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Two-Faced Venerate Emperor, Give Me A Hug: Chapter 215 – Instantly Understood

“That’s not right, Young Master, how about the servants that were serving beside Huan Bei Ming?”

“Huan Bei Ming had not used a servant to serve him for close to two decades, he had always done things himself.” Ji Mo Ya analyzed.


Mo Si asked, “Now that you mention it, Huan Bei Ming was indeed strange. If we must identify the person who was possessed, then Huan Qing Yan seemed like the first choice; her growth is too fast and is the most unnatural. However, Young Master had performed a thorough investigation like the elite you are and has confirmed that she is not. Huan Xing Han is too young, the Greater Demon would not be able to use its full power if it possessed him, so he is also out. So what’s left are the remaining three, is it Madam Huan, Huan Jiu Li or Huan Meng Yue? Huan Meng Yue was executed, so it’s either Huan Jiu Li or Madam Huan?”

Ji Mo Ya calmly replied, “Huan Meng Yue might not be dead; it’s likely that she had changed her appearance and went into hiding.”

Mo Si also remembered, “That fat chick did mention during the spirit chef selection that Huan Meng Yue was a fake God Chosen and looks to be possessed by someone when she displayed the Butterfly Cooking Technique… It is highly likely that she was being controlled by the Greater Demon!”

After that, Mo Si also felt that Huan Jiu Li was extremely suspicious as well, “Didn’t Huan Jiu Li become an Imperial Chef? It made it easy for him to perform his crime! He is also highly suspicious!”

Finally, Mo Si thought again, “When Huan Bei Ming was alive, Madam Huan was the closest to him; if we look at the demonic aura detected, Madam Huan is also very suspicious…”

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Mo Si’s mind was ignited by the new information, and it seemed that it would not stop anytime soon.

“Young Master, since we have a clear suspect; why not we round up the three of them first?”

Ji Mo Ya calmly asked instead, “The crown prince, Bai Chen Yu, was sickly since young. Mo Wu, what did you find out about his sickness?”

From out of nowhere, Mo Wu appeared within the luxurious and spacious carriage.

And respectfully replied, “Before she married the emperor, Bai Chen Yu’s mother was a female hero of the empire who represented the empire and commanded its army in the war against the demons. During the war, she unfortunately contracted demonic poison; despite searching for many methods, the poison remained in her body and was passed onto the crown prince when he was in her womb. The crown prince had been in a constant battle with the residual poison since birth, resulting in his weak and sickly body; although many years have passed, no cure was found.”

Mo Si scratched his head, “Young Master, aren’t we talking about the Huan Estate and the Greater Demon, why did you bring in the crown prince of the Hanging Cloud Empire?”

“From all the signs discovered so far, this Greater Demon was deliberately brought in by someone; yet no one knows the reason…” Ji Mo Ya lightly tapped the armrest with a finger.

Now many things were beginning to be brought to surface.


“Ah? Why did you say so, Young Master?”

“Not only was the Greater Demon being brought in deliberately, it is also beginning to get out of their control; I reckon that it is not listening to their orders now and are beginning to fluster.” Ji Mo Ya spoke before he turned towards Mo Wu and said, “Mo Wu, get the Feather Guards to be on alert; also inform Huan Qing Yan to refrain from returning to the Huan Estate for the moment.”

The Greater Demon was getting out of control, it would not be a good if it were to hurt her by mistake.

Who knew that Mo Si reported, “Young Master, the Feather Guards reported an hour ago that the fat chick returned to the Huan Estate due to an urgent matter.”


Ji Mo Ya glared at Mo Si; it was as though a hole could be created from the force behind it, and the cold chilling gaze was also filled with unrestrained killing intent!

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Mo Si’s forehead began to sweat; he quickly left the carriage and personally took control of the carriage, “Young Master, please do not look at me like that, this subordinate had planned to make the report earlier on but did not get the chance to do so. Now a chance arrived, yet it was delayed by our conversation. Arhem, this subordinate will now bring you to the Huan Estate immediately! I will ensure the safety of the little fat chick…”

Mo Wu instantly understood the meaning behind Ji Mo Ya’s glare, this happened to him when Mo Si was not around, and he delayed his report regarding Huan Qing Yan. That time, Ji Mo Ya thought in his anger that the delay would not have happened if Mo Si was around, but now, Mo Si was also as unreliable… Mo Wu knew that their position within the heart of their Young Master had now turned back to normal instantly…

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