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A group of people were moving hastily; on the very front was a Flowing Cloud Flying Car, the vehicle was currently in a semi-transparent state.

Behind the Flowing Cloud Flowing Car, were several one man flying boats; each boat was about the length of a man and had one person standing upright on top of it. All of them were armed to the teeth.

It was Ji Mo Ya and his entourage of nearly a hundred Feather Guards. They were currently traveling in a rush.

As they were nearing the Five Black Mountain Range, the Flowing Cloud Flying Car paused. Ji Mo Ya, who was in a state of meditation, opened his eyes. His gaze was resolute and cold.

"Mo Si, get the Feather Guards to disperse, prepare spell formations…"

The reason he did not bring Huan Qing Yan with him was firstly, she was still ranking up, second was because he knew that his whereabouts had been exposed, and it was highly likely that the Demon King would ambush him, so bringing her along would not be safe for her.

And as expected, before they could even leave the territory of Hanging Cloud, they had arrived.

During this moment of urgency, a trace of rejoice flashed through his heart.

If he managed to survive the danger this time, he would naturally return to find her.

If he were to die, then at least she could properly continue on with her life…

Before Mo Si could reply, the surroundings of the quiet Five Black Mountain Range suddenly turned dark.

Several black fogs began to emerge from various points of the mountain range.

A sinister laughter resounded within the ears like magic, "Kekeke, you are indeed the most talented youngster of the entire human race, this king was still discovered by you despite my effort to prevent my aura from escaping! Keke, human brat, this Five Black Mountain Range shall be your burial ground…"

A huge silver wolf suddenly appeared on the sky above the Five Black Mountain Range; its pair of wolf eyes released an evil and cunning light, a powerful and cruel aura was also emanating from him.

It was the silver wolf that was talking in human language just now!

Ji Mo Ya walked away from the Flowing Cloud Flying Car in strides; a flying dragon appeared and brought him up into mid-air.

Ji Mo Ya was wearing light armor; his expression was like a painting as he stood gracefully and radiantly.

At this moment, his expression was calm and graceful, there was no trace of panic to be found on him.

"Silver Wolf King, specialized in ambushing and tracking, the most proficient in assassination amongst the Demon Kings. To think that the demons had treated this mission so importantly this time, to even activate the Silver Wolf King."

His voice was like a cool spring, clear and refreshing.

The Silver Wolf King was startled before laughing out loud, "I did not expect that a brat like you would know so much about demons! However, since you have heard of this king's reputation, why did you not turn and run? Are you thinking that you might have a chance to escape from the clutches of this king since you have broken through and reached the realm of Mystic Spirit Master?"

Ji Mo Ya coldly humph, "This is the territory of us humans, it is not a place where demons like you could do as they please."

"Peh peh peh, so what if this is your territory? Isn't this king still able to come and go as I please? Brat, if a human genius like you is not eliminated early, it would cause us demons to have sleepless nights! Today, this king will definitely take your life, you can only blame yourself for being too excellent…"

"This Young Master's life is not something that the likes of you demons could take away! You demons have tried to ambush me for so many times, yet I am still well and alive now, this only proves that the days of the demons are numbered. After some time, when this Young Master becomes a Sage, I will surely eradicate every demon living on Spirit Treasure Continent and leave none alive!"

The Silver Wolf king howled in rage, causing the demonic energy that was spread throughout Five Black Mountain to rumble…

Ji Mo Ya took out his Cosmos Brush while the flying dragon tensed up. The human and spirit treasure duo's eyes were both shining like stars; their aura was also incomparable.

At that moment, the Feather Guards behind them had also completed forming the Universe Eight Diagrams Formation.

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