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Chapter 331

The formation was circular with an empty spot located in its center. Ji Mo Ya and his flying dragon turned and went to that spot in the center of the formation.

The Universe Eight Diagrams Formation was the signature formation unique to the Ji Mo Clan, the formation could be both used for defending and attacking; its reputation was known far and wide by both the humans and demons.

“Petty tricks!” The Silver Wolf King snorted in disdain when it saw the formation. For a demon king like it, no matter how good a formation was, it was useless if one’s cultivation was weak.

Compared to the formation, he was more focused on what Ji Mo Ya himself could do.

“A Mystic Spirit Master who is not yet twenty-five, you really did not let down of the title of genius that was bestowed on you, humph! However, a genius like you, is fated to fall here…”

The gongs of battle immediately started.


a mountain gorge, there were many strange flowers and weird plants growing within it.

Sunlight could only enter from the top; therefore, only during noon time would the bottom of the gorge be filled with light; at other times, it would be shady and dark.

Bai Chen Feng was currently travelling within with his loyal subordinates. Everyone of them was wearing armor and armed with weapons.

A local guide was currently at the very front, guiding them through various turns and twists throughout the journey. Only after walking in the gorge for two days, did they finally arrive at a secluded mountain cave entrance.

“My lord, that stone called Ink Jade was discovered within this place. There isn’t much and were mostly dug by children for fun. The owner of the Jade Shop had appraised the quality and said that the jade quality is not pure and is not worth much, so it can only be considered as toys,” the wrinkly guide

guide smiled and said.

“Okay, you can wait outside, this prince wants to take a look inside.” Bai Chen Feng solemnly said without any expression.

“Yes, sure. Please go ahead, my lord.”

Bai Chen Feng left two guards at the cave entrance and brought his remaining men into the cave.

Despite the elusiveness of the cave entrance, the interior of the cave was very wide and expansive. The ceiling of the cave was also not completely sealed as well, there was a large hole above; it would be more accurate to describe this place as a naturally formed pit. Within the cave, there were many weeds and moss-like plants.

Other than these wild plants, there were also many stones that were protruding and exposed.

It was as the guide had mentioned, the Ink Jade-like stones had all been harvested.

With Bai Chen Feng’s vision as a Six Star Spirit Master, he did not manage to discover anything else after surveying the area.

However, he was not willing

not willing to give up just yet. He took out the Spirit Detection Disc that he had prepared beforehand and used it to investigate in detail.

After circling the interior, the Spirit Detection Disc did not have any reaction as well.

Bai Chen Feng frowned, was there really nothing left?

He still did not want to give up; with a will of his mind, the illusion of a manticore appeared as he summoned his spirit treasure.

When the manticore appeared, it rushed at the wall of the cave and used its sharp claws to strike at it, digging through the stones.

A majestic manticore was being used as an excavator, on something seemingly insignificant, yet Bai Chen Feng did not feel that way.

Nothing here.

So he sent it to dig up a patch of weeds…

Those weeds were very weird looking, at least it was not something that Bai Chen Feng was able to identify.

After swiping at the weeds, although its leaves had been detached, its roots detached, its roots seemed to be deeply rooted within the gaps of the stones, and very deeply rooted from the looks of it.

Continue digging!

After a short while, multiple exposed roots appeared in front of it, and each of these roots had a jadestone-like item attached to it…

Ink Jade Lingzi!

Bai Chen Feng immediately entered cloud nine, his heart thumped heavily as an impulse to laugh out loud could be felt.

Hahahaha, the demons had yet to visit this place, so these Ink Jade Lingzi are all his!!!

There were several weeds of this type within the cave. With so many Ink Jade Lingzi, becoming a True Spirit Master would be just around the corner!

Even reaching the realm of Mystic Spirit Master would also be possible.

Right, need to also give Little Yan a portion so that she could rank up quickly as well…

He had owed her too much in the past, so Bai Chen Feng planned to properly compensate her in the days to come.

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