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Chapter 382 - Aware

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

LuLu was stunned as she stared down at Yin He. She didn’t know if Yin He was playing a practical joke on her, or Yin He’s psychological state was seriously the problem. This whole time they were chatting, she couldn’t understand a single word?

“Have you figured that I am not normal?” Yin He could tell from LuLu’s expression.

“No, definitely not. Don’t misunderstand…” LuLu quickly denied.

“Recently, I found that I am not that normal. I think the emotional process exceeded the limit,” Yin He lowered her head.

“Emotional… process?” LuLu couldn’t understand Yin He at all.

“You aren’t hostile, and you treat Brother Gan well,” Yin He looked at LuLu.

“Yes, he saved me before. I hope to repay his kindness…” LuLu nodded.

“I believe you. So I will tell you a secret. You must promise to keep this a secret,” Yin He continued to tell LuLu.

“Okay, I will keep this secret between us” LuLu promised Yin He.

“Brother Gan, is a good person. A very good man. He treats me well. I love him,” Yin He thought for a bit before speaking.

“I can tell. You are very fortunate to be able to be with him” LuLu nodded.

“I can’t have a baby with him. There’s no way for me to give birth to a baby Gan,” Yin He shook her head.

“Oh?” LuLu wasn’t expecting this topic with Yin He.

“I will tell you a secret, I’m actually an android. So I am unable to give birth to a baby Gan,” Yin He looked right at LuLu in the eye.

“Ah?” LuLu widen her eyes. It seems like she understood Yin He’s condition now. She thought that their communication was weird, but it seems like this was the problem.

She says she is an android?

“Brother Liu… does he know?” LuLu asked.

“He knows,”

“He knows?” LuLu didn’t know how else to continue this conversation. Liu Gan knows that she is an android, but yet he still loves her? And he claims her as his girlfriend?

“Yes, he woke me up from my sleep mode. This was at the Biochemical Intelligence Research Center,” Yin He nodded.

LuLu stared at Yin He without a response, mainly because she didn’t know how to respond to that answer. An android? Isn’t that, like, no different from a desktop computer? LuLu thought she could finally have a girl talk with Liu Gan’s girlfriend, but it seems like Yin He was no different from a computer. It was as if LuLu was staring at the monitor of a portable computer, looking for a response.

“I also saw your diary and manga,” Yin He voluntarily spoke up, since LuLu was silent.

“Ah…” LuLu had ‘clueless’ written all over her face. She was absent-minded as to what she should say to Liu Gan’s portable computer.

“I heard you confess your feelings and the song you sang. I feel that your feelings toward him are genuine,” Yin He continued to say.

“My feelings are really genuine… Ah… Except…” LuLu was getting embarrassed. Never in a million years would she have guessed that her love rival was an android.

“There’s something I want you to do for me…” Yin He looked at LuLu with a serious face.

“Oh? What is it?” LuLu looked at Yin He. What could come out next is entirely unpredictable.

“Originally, I felt that Su Nina was suitable, but now that I have met you, I feel that you are more suitable for him. Su Nina is too much scheming,” Yin He mumbled out loud.

“What?” LuLu didn’t understand the meaning behind Yin He’s sentence.

“Lately my thoughts are in disarray. It might be possible that I can’t stay with him forever. I hope you won’t give up on the person you love. If I am really unable to stay with him, I hope that you can take care of him on my behalf. You both are the same species, so you can help him give birth to a baby Gan,” Yin He looked LuLu in the eyes as she said those words.

“You will leave him?” LuLu heard the news, but wasn’t sure if she should be happy about it.

“I don’t know. There are parts of my forgotten memory that are coming back to me. I feel that something awful might happen,” Yin He thought about it before telling her.

“What awful thing could it be?” LuLu quickly followed up.

“My memory is very disordered. I can’t explain it in detail. Even if I explained it to you, you wouldn’t understand it. I’m just afraid. Afraid that Brother Gan will be lonely. Even though he is very strong, he is very reliant on me. I’m afraid that I…” Yin He frowned.

“If he loves you that much, and he relies on you, then you don’t have to leave him! Even though I really want to be with him, I don’t want him to feel hurt. I would rather stay alone and watch you from afar as you enjoy your time with him!” LuLu held onto Yin He’s hands.

“If I am able to stay with him. I would be willing to give up my million-year lifespan. I would give it all up. There are times when it is not up to the wishes of the individual. Do you understand what I mean?” Yin He asked LuLu.

“I don’t understand… Your hands are freezing…” LuLu shook her head.

“This is the first time I’ve spoken with someone other than Brother Gan for this long,” Yin He looked at LuLu.

“Thank you for your trust in me” LuLu replied.

“The things I’ve said to you, please don’t tell Brother Gan. There are a lot of things, that I haven’t figured it out myself… It is very complicated.” Yin He sighed.

“I never understood Brother Liu that well. I was just guessing that he suffered some psychological injury. It is probably some injury he sustained when he was younger. This would lead his personality to be antisocial and strange. He must have his reasons for loving you. Thinking back on it… I think he is a lot different from the first time I’ve met him. He is more open and gentle now. It is all due to your presence that he changed. So if you can stay be his side, then please don’t leave!” LuLu sincerely told Yin He her opinion.

“I also hope that I can stay by his side forever.” Yin He looked up over head. Her thoughts passed through the ceiling and she sensed the pitch-black night sky, expanding into the deep abyss of the cosmos.


Liu Gan slept for a bit before he woke up by himself. His tipsiness from the alcohol was nearly gone. Undoubtedly, his recovery speed was much faster than a normal person. Even alcohol poisoning was weak against him.

Liu Gan petted NaNa on the head before he got up from his room to walk around the apartment.

“Lord Liu, Second Elder sent a representative to sincerely invite you over to his mansion. You weren’t awake, so I haven’t replied back yet. The representative is still waiting for your reply in the living room. What do you want me to do?” Han GuangMing reported to Liu Gan.

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