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Huan Li An released a long sigh and said, "Bei Ming must have been involved in something extremely bad. The Word Sealing Curse is something that only a powerful cultivator above a True Spirit Master could cast; even this old man is unable to help your family find justice."

Madam Huan wanted to speak but was hesitant, when Huan Qing Yan saw that, she got curious and said, "Mama, if you have something to say, just say it then."

Madam Huan hesitated for another second before she finally spoke, "When Bei Ming was on his deathbed, strange patterns begun to appear on his body; these patterns seemed alive and were moving all over him, it was exceptionally frightening to look at. Bei Ming told me not to tell anyone about this, therefore I never dared to speak of it…"

Huan Li An was a person who had lived over a hundred years and had experienced a bit more things than a widow and her children.

When he heard her, his expression changed, "That's the symptom of demonizing after a person receives demonic poison! Was Bei Ming possessed by a Greater Demon recently? Is he related to the heart digging murder cases within the capital recently? No, that cannot be! After Bei Ming passed away, the murder cases continued, so the killer is not Bei Ming…"

Huan Qing Yan was also confused, "Why did the symptoms of demonizing appeared on Papa then?"

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"We cannot be sure. Your Papa had participated in the frontlines for many years, it might be related to that. However, even if he contracted the poison then, he would not have been able to live such a long life; there might be a great secret behind this. Bei Ming's body might be the key to everything, and fortunately, Qing Yan, you had burnt your Papa's body and you have stopped those people from continuing with their ill intentions…"

Huan Li An gave his analysis.

He continued, "Zhang Clan, if you are willing, let Xing Han stay here with this old man from today onwards…"

He was implying that the Huan Estate was no longer a safe place.

Madam Huan was unwilling but Huan Qing Yan decisively said, "Mama, with Old Ancestor around, Xing Han would be slightly safer staying here. Our Huan Estate is holding too many secrets; before we sort things out, no one knows what would happen if we stay there…"

Madam Huan was frightened by her words and said, "Can I stay with Xing Han in this old house? I no longer wish to stay in the Huan Estate for the time being."

Huan Li An frowned and said, "Zhang Clan, as a mother, aren't you supposed to be protecting your children? No matter the danger, aren't you supposed to be standing in front of them instead of behind them, what sort of mother are you? In addition, even if there's something, now that Bei Ming's body is burned till nothing is left, I do not think that trouble would come searching for you anymore."

Madam Huan dare not speak after being scolded, as a mother, she had always felt ashamed that she was unable to do anything to help her children.

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Huan Qing Yan said, "Old Ancestor, before Huan Dong Hai died, he spoke the word 'Grand', who do you think that person is?"

"I do not know, and you should also not dig any further into this, at least until you have reached the level of a True Spirit Master. Revenge is best served cold so you should bide your time; in addition, your father would also not want you be in danger now."


Huan Li An continued, "Qing Yan my lass, I heard that you are now the personal chef for a noble young master of the Ji Mo Clan; this is a good connection, and you should properly grab hold of this. The Ji Mo Clan's reputation is known far and wide; even if he is a branch family member, it would still assist you greatly in your future. It would also act as a form of deterrence against the enemy that's hiding in the dark…"

Huan Qing Yan noted his advice.

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In the previous life, the reincarnated girl was adamant in following Bai Cheng Feng; she had ignored her family and her sibling, fighting her battles alone. In the end, a terrible death awaited her…

This life, being able to discover a rather reliable Old Ancestor of the Huan Clan, was a pleasant surprise today.

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