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Chapter 84: First to strike

After mounting a sneak attack on Liu Gan and Jiang JinYuan, the tentacle monster, having had two of its tentacles chopped off by Liu Gan, fled back to its warehouse above in panic. This tentacle monster’s attack power was extremely powerful, with exceptionally high movement speed and agility. Those two tentacles with thorns basically ensured one-hit kills against normal humans. Even players that had advanced in rank wouldn’t be able to resist that kind of attack without a Mist Armor like Liu Gan’s.

However, its defenses were extremely weak. Liu Gan had only used his axe to slice off two of its tentacles before it had lost its ability to fight, and bounded off to the surface.

With it in the warehouse, Liu Gan couldn’t be at ease. Who knew if its tentacles would grow back after a certain amount of time? Moreover, it held a grudge against Liu Gan because he’d chopped off its tentacles, and it could mount another sneak attack on Liu Gan when he wasn’t paying attention. At the moment, the Mist Armor from his alloy watch had turned red. It was clear to see that any other attacks could result in it being broken.

That’s why, while the tentacle monster was injured, Liu Gan had to take this opportunity to gain the advantage.

Moreover, this tentacle monster was displayed as a scarlet dot on the screen, which meant that it was most likely a variant type of colossal zombie. If Liu Gan was able to kill a lot of these variant colossal zombies, he would be able to absorb more black orbs to increase his strength, and boost his rank from level 5 to level 6.

No matter what kind of reasons were proposed, Liu Gan couldn’t let that injured tentacle monster go.

Liu Gan climbed up the iron stairs and arrived at the room he had previously come down from, climbing back through the round metal door into the warehouse.

In such a complicated warehouse, it was very likely that the tentacle monster was just hiding in the criss-crossed pipelines on the ceiling. If he didn’t have the PDA to search, Liu Gan wouldn’t be able to locate it at all. But now, he could see its position clearly on the screen.

Of course, it was from a few minutes ago, and it could’ve already left.

After confirming where the tentacle monster colossal zombie had been during the probe scan, Liu Gan softly moved towards that direction. For the sake of avoiding inadvertently notifying the monster, Liu Gan tried his hardest to keep himself from making any sounds.

With a distance of a dozen or so meters, Liu Gan walked for over three minutes before he finally got near, arriving at a place a bit over 10 meters below the tentacle monster. Liu Gan stopped and lifted his head, his concentration focused as he inspected the ceiling.

Liu Gan didn’t shine his flashlight directly on the ceiling to avoid scaring it away, and instead pointed the flashlight at his own back. This provided some rays of light for his eyes in the pitch-black warehouse. These traces of light were already enough for his fortified vision.

As expected, there was a disgusting tentacle monster-shaped colossal zombie sprawled between those criss-crossed pipelines on the ceiling. Using his concentrated and fortified vision, Liu Gan could just barely make out the tentacle monster’s appearance.

The tentacle monster wasn’t like those giant muscular colossal zombies that were just thick meat and flesh. Its body length was about the same as a typical regular zombie, but its two legs could become like pythons, which allowed it to easily coil around the pipes. Its arms grew out into two long, pointed tentacles. Its previous attack on Jiang JinYuan and Liu Gan had used those two arm-like barbed tentacles.

But now, those two barbed tentacles had been chopped off by Liu Gan, so it could only wrap itself around the pipes on the ceiling and quietly tend to its wounds, waiting for those two barbed tentacles to grow out again.

The tentacle monster was on the ceiling and Liu Gan was on the ground. There was a distance of at least 5-6 meters of space between the two. If Liu Gan threw his axe, it wouldn’t inflict much damage on the tentacle monster. After being surprised, it would just swiftly run away towards another direction, just as before.

This tentacle monster was like a snake, an agile and nimble snake with swift movements. Moreover, the probing installation couldn’t provide a real time scan. Once the monster ran away, it would be hard to find it again. He needed to wait until the next scanning opportunity. Like this, there was no way to grab the experience from hunting and killing it.

Even if Liu Gan was an expert at parkour, thinking of a method to use the shelves to climb up to those pipes on the ceiling couldn’t ever result in his movements being as agile as the tentacle monster. It was for certain that once he appeared, he’d lose his ability to attack, and the tentacle monster would just make a clean escape.

Liu Gan slapped his head…how come he didn’t just get Yin He to help? He’d just gotten this new pet, and hadn’t been given the chance yet to test her true might!

Liu Gan retreated off to the distance, and he used the PDA to manipulate Yin He to come from above down to basement level 2. He quietly approached the warehouse door and then concealed himself within. After locking onto the tentacle monster above him as the attack target, he activated Yin He’s free-attack mode.

The exact commands were for her to attack to injure, as well as to capture, the tentacle monster. However, she could not end the tentacle monster’s life. The final attack must be performed by Liu Gan. Only then would Liu Gan be able to absorb the black orb dispelled out as the creature died, and boost his own strength.

After setting this, Liu Gan looked at Yin He’s glowing red eyes. Like a gust of wind, she swiftly climbed up the warehouse shelves and jumped onto the pipes above. leeve blades suddenly appearing in either hand, she hacked towards the tentacle monster wrapped around the pipes.

The tentacle monster didn’t flee away, but rather, stretched out its two tentacles with its sharp tips severed and tried to wrap them around Yin He. However, Yin He’s sleeve blades were extremely sharp, and instantly cut off those two tentacles entirely. With a whine, the tentacle monster quickly fled along the pipes. Its movements were extremely swift, and with little effort, it instantly disappeared from Liu Gan’s vision.

However, Yin He’s movements were also extremely fast. Moreover, after activating her infrared mode, she could clearly see everything in the darkness, thus not affecting her movements at all. While the tentacle monster was running away, Yin He quickly swung along the pipes like a monkey, following right behind the monster, and disappeared without a trace.

However, Liu Gan could still see everything within Yin He’s vision on the screen of his PDA. Right now, through Yin He’s infrared mode, he could see that although the tentacle monster was fleeing extremely quickly, Yin He was chasing after just as fast. The distance between the escapee and the pursuer along the warehouse ceiling pipes hadn’t changed at all. Meanwhile, the sleeve blades in Yin He’s hands had time and time again cut the tentacle monster’s legs.

After the tentacle monster’s legs were injured, its speed gradually slowed as well. Its two legs and two tentacles, after being slashed by Yin He repeatedly, finally ended up completely chopped off at their roots. The tentacle monster had completely lost its ability to climb along the ceiling pipes, and was pulled down by Yin He, the both of them falling to the ground of the warehouse.

Liu Gan leisurely walked over, brandishing his axe and cutting the tentacle monster’s throat to end its life. Balls of giant orbs, about the same density as the ones from Giant Colossal Zombies, escaped from its body, each of them making their way into Liu Gan’s body.

[TL: The two colossal zombie Liu Gan fought earlier has muscles exposed that fights like a tank (think of Mundo from league of legends). This tentacle one is a new variant type. I will call that Giant Colossal Zombie and this Tentacle Colossal Zombie. In addition, the experience is only for last hit/kill if you don’t kill it then you don’t get the experience.]

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