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Chapter 352

“In addition, although he likes you, it’s hard to say how deep it is. Within our Spirit Treasure Continent, the powerful sages of the past all had multiple wives and concubines; the beautiful ideal of a couple being in a monogamous marriage rarely happened. In my previous life, I only wanted to be by Bai Chen Feng’s side, I did not care how many women he had; as long as I had a place in his heart, I would have been satisfied, a pity…” The reincarnated girl’s voice got dejected.

Huan Qing Yan also began to calm down from the joy of being showered by Ji Mo Ya’s affection; the gap between the two of them was too wide, it was so wide that simple passion would not be enough for crossing it from her side, nor would it be easy for him to crossover from his side as well. If being together would be painful for both of them, they should

just take a step back from each other and make peace with that.

Let’s just leave things to fate then!

If they were fated, they would meet again. If not, Young Master Ya! To have liked each other before, was also a form of beautiful memory.

The thing she needed to do now was to strive harder and train, to keep growing stronger, to become so powerful that all barriers would be of no issue.

Onwards, Huan Qing Yan!

Suddenly, a happy voice suddenly reached her, “Little Yan, it’s great that you are fine!”

It was Bai Chen Feng. He was riding his disc-shaped flying equipment and descended from the sky anxiously.

Huan Qing Yan uncontrollably released a smile of pleasant surprise.

It was due to the joy and happiness being emitted by the reincarnated girl.

She blurted, “Lord Ninth, are you okay?”

Bai Chen Feng did not expect Huan Qing Yan to display an expression of pleasant happiness. Warmth welled up within his heart, Little Yan indeed still loves him.

“I am

am fine, Huan Jiu Li has been captured by the demons, I chased after them and got lost. Only when the sun had risen did I find my way back.”

“Brother Jiu Li was captured by the demons? Why? Did you manage to bring him back?” Huan Qing Yan asked anxiously.

“Actually, it did not look like he was captured and looked more like he was following them. As visibility was low due to the darkness, I thought he was with them because you were captured, so I chased after him, but I did not manage to reach him in the end.”

At that moment, Teacher Kang grabbed them and lifted them into the sky, “Do not ever run off again, if it happens again, I will strip away your qualifications to enter the school!”

“Teacher, there is also a new recruit called Huan Jiu Li, and he has been captured by the demons. Can we go search for him?” Huan Qing Yan shouted.

Teacher Kang was unhappy,

was unhappy, “The Silver Wolf King has been destroyed while the lesser demons have all scattered, so where do I search for him? We cannot waste time anymore, a whole ship of people are waiting just for you two.”

If not for Bai Chen Feng’s status as the Prince of Hanging Cloud, he would not have bothered to search for them at all.

Huan Qing Yan was just a tag-along, yet she was the noisiest and the most troublesome; this caused him much displeasure.


“No buts, those who were captured by those demon generals would have very slim chances of survival; he can only blame himself for running about, causing him to lose his life in the end. If you do not want to come along, feel free to stay behind and search for him yourself.”

Bai Chen Feng quickly covered Huan Qing Yan’s mouth and address Teacher Kang, “Teacher, let’s go. She is just feeling under the weather and replied back, I hope teacher can forgive her.”

Huan can forgive her.”

Huan Qing Yan tried to resist, but the reincarnated girl persuaded her in her mind, “Do not lose big due to small gains. Huan Jiu Li was possessed by a demon before, so he might not only be safe while following the demons, he might even obtain good fortune from this incident.”

As Bai Trash was covering her mouth while Teacher Kang’s flying equipment was exceptionally fast, within the short exchange, they had already left the region of the Five Black Mountains.

“Hey, get your hands off me!”

Bai Chen Feng could not help but retract his hand, but he still held her within his embrace, preventing her from moving a single inch.

From their proximity, she could sense that Bai Chen Feng was very different from Ji Mo Ya. Ji Mo Ya possessed a combination of his unusual fragrance that came from his blood and a gentle yet graceful and noble vibe, while Bai Trash possessed the faint smell of ambergris and emitted a tyrannical vibe…

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