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“I’m almost done.” Jiang JinYuan responded to Liu Gan, but he was still busy for about fifteen minutes before finally stopping.

When Jiang JinYuan was preparing to press down on the screen’s voice icon and speak a few words into the PDA’s microphone, Liu Gan reached out with his hand to stop him and grabbed hold of the PDA.

“What are you doing?” Liu Gan questioned Jiang JinYuan.

“Just now I was running her initialization program, and now we only need to input our voice. This allows her to recognize and record our voice data, so in the future she will listen and obey our commands.” Jiang JinYuan explained this to Liu Gan in a somewhat guilty manner.

“In other words, would she be like a household pet support character in other online games, recognizing players as her master?” Liu Gan racked his brain for an answer. If it was like this, this biochemical robot had value, and her combat ability was very powerful.

“That sounds about right.” Jiang JinYuan nodded.

“So just now were you preparing to input your voice, so she would recognize you as her master?” Liu Gan continued to question Jiang JinYuan.

“Yes… I was preparing to first record my voice and then record your voice. After she’s recorded these things, she will recognize us as masters according to the characteristics of our voices.” Jiang JinYuan vaguely replied to Liu Gan and tried to take back the PDA.

“You don’t necessarily have to do this because she only needs to distinguish my voice and obey my commands. I’m solely responsible for your safety in [The Trembling World], so you don’t need to worry.” Liu Gan absolutely wasn’t prepared to return the PDA to Jiang JinYuan.

“That…” Jiang JinYuan originally thought to take advantage of Liu Gan’s carelessness and rushed to make himself the biochemical robot’s first master. In a situation when Liu Gan and his commands conflicted, the biochemical robot would choose to obey his orders because they were higher priority. However, Liu Gan apparently saw through this bit and simply did not give Jiang JinYuan the opportunity to take control first.

“Previously, you indeed told me that after we arrived at the laboratory you would help me find high-technology gear, stat-improving drugs, and more. Only then did I promise to escort you. When we finally found a high-technology product, you want to change the plan on your own? That doesn’t seem right, does it?” Liu Gan and Jiang JinYuan were negotiating their terms of agreement at the same time Liu Gan used his fire axe to chop the floor as a warning.

Persuasion didn’t only require logic and reasoning, but physical intimidation is also effective.

“I didn’t mean that…uhh…we’ll just do as you say. You can press down on the screen’s microphone icon and then record your voice data.” Jiang JinYuan replied embarrassingly to Liu Gan. Since Liu Gan saw through his ploy, Jiang JinYuan couldn’t secretly hide anything anymore. He knew that Liu Gan said these things out of anger and frustration. If he dared to continue and make Liu Gan angrier, then Liu Gan would probably use the fire axe to chop him in half.

“What should I say?” Liu Gan asked before pressing down on the microphone icon.

“You can say anything, and it will work. The more you say, the more she will instantly recognize the characteristics of your voice.” Jiang JinYuan responded with a few words.

“Look at me when you’re speaking, and you better not be lying to me or else you know the consequences.” Liu Gan stared piercingly at Jiang JinYuan to confirm what was said. He truly didn’t understand computer programs and wanted to know if Jiang JinYuan had played any tricks. Liu Gan could only judge based on Jiang JinYuan’s word and facial expression.

“I’m not lying. I’m not lying!” Jiang JinYuan helplessly replied to Liu Gan. He really wasn’t an expert at lying to people.

“Okay.” Liu Gan said no more and pressed the microphone icon. Afterwards, he spoke some random words into the PDA’s microphone. After Liu Gan spoke no less than five minutes, Jiang JinYuan’s left hand signalled enough so Liu Gan stopped.

“Did it work?” After Liu Gan stopped, he asked this to Jiang JinYuan.

“There shouldn’t be any issues. From now on, she has already identified you as master and will strictly obey your commands. Give the PDA back to me, and I can reboot her for you to test giving her commands.” Jiang JinYuan replied to Liu Gan.

“Okay.” Liu Gan returned the PDA back to Jiang JinYuan and observed his every move. At the same time, he picked up the electromagnetic gun in his hands, in order to avoid any abnormality occurring after the woman was woken up.

After Jiang JinYuan received the PDA, he used it to restart the biochemical robot’s program and remove the woman’s previous electromagnetic paralysis state.

The woman awoke, and after sitting up, she really didn’t attack Liu Gan any longer but stared with a blank expression. Jiang JinYuan guided Liu Gan to try giving her commands, and she really got up as they had commanded her to get up. If they said East, then she went East. If they said West, she went West, and she was very obedient.

“Right now she only responds to your commands, and if I give her commands, then she won’t listen.” Jiang JinYuan said this in order to confirm he did not play any tricks. He also issued a command toward the woman, but the woman did not respond at all to his words.

“What happens if someone imitates my voice? Will she be stupid enough to listen to someone else’s commands?” Liu Gan was uneasy, so he asked Jiang JinYuan to clarify again. This type of pet authentication program was created by Jiang JinYuan. Liu Gan also didn’t understand the theory, so he couldn’t help but be somewhat anxious.

“Following this, there are few more authentication procedures. After it is complete, you can entirely avoid these things you mentioned from happening.” Jiang JinYuan said this and asked Liu Gan to call the woman back. Then, he thought of some questions for Liu Gan to ask the woman.

“What is your name?” Liu Gan followed Jiang JinYuan’s guidance to ask the woman a few questions.

“My name is Yin He.” The woman responded coldly.

[TL: Yin He means ‘Milky Way Galaxy’]

“Don’t be so stiff, smile.” Liu Gan didn’t like this woman’s attitude. Don’t tell me she still remembers her anger for her master? As a pet, shouldn’t she have the consciousness of a pet?

The woman’s cold expression softened, and a smile slowly formed on her face towards Liu Gan.

“Your name is Yin He? This name isn’t very good… forget it. We’ll call you Yin He. Yin He, why did you attack me before?” Liu Gan asked Yin He directly.

“I… I don’t remember now…” Yin He had a puzzled expression.

“I reset her memory state.” Jiang JinYuan interjected a few words.

“Will you still attack me now?” Liu Gan asked another question towards Yin He.

“Right now, you are my master. I will strictly obey your commands. Whatever you let me do, I will do, and whatever you don’t let me do, I won’t do.” Yin He replied to Liu Gan.

“Very good.” Liu Gan nodded with a very satisfied expression on his face.

Jiang JinYuan once again started a few authentication programs, letting Yin He visually scan and remember Liu Gan’s facial features. He also recorded Liu Gan’s facial features while speaking and Liu Gan’s physical characteristics when walking. These details combined let Liu Gan’s authentication go deeper with Yin He than simple voice authentication.

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