud, his intention was to bring Huan Qing Yan along and by giving her the status of concubine keep her by his side…

However although Huan Qing Yan likes him she was unwilling to go with him and did not want to be his concubine, she very firm about it.

Thus, he left in a moment of anger.

Later, when he was ambushed by the Greater Demons and left with no way out, at that moment on the borders of life and death.He had once again met Huan Qing Yan. The immense joy and happiness that he felt was something he had never experienced before.She was like a beacon that lit up his will and life.

That was when he knew that his feelings for her were very deep and way beyond his imagination.

This matter was also developing towards a direction that was out of his control.

Now that he was facing his cousin he can't help but feel slightly ashamed, it's likely that he could never fulfill her wish.

"Xin Nuo, our Ji Mo clan has many excellent members. If anyone has caught your eye, you can tell cousin…"

Mu Rong Xin Nuo held back her brimming tears and forced a smile, "I understand, I will properly look out from now. Cousin does not need to worry too much about me. Xin Nuo's cultivation is not high and possessed a character that is too soft. I am not suitable for cousin, this is something I understand…"

Ji Mo Ya was not used to comforting girls, so he did not speak.

At that moment, his mind suddenly shook…

A scene from Surging Wave Academia was projected in his mind.

…… Huan Qing Yan took the initiative to enter the embrace of Bai Chen Feng, Bai Cheng hugged her tightly in return…

Both of their expressions were excited, they were also exchanging words softly…

Ninth Dear… Ninth Dear…

The atmosphere around Ji Mo Ya suddenly turned dark.A storm was brewing within his starry eyes and he was unable to suppress it even if he had wanted to!

That little thing, you have truly done it.Earlier on when Nan Gong Bei Cheng and Bai Chen Feng were fighting over her, both of them called themselves her man. Now she even directly sent herself into the embrace of Bai Chen Feng.

She was truly trying to seek death!

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