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Chapter 95: Cold blooded

DuDu was trapped within this cage but the gaps in the cage were quite close. Even if Liu Gan wanted to kill him, it wasn’t an easy task. Liu Gan thought about it for awhile. Then, he decided to use a dagger and attach it to a wooden handle. He would then stab at DuDu trapped within the cage.

The space within the alloy metal cage was really small, once DuDu saw the dagger coming his way, he quickly avoided to the edge and pressed his body tightly sticking to the cage surface. Right when Liu Gan was preparing to pull out the dagger to try again, DuDu suddenly grabbed the wooden handle attached to the dagger. Now the dagger lay within DuDu’s hands.

“I beg of you, please don’t treat me like this…” DuDu angrily said while looking at Liu Gan.

“Right now you can see that he isn’t normal, right?” Liu Gan held up the wooden stick to show Zhang ShengLi. At the same time, Zhang ShengNan and Hu Rong also came out from the nearby room.

“You want to kill him, so of course he will dodge. If he didn’t dodge and let you poke him full of holes, would that be normal enough for you?” Zhang ShengNan said to Liu Gan. Even though she had no idea what Liu Gan was doing, she was still uptight from being scolded by Liu Gan for being stupid. She just wanted to relieve her frustration by arguing with him.

Even in the real world, there were a lot of players like Zhang ShengNan. Even though their initial opinion differed greatly from others, the moment their error was pointed out or even scolded as stupid, their pride would be hurt. So no matter what followed, they would fight to the bitter end until they won.

To confront her with an argument served no purpose because she wouldn’t care if it was right or wrong anymore. She only cared about her reputation.

“Auntie! Save me! Don’t let him kill me! I’m really not a monster! Please!” DuDu continued to shout at Zhang ShengNan, his only protector.

“Stop Liu Gan! Don’t make me hate you!” Zhang ShengNan attempted to walk over and pull Liu Gan away. She was stopped by both Zhang ShengLi and Hu Rong in her path.

“Why are you males so cold-blooded?” Zhang ShengNan started to shout out loud.

“STOP SCREAMING! It’s midnight. Do you want to lure all all the zombies here?” Zhang ShengLi quickly attempted to cover up his sister’s mouth.

“Release me! I won’t shout anymore. I want to reason with him! Brother Liu, I know we owe you our lives, but if you try to kill someone would they not try to dodge? You aren’t stupid, so you better tell me a reasonable explanation for all this!” Zhang ShengNan pushed aside Zhang ShengLi’s hand and continued to shout.

“I won’t try to debate with a blockhead like you anymore. I told the reason to your brother.” Liu Gan coldly replied to Zhang ShengNan. If it wasn’t for her brother Zhang ShengLi, then Liu Gan would’ve walked up and slapped her, so she would wake up.

Previously in the real world, Liu Gan would also encounter these types of people. For the sake of their reputation, they just wanted to win. They wouldn’t listen to reason and would argue with others. With these types of people, arguing would only lower your own intelligence.

“Who are you calling a blockhead? Liu Gan, don’t think that just because you saved us and gave us food, that you can casually call me an idiot! I will return the cookies to you!” Zhang ShengNan felt that she was very polite in what she said to Liu Gan before. She never expected Liu Gan to call her an idiot again. Now she was bursting with rage, and her body was shaking.

“Zhang ShengNan enough!” Zhang ShengLi said as he slapped her face. Even if he didn’t approve of Liu Gan’s method in DuDu’s situation, what Zhang ShengNan had just said crossed the line in his moral code. He couldn’t hold it anymore, so he had to slap her.

Liu Gan had saved them all before. Just because of this, Zhang ShengLi felt that his sister shouldn’t have used that type of attitude to speak to Liu Gan.

[TL: I honestly really like Zhang ShengLi. He will be a good follower.]

“Brother, you hit me?” Zhang ShengNan widened her eyes and looked at Zhang ShengLi. Her eyes revealed that she was about to explode with anger.

Hu Rong felt that the situation wasn’t right and quickly pulled Zhang Shengnan out toward the laboratory door.

“My brother dared to attack me!” Zhang ShengNan couldn’t believe what had happened and exclaimed to Hu Rong. Ever since they had joined the game, these two males had been pampering her. The moment Liu Gan had called her stupid, she lost all her pride, so she had been trying regain it by proving her point. She didn’t expect her own brother to slap her face.

“Your brother is someone who repays kindness to people, plus what you said to Brother Liu was definitely over the line.” Hu Rong tried his best to calm Zhang ShengNan down.

“I crossed the line? He wants to kill someone! I’m trying to stop him from killing someone. Is that wrong? Every time he opens his mouth, he calls me stupid! Did I curse at him in any way? Are your brains kicked by a donkey?” Zhang ShengNan was hysterically arguing with Hu Rong.

“ShengNan, he’s not killing a person. That boy is just an NPC within the game, so don’t be so serious.” Hu Rong said after not knowing what else to say.

“Serious? Have you seen that DuDu’s eyes? Can you bear to witness that [email protected]$%#^& kill DuDu? When I first met you, you didn’t seem like this type of person! Hu Rong, you are a policeman! What happened to your righteousness? And my brother was the VP of the school’s student union and an outstanding student. When did his morals become corrupted to this degree that he can just witness the death of an innocent young boy? How can he just allow someone to commit a crime right in front of him?” Zhang ShengNan asked as she grew more and more agitated.

“ShengNan, please calm down. Your stubbornness is causing trouble, so that won’t be too good.” Hu Rong said as he led Zhang ShengNan to the deeper end of the hallway.

“Calm down? I only wanted to save someone, but I ended up being called an idiot. You two also just keep holding me back and smacking me! And now you’re telling me to calm down? Hu Rong, I thought I knew you. I was wrong about you!” Zhang ShengNan seemed to have poured all her anger onto her boyfriend.

[TL: RIP relationship. I wouldn’t know, I don’t have one. ]

Right now, saving the young boy didn’t matter anymore to Zhang ShengNan,. Everyone said she was at fault, Liu Gan called her dumb in public, and her brother slapped her across the face afterwards. If she didn’t fight back, then she would have to admit to these people that she was wrong and apologize. Once she lost her pride, there’d be no way to gain it back.

“ShengNan, don’t become so aggravated. I don’t quite agree with how Brother Liu is handling the situation with Dudu, but he saved our lives. So if we disagree with him in this matter, won’t we lose out?” Hu Rong said with an embarrassed expression.

“Save me! He wants to kill me! Auntie, please save me!” DuDu was crying his heart out as the sound echoed from the room and moved down the hall.

“Hu Rong, you have been my hero in my heart. My brother is being foolish, so are you going to be like him, too? Will you be passive and not try to save him?” Zhang ShengNan asked Hu Rong.

“This situation… Brother Liu has been in this game longer than we have. Perhaps, there’s something that he knows that we don’t. You shouldn’t continue this conflict. It’s pointless.” Hu Rong said looking at his girlfriend. If it was in the real world, he would never allow this type of killing to occur with his values. However, this was within the gaming world.

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