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Chapter 85: Signal

“Isn’t this a little too easy? It’s the same as power leveling!” Liu Gan exclaimed as he felt his inner strength and vitality refilled. He was also very happy with the results.

If it were any other player who encountered this type of Tentacle Colossal Zombie, they would die the moment they lowered their guard. Even if they were to injure the Tentacle Zombie, they had no way of tracking or chasing it in this complicated environment. This type of variant zombie could be a much more dangerous existence than the giant colossal zombie.

It was only thanks to Liu Gan’s Mist Armor and Yin He’s aid that the Tentacle Colossal Zombie wasn’t able to do too much harm. If it appeared again, it would simply give free experience to Liu Gan, so deep down Liu Gan was thinking, ‘Let these tentacle monsters become fiercer as they come.’

Even though he was feeling arrogant, he didn’t really want to challenge extra tentacle colossal zombies. The appearance of these variant type zombies was something that you could encounter occasionally but not call forth.

Regular players couldn’t possibly fathom meeting a variant zombie since the moment they encountered one, their lives were in danger. However, the only thing Liu Gan wanted was to encounter more variant zombies. After reaching level 5, farming regular zombies lost its meaning. Only through assassinating more variant zombies would he reach a higher level.

Yin He was a very strong type of pet even though the process that Liu Gan had to go through to obtain her was strange… If it these series of events: starting with the executive of the laboratory jumping off the building to suicide, which was in a window in front of Zhang Yu. That led to Zhang Yu obtaining the level 7 clearance ID card. If it weren’t for Zhang Yu and her boyfriend wandering to the minimart to search for food, which led to them getting harassed by five players and ultimately their demise. The level 7 clearance ID card finally landing in Liu Gan’s hand after he killed those five players.

Pan Hua found the incubation vial that contained a finger and eyeball from the minimart, which he handed over to Liu Gan. Pan Hua’s effort was commendable. Liu Gan gave a moment of silence for Pan Hua. Finally, the last part of the puzzle was meeting Jiang JinYuan, who had the PDA scanning capability. This led them to discover the faint yellow dot that led them to Yin He.

Every factor above couldn’t be missing; otherwise, Liu Gan wouldn’t be able to discover Yin He, this strong pet.

“The building’s communication system is still wirelessly connected to me. I just received a signal. Do you want to listen,” Yin He suddenly said to Liu Gan.

“Connect it,” Liu Gan replied to Yin He.

Then, a sound came from the PDA’s speaker. Liu Gan quickly lowered the volume and then placed it beside his ear.

“This is San Xing Corporation’s Serenity aircraft. We are preparing to depart to the Main City’s laboratory. To Special Investigator, Mr. Jiang, our aircraft is currently being repaired at Green Pao Bay. The helicopter is damaged, so it can’t be sent out to rescue you. If you want to reach the main city’s laboratory, please come find us at Green Pao Bay. We will remain here on standby for three days. After three days, we will fly straight to the main city’s laboratory.”

“Serenity aircraft?” Liu Gan suddenly remembered that DongDong said his grandpa had an aircraft called ‘Spirit’. It seemed like it wasn’t the same aircraft. That didn’t matter. It only needed to be able to carry him over to the main city’s laboratory.

“Green Pao Bay…” Liu Gan opened up the PDA’s map to calculate the distance. He discovered that the distance between them was at least forty kilometers. It was on the other side of NinJing City’s outer area. To reach the bay, he had to pass through the middle of the city, which was the most densely packed district of NinJing City.

Without the help of regular transportation, to get there within three days was very difficult. Even if he had regular transportation, it had to be the type that could fly. The roads in this district had all been blocked off by wrecked cars or by zombies.

Regardless, Liu Gan still wanted to reach Green Pao Bay. He even thought of taking over the aircraft. One could only imagine how many valuable goods it was transporting. In addition, with the aircraft, he could go wherever he wanted with ease.

Therefore, Liu Gan quickly decided on his next course of action–cross the city district in three days to Green Pao Bay and check out the situation there. If he couldn’t reach the bay within three days, then he would head towards the district with the highest density of variant zombies to raise his combat strength.

After Liu Gan had finalized his plans, he tried to communicate with the Serenity aircraft, but they never replied to his messages.

“You are an android?” Liu Gan tried to communicate with Yin He. According to what Jiang JinYu said, this pet had emotional growth development that resembled humans. It had the potential to grow through repetition.

“Yes.” Yin He nodded in an expressionless manner.

“Smile a bit, you don’t need to be so formal with me.” Liu Gan reached out to Yin He’s chin and pulled it down.

Right now he was her absolute master, and he wanted to test if she was really obedient.

“Please master, don’t use such flirty manners towards me. I would feel unhappy.” Yin He’s facial expression turned sour as she pushed his hand away.

“Aren’t you completely under my control? This type of attitude towards me isn’t that appropriate.” Liu Gan raised his brow, I only touched your chin, you don’t have to be like that?

“I am under your absolute control, but emotionally, I don’t think we are close enough to the point where we can have body contact.” Yin He explained to Liu Gan.

“Your emotional processing…” Liu Gan was speechless. This San Xing Corporations created an android that had so much personality.

“That is system-programmed self protection.” Yin He explained to Liu Gan.

“What must I do to increase our closeness level?” Liu Gan asked Yin He.

“Staying with me for long periods of time, so I can recognize your voice and speech pattern is the first step in familiarizing. Another method is that you can find me better body equipment and weapons, so I can improve. When I’m weak, you can take care of me, help me recharge my battery… Those are the other methods to increase our closeness.” Yin He gave a serious answer to Liu Gan.

“Okay then.” Liu Gan was absolutely speechless afterwards. Whoever wrote the script for Yin He’s emotional recognition sequence–were these really considered normal human emotions? How absurd!

If Jiang JinYuan was still alive, Liu Gan would definitely ask him to revise the program. However, that was no longer possible. Even though Liu Gan could control and operate the PDA, he wouldn’t dare touch the other processes that changed Yin He. It might result in a faulty mess and screw everything up.

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