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“Hu Rong, you disappoint me! I want to break up with you!” Zhang ShengNan became even more angry. Even her boyfriend Hu Rong wouldn’t support her in this situation. She became so angry that she was fully in her ‘Godzilla mode’.

“ShengNan, you don’t have to be like this…” There simply wasn’t anything Hu Rong could do anymore. Even though DuDu looked very innocent, he really was strange. Liu Gan had been in this world a lot longer than they had, so he had more experiences than them. So if he said the boy was dangerous, then the boy was perhaps really dangerous.

After it was all said and done, this young boy was an NPC that belonged to this world. If he had to choose between an NPC or someone who had saved him before, he would rather not have a falling out with his savior. Hu Rong couldn’t do something like turning his back on his savior.

However, ShengNan was the girl he was deeply in love with, and he was suffering. He was the reason why she was trapped within this game world. As a responsible gentleman, he would hold himself accountable for her safety. It was his way of feeling better, and it was his redemption for dragging her along into the game. His personal choice now was to separate ShengNan from Liu Gan so the situation wouldn’t worsen.

“Brother Liu, I sincerely apologize for my sister’s behavior. She really doesn’t understand the situation! If there’s any reason for this, it’s because I spoiled her at home, so she became used to it!” Zhang ShengLi said after he heard the argument outside between his sister and her boyfriend. He felt so ashamed of his sister acting hysterically that he didn’t have any words to say.

“Don’t worry about it; I won’t take it to heart. She’s your family, so you don’t have to keep me company here. You should stay with them. This is the gaming world now, and all moral ethics that you once knew from the real world are gone. Your sister is still confused and doesn’t understand. I hope you can maintain a clear head and continue thinking things through. This is the only way you will be able to keep your family members safe.” Liu Gan smiled at Zhang ShengLi.

“Brother Liu, thank you for your kind words and generosity. Once again, I want to thank you for saving our lives! If there’s an opportunity, no matter where we are, I will think of a way to repay the favor!” Zhang ShengLi said this because he realized that he wouldn’t be able to continue traveling with Liu Gan after this. He could only express his gratitude to Liu Gan with words.

“You are too kind, and let’s not dwell on this. You should go find them quickly. This building is full of danger. Your sister is very emotional right now, so she will attract a lot of danger to herself.” Liu Gan said as he patted Zhang ShengLi’s shoulders. He understood the difficulty of Zhang ShengLi’s situation, being stuck between honor and family.

“Okay, Brother Liu, I hope we will meet again someday!” Zhang ShengLi stuck out his hand for Liu Gan to shake. With a face of embarrassment, he quickly left.

After the two players and Zhang ShengLi left, DuDu locked within the cage had no one left to plea with for help. It only maintained a frustrated, malicious look at Liu Gan.

“You don’t need to stare at me like this. I already know you are up to no good. If I let you out, the first thing you will do is kill and devour me. Am I right? So I must kill you to prevent this tragedy from occurring.” Liu Gan said while he stared at the caged DuDu.

“If you kill me, you will go to hell!” DuDu cursed Liu Gan. From Liu Gan’s eyes, DuDu only saw cold and indifference. There was no room for compassion, so he knew that pleading in anyway would not be effective. He didn’t even bother to beg before him.

DuDu was trapped within the alloy metal cage, so if Liu Gan wanted to kill him, it wouldn’t be an easy task. However, this wouldn’t stop Liu Gan. Although the whole building didn’t have electricity, there were several large containers of backup water tanks near the faucet, which could be modified to release water.

Liu Gan was able to dismantle the locks, on the side, which was holding the cage in place. Then, he dragged it inside a nearby room, pushed it over, and closed the door. Liu Gan took apart a water pipe that lined the gaps within the room and released the water. In no time, the water started to fill up the floor of the room.

This type of laboratory room had very good insulation, especially after closing the door, it was able to trap most of the water. Although a few drops of water seeped out the cracks underneath the door, compared with the output coming from the water pipe, the excess water was negligible.

Liu Gan crouched beside the cage while maintaining an undisturbed expression as he looked at DuDu. After ten minutes, the water gradually filled up the whole alloy cage. During that time, DuDu was cursing nonstop at Liu Gan within the cage and finally shut up. His eyes pleaded with Liu Gan, then filled with anger, and finally glared maliciously.

After ten minutes, DuDu submerged underwater kept glaring and didn’t suffocate from lack of oxygen. Liu Gan started to wonder within his own thoughts… He was very sure that DuDu wasn’t a normal human, but was it really the variant zombie detected by the probing scanner?

If it really was the variant zombie, would it be similar to a human and require oxygen to survive? Would submerging it in water kill this strange monster?

Another ten minutes passed by. Liu Gan started to feel impatient and was thinking of another method to kill this young boy. Just then, DuDu revealed an ugly expression of suffering, and his body started contracting.

Shortly after, DuDu finally opened up his mouth and swallowed a mouthful of water. Its stomach swelled up, and its body violently contracted. After a short struggle, it stopped moving. The body was afloat within the metal cage.

At the same time, a strange shout came from within the skull of DuDu. A metallic reflective glow and an insect-like creature crawled out from the orifices. From the mouth, nose, eyes, and ears, it leaked out. It seemed like a strange material within the skull was forcing its way out.

However, this strange creature wasn’t able to leave DuDu’s skull. After shouting for a while, it stopped moving. Right when Liu Gan suspected this creature was playing dead, a large orb of black mist leaked from DuDu’s body and Liu Gan’s body absorbed all of it.

Although there wasn’t a boiling feeling, his wristwatch didn’t indicate a level up. However, Liu Gan felt that his body strength, sight, smell, and hearing all received a significant boost.

It seemed like DuDu was definitely the variant zombie detected by the probing scanner. Up until now, Liu Gan had successfully killed two variant zombies after reaching level 5. According to his estimation, if he killed another variant zombie, he could level up from 5 to 6.

The real question started now… It seemed like within this game world, San Xing Corporation was definitely related to the catastrophe. Since the young boy they were studying was designated as a variant zombie, this would mean that they caused the catastrophe by releasing the virus, sending this world into chaos.

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