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Chapter 353

What was similar was that both their embraces contained a sense of stability and deep affection, treating her like their most precious treasure while hugging her.

Huan Qing Yan was absent-minded for a moment, or to be more accurate, she was not absent-minded but was also affected by the reincarnated girl’s emotions…

The reincarnated girl’s feelings for Bai Chen Feng was never gone, causing her to become disorderly.

Very quickly, Huan Qing Yan recovered herself and fiercely pushed Bai Chen Feng away while giving him an angry glare!

Bai Chen Feng was worried that her agitated reaction would cause her to fall off the flying equipment, so he did not force his way again.

Teacher Kang’s eyelids twitched as he finally understood, so they were a young couple, no wonder they went into danger together without fear of death. Seeing that Bai Chen Feng’s father had given him a large amount of presents before they departed, he decided to turn a blind eye toward what they did.


that, the group once again continued their journey towards Surging Wave Academia.

Within a luxurious flying beast carriage, Ji Mo Ya was currently seated in a meditative pose, but in fact, he had fainted and went unconscious again.

An elder with a blazing gaze was seated behind him.

The elder looked to be in his fifties with reddish skin, it was as though he had been dealing with fire for most of his time as he emitted a fiery aura. Currently, he was sending his spirit energy into Ji Mo Ya to check his body condition.

The more he discovered, the more solemn his expression became, turning darker by the second.

He was the Third Elder of the Ji Mo Clan, called Ji Mo Kai Yuan. He specialized in crafting and was also a King Spirit Master! A person of great reputation within Spirit Treasure Continent.

At the same time, another middle-aged man appeared within the carriage; this man was wearing a strange attire with a cloth head on

on his head. His clothes were covered in pockets, and each pocket seemed to contain something as the contents were squirming within it. Occasionally, a worm would leave one pocket and enter another, a sight that would send chills down the spine.

This person was also an elder of the Ji Mo Clan, called Ji Mo Yi Fan, the Fifth Elder; he specialized in insect controlling and was a King Spirit Master whose name had spread far and wide.

When he entered, he asked, “Third Brother, how is Little Ya?”

Ji Mo Kai Yuan stopped his actions and retracted his spirit energy, “His condition is bad; not only are his internal injuries heavy, his vessels have all been traumatized and broken, preventing his spirit energy from circulating properly. His dragon spirit treasure has also sustained heavy injuries and is currently exceptionally weak. It is a miracle that he could hold on till now with just willpower.”

When Ji Mo Yi Fan heard his assessment, “Then we must hasten

must hasten our speed and return to the clan. We need to let him soak in the Spirit Celestial Pond!”

Ji Mo Kai Yuan acknowledged him and made the flying beast carriage increase its speed by a few factors, “We can only do so since the both of us cannot help him. How did you handle those old fellas?”

“I let them pick whatever they wanted from the Silver Wolf King, so Mo Rong Qiong took the demon soul, Shang Qiu Ling took its skin, eyes, and tendons… they did not even leave a morsel behind for us.”

Ji Mo Kai Yuan said, “So be it, our greatest harvest is being able to rescue Little Ya in time. Since the Silver Wolf King dared to touch Little Ya, there is no reason for us to allow it escape from human territory; it is worth paying the small price.”

The corpse of a Demon King was something that everyone sought after and had great demand for, but to the Ji to the Ji Mo Clan, it was not something that was exceptionally rare or precious.

“How did the Demon King manage to sneak pass the boundary? I also heard news that a Greater Demon had caused some trouble within the Hanging Cloud Empire recently, did a demon man infiltrate?”

“Let’s wait till Little Ya wakes up, and we ask him about the matters of Hanging Cloud. He seems to have destroyed a big clan of Hanging Cloud this time; his actions were rather extreme, and we do not know the details of it nor do we know if it was related to the ambush of the demon king this time…”

The two elders could only make their guesses.

Ji Mo Yi Fan continued, “Earlier on, we had searched the Five Black Mountains multiple times, yet we did not manage to locate Little Ya. Then he suddenly appeared with a young girl. That young girl seems suspicious, could she be a spy of the demons? Mo Si, come out now!”

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