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Chapter 381 - Injury

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LEWD warning.

Seeing Liu Gan eat so cheerfully, LuLu felt happy as well. Even though she knew that he had a girlfriend, his attitude toward her had also changed. He didn’t think of her as an annoyance, which made her feel better.

“Have you ever thought of staying here? If you don’t leave, then this place will be yours. Everyone here will have to obey your commands” LuLu continued to test Liu Gan.

“There is no way I can stay here for the long term. Once I get the Brave airship, I will leave this island behind. I will head for the Main Island,” Liu Gan shook his head.

“Why must you head to the Main Island? Is there another reason? If not, then wouldn’t it be better to just stay here on this island?” LuLu asked again.

Liu Gan started a new train of thought. He had never thought about this question before. It seemed like Jiang JinYuan had told him that on the Main Island was a dimensional space laboratory. In that laboratory was a possible Spatial Transfer Gate. However, it was after hearing that the Main Island had more powerful Variant Zombies and Advanced monsters that Liu Gan wanted to head to the Main Island.

Everything afterwards was in preparation for his trip to the island. From running through NinJing City to Green Pao Bay, where he found the Serenity airship. He found the airship, but was unable to use it. Then he met with Su Nina in the underwater laboratory. Through unfortunate circumstances, he wound up on the shore of the northern region. When he found out about the Brave airship, he wanted to take over it to head to the Main Island.

Was going to the Main Island really that important to him? What did he want to do there? Use the Spatial Transfer Gate to come back to the real world? No, he didn’t have any intentions of returning back to the real world.

The only possible explanation that he could tell himself was that there must be more powerful monsters on that island. With harder opponents, he would be able to level up faster. The grass is always greener on the other side.

If he doesn’t raise his level faster, then in the future the beta players or stronger monsters can overtake him. For survival’s sake, he must become stronger.

On another hand, Liu Gan always had the habit of traveling the world. He was never the type to be content staying in one place for too long. In the real world he was like that. It wouldn’t be an exception in the the Trembling World.

“So you want to honor your commitment to Jiang JinYuan?” LuLu guessed.

“I am just doing what I see fit to my circumstances. If I am able to reach the other side, the potential for development is endless. If I don’t raise my strength quickly, then I will be crushed by the other beta players when they arrive. We will all become their slaves,” Liu Gan answered LuLu.

“You are considering quite far into the future,” LuLu replied.

“People without thought for the future, must have close worries,” Liu Gan scratched his head, as he was about to pass out.

Liu Gan had consumed too much alcohol. After dinner was over came the sleeping arrangements. Yin He was guarding Liu Gan inside the room, and NaNa was guarding outside of the room.

“He fell asleep?” LuLu whispered her question to Yin He. LuLu came back from helping Cheng Yi with clean up.

“He’s asleep,” Yin He replied to LuLu. Then Yin He scoped LuLu up and down.

“What happened this morning… I was very rude. I said things that I shouldn’t have. I didn’t know that he already has you in his heart. I hope you don’t mind…” LuLu voluntarily apologized.

Confessing her love in front of so many people, especially when the other person had a girlfriend. To top if off, the girlfriend was very pretty. It would make anyone feel embarrassed if they were to be compared standing next to each other.

“Oh, I don’t mind,” Yin He brushed her hand on LuLu’s shoulder, smiling as she replied.

“Could we chat for a little bit?” LuLu suggested to Yin He. Even though LuLu didn’t care, Liu Gan was still her first love. So if she was unable to be with him, she wanted to understand the woman he chose over her.

LuLu didn’t have any intentions of breaking up Liu Gan and Yin He. It was purely out of curiosity for her inquiries.

“Okay.” Yin He glanced over at the bed Liu Gan was sleeping on. Yin He sent out a signal to NaNa to swap places with her. Then, she followed LuLu out of the room into the living room. They sat down across from each other to talk.

“You should understand Brother Liu a great deal, right?” LuLu started off with a topic. Between the two, their discussion would most likely revolve around Liu Gan.

“He is good. Very strong,” Yin He answered LuLu.

“Ah…” LuLu felt that there was something wrong with Yin He, but she couldn’t put it in words...

“He is good. Very strong,” Yin He repeated her words once again.

“He is indeed very strong… But, I feel like he experienced some sort of injury. That is why he keeps all his issues internalized. It gives off the feeling that he is very cold to those who don’t know him,” LuLu continued to speak.

“Injury? His recovery rate is very high. It doesn’t matter if he is injured,” Yin He honestly replied to LuLu. Aside from Liu Gan, Yin He didn’t have much opportunity to socialize with other people. Liu Gan wasn’t the type to talk much at all. So when she was with LuLu, it was the first time she had spoken so much in one sitting.

“I’m not saying that his body is injured. It is a psychological injury…” LuLu was bewildered with Yin He’s answer. LuLu wasn’t sure if she should laugh or cry with that response.

“Psychological? His psychological state is also very strong.” Yin He continued to answer LuLu, even though the answers were not related to the question.

LuLu stared at Yin He. For two minutes of silence, they were staring at each other. Yin He didn’t have any change in expression. LuLu felt it was very bizarre.

Is this a normal person?

Brother Liu’s girlfriend seems to have some sort of mental problem! Is it autism? Or is it an emotional barrier? Either way, she doesn’t respond like a normal person.

Could it be that Brother Liu loves these type of girls? The brainless type? Suddenly, LuLu felt wronged. Liu Gan has been scolding her dumb this whole time, but he likes this asinine girl!

“I think… Brother Liu must have a certain heartbreaking past. He must have not mentioned it to anyone else. This shows how hurt he must have been. I am talking about his psychological hurt. This would explain why he would shut himself in. People who don’t understand Liu Gan would sense he is like a brick. Even in the abyss of his heart, he has a soft and fragile side. You should know that, right?” LuLu tried to ask Yin He again.

“His arms and legs are very sturdy. Even more sturdy than metal ingots. Some of his body parts are hard and sometimes they are very soft,” Yin He nodded. She agreed with LuLu’s words.


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