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“She is the laboratory’s new design product; however, it isn’t complete. There are a lot of procedures that are still in its infancy stages. Later on, you can continue refining and recording relevant data about yourself to her. Every word you say and every movement will automatically be stored in her memory palace. The longer you are with her, the harder it is for others attempting to harm you.” Jiang JinYuan added more details.

“Is such a lengthy process necessary? Can’t it be more simplified?” Liu Gan expressed his concern.

“This type of biochemical robot is still in the first stages of the design, so this type of interaction can improve their human nature attribute, so they were designed with specific emotion recognition sequence. It is to simulate as if it was a real person, with emotional growth development. Similar to a newborn to connect with everything through interactions, so it won’t mistake it’s own parent. You and her will get real close, so she won’t be able to not recognize you as her master.” Jiang JinYuan got in depth with his reasoning.

“So this is for the mechanical robot to be more human-like? You seem really familiar with this type of robot. Is it because you’ve come in contact with it before? Liu Gan suspiciously looked at Jiang JinYuan.

“The real world wouldn’t have this type of robot. It’s because I’ve seen similar programming regarding this intellectual procedure. They lacked the hardware to support this system, so even in the real world, it can only remain as a theory. The intellectual part that I’m able to access is simpler compared with Yin He’s original intellectual software. What I did was enter the company’s primitive protocols and data to replace the portion of code that was not yet complete. Using this very primitive control method, she will remain under your control.” Jiang JinYuan simplified his explanation to Liu Gan.

“So you are saying that the programming you are using now is far inferior to her current programming. Wouldn’t that create some incompatibility and unknown problems?” Even though Liu Gan didn’t understand the technicalities of the procedure, he asked Jiang JinYuan for more advice. It was obvious that while he was staying in [The Trembling World], he wanted to obtain the strongest pet and not some beta-product that wasn’t complete.

“Her intelligence and emotional programming have a strong growth and self-restoration capabilities. So it might take something trivial and undergo the self-restoring process. However, no matter how many times she restores, she won’t escape my rules that I just implemented in her root system. These are the three absolute rules that she must obey. First rule, she must not harm humans or witness other humans receiving harm. Second rule, unless she violated the first rule, she must follow your orders. Last rule, while not violating the previous two rules, she must protect herself. These are the three absolute rules that all robots must follow.” Jiang JinYuan explaining the protocol to Liu Gan.

“Honestly, what is San Xing Corporation really doing?” Liu Gan said after hearing all these protocols and looking at the appearance of Yin He. He started questioning this game as it seemed to be more complicated than what it was revealing to be. It added to his previous suspicions about this game.

“I’m only an external staff member, so for all the company secrets, I wouldn’t know nor understand since I’m not at the executive level. Otherwise, why would I be sent here by the company to do this hard labor. If I previously knew that I would be sent into the game at an incorrect location, making this mission so much harder to accomplish, I probably wouldn’t have agreed to be a volunteer.” Jiang JinYuan said while showing a helpless expression.

“Okay, we should continue with the original plan to start up this building’s backup electricity generators. After reviving the building’s electricity, then we can decide our next step.” Liu Gan stood up, sensing that he wouldn’t be able to find out anymore from Jiang JinYuan.

“Right now having Yin He is so much more convenient. Both she and the PDA can be connected. We can avoid this location and remotely control her from afar to do our dirty work. This way, we will be in less danger.” Jiang JinYuan showed that Yin He’s visual field could be transferred onto the PDA monitor. Then through the PDA’s microphone, Liu Gan was able to remotely command her to move ahead a few steps.

“How many meters can this type of long-distance control reach?” Liu Gan asked Jiang JinYuan.

“A safe estimation of the distance would be a thousand meters, but you should just keep her distance no further than 800 meters… How about this, I will add another absolute rule. The moment she leaves you more than 800 meters, her mainframe will automatically alert her other functions to stop what they’re doing. This way, you won’t be afraid of her running away.” Jiang JinYuan explained as he typed in the code and transferred it to Yin He’s mainframe.

Liu Gan watched the monitor, but the screen was dark, so it was hard to see clearly. This made it hard to control her remotely from far away.

“Turn on her infared visual field.” Jiang JinYuan seeing the situation, gave Liu Gan his advice.

“Turn on infrared visual fields.” Liu Gan said to Yin He as a command in the way Jiang JinYuan wanted. Liu Gan’s knowledge in commanding Yin He was close to zero. Without Jiang JinYuan’s guidance, he couldn’t operate all these frustrating processes.

After Yin He’s infrared visual field turned on, the pictures on the monitor started to clear up. It was similar to viewing from the monitor of an infrared video camera. Seeing clearly that everything around them seemed to be okay, Liu Gan began to control Yin He, He told her to climb up the stairs into the next room and then proceed through the circular metal door up into the warehouse region.

Liu Gan directed Yin He all the way up to the warehouse entrance by the metal heavy-duty door. After leaving the warehouse, they arrived back to the hallway. No one would’ve expected that Yin He would meet four zombies. The reason as to why they were lured down here was still unknown.

The moment Yin He drew near to them, these zombies attacked her. They didn’t charge towards her since it was evident that she didn’t bleed and wasn’t a food source for them. So, there was no point for them to charge towards her.

“You can command her to kill these four zombies to test out her combat strength.” Jiang JinYuan advised Liu Gan.

[xDh20: BRAH, you were just fighting her. You know her strength.]

“Kill the four zombies by your side.” Liu Gan looked at Jiang JinYuan and gave this order.

Hearing this order, Yin He’s eyes flashed a bright light and her arms were able to extend out two sharp blades. Charging forward quickly, she was able to cut through the neck of the four zombies in a nimble and fast moment. All of them were lying on the floor.

Compared to Liu Gan, Yin He’s movement was a lot faster. The efficiency for killing these zombies would be much higher. These normal zombies would normally not engage to assault her before getting attacked first, even if she had the combat posture.

“Simply wonderful!” Jiang JinYuan looked at Liu Gan and screamed out a few words. Deep within, he was regretting that he couldn’t secretly own Yin He. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have to endure Liu Gan’s forced submission.

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