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Chapter 346 - Crescent Blade

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

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Clearly there were some issues with this thorny bear’s intelligence. These thorns weren’t a threat to NaNa and Yin He, but the projectile thorns hadn’t stopped… at least until the thorny bear ran out of thorns on its now-smooth back.

Still, the most impressive aspect of the thorny bear was its claw. Luckily it was Yin He and NaNa doing the close-quarters combat. If it was Liu Gan, his [Mist Armor] would’ve been destroyed ages ago.

If The Trembling World was really a type of game, Liu Gan was cheating. He was using Yin He and NaNa to power-level. If it were other players around his level, their strength would not have been be able to wound the bear even at the first state. Needless to say, they wouldn’t have been able to force a transformation into the second state.

With countless lasers fired at the thorny bear, Yin He was able to severely wound it. NaNa also bit off various parts of its arm. Once the thorny bear was assessed as harmless, Liu Gan was called over. He shoved two hand grenades into the thorny bear to end its life. 

A large black orb seeped out from the blown-up bear. It was several degrees less dense than the orb that came out from Kingler. The bear was weaker than Kingler? Aside from that, Liu Gan still felt the burning sensation of leveling up, and his wrist watch confirmed that he was now level 10!

The Trembling World had a rule that every five levels would grant an ability. Liu Gan had three abilities prior to level 10; his abilities were [Mist Armor], [Psychic Shock], and [Dermal Respiration]. With the possibility of a new ability, he hoped it could be some offensive ability that he longed for. 

His new ability, [Crescent Blade], had no cooldown timer. [Crescent Blade] could be activated once one of the two requirements are met: If Liu Gan was extremely angry or [Mist Armor] was damaged. [Crescent Blade] could be charged up with this fury to increase its damage output. As long as the fury counter wasn’t empty, then a set amount of fury was consumed on every activation of [Crescent Blade]. Even when both arms and legs were occupied in combat, the ability could still be activated. It projected a ray-like blade from him ten centimeters long that trailed golden light and dealt immense damage to the target. 

When fury was fully charged, the [Enhanced Crescent Blade] could be cast. This enhanced ability had a range up to twelve meters away with ten times the power of [Crescent Blade].

The wrist watch didn’t come with any instruction manual other than the ability name, Liu Gan spent fifteen minutes testing his newly gained ability. However, he was unable to activate the [Crescent Blade] ability. Frustrated with his lack of success, he looked down to notice something resembling a counter. As if he sensed the purpose behind it, he ordered Yin He to attack him. The fury counter started to rise up, and eventually he was able to cast his first [Crescent Blade].

Through repeated experimentation, Liu Gan figured that his [Mist Armor] had to be damaged to a tenth of its durability before the fury counter maxed out. Releasing the [Enhanced Crescent Blade], he was surprised at how powerful his first offensive ability was.

The [Crescent Blade] easily sliced through tree trunks up to thirty centimeters in diameter when close up. The [Enhanced Crescent Blade] could slice apart a tree trunk with a diameter of fifty centimeters that was twelve meters away! 

This type of ability that required damaging [Mist Armor] to build up fury points was not something Liu Gan was fond of. This pent-up unhappiness turned into anger, which also slightly increased his fury counter. As if he had sensed something, he tested out his theory by doing things that will aggravate himself. Adding to it, he raised his voice and started screaming; he also confirmed that being angry was sufficient in increasing the fury. This was more fitting for his agenda. 

Aside from that, his body strength, agility, hearing, vision were increased significantly more than his last few level ups. Even his [Mist Armor] was ten times more dense than before.

With his current strength, he could fight against the second state of the bear. Liu Gan estimated that he could win before his [Mist Armor] was severely damaged. 

Liu Gan didn’t feel self-satisfied with his current stats. In fact, he felt an urgent crisis to find more Advanced monsters to raise his level and stats. Judging from Su Nina, there were a lot of beta players setting on the Main Island. The total tally could reach up to at least two thousand players.

If they were able to survive, their levels wouldn’t be low at all. If he didn’t catch up to their level, then the moment these beta players left the Main Island for the outer islands it would be a problem. Another foreseeable problem would be if Liu Gan decided to head onto the Main Island, then these beta players would be a huge threat.

These beta players relied on their earlier experiences with a standard computer and mouse to raise their levels. With this easy head start, it wasn’t fair to the other players. Was it always this unfair in the world?

In this world, there was no such thing as justice, Liu Gan could only rely on himself. Even when Liu Gan was transferred into The Trembling World, his alloy limbs were a huge advantage over his peer players. This was a type of unfair treatment to other players.

Regardless, these beta players didn’t have to experience the same experiences that the general players had to go through in order to survive. These beta players came in with a silver spoon with less real combat experience than the lucky survivors or the general players. In terms of advantage, Liu Gan felt that these countless combat experiences made him better.

After testing out the new ability, Liu Gan prepared to leave with Yin He and NaNa back to the Biochemical Intelligence Research Center to regroup with Han GuangMing. After that, the next step would be to visit the symbol on Mr. Sheng’s map, to see if the Spatial Transfer Gate actually existed. 

Even if the Spatial Transfer Gate existed, Liu Gan didn’t dare to enter it. He just wants to check for its location and once he had more information on the gate, he could reconsider. 


By the time they returned to the foot of the Biochemical Intelligence Research Center, it was close to three in the afternoon. Only Jiang JinYuan and Young Gao remained. Han GuangMing and Zhao Meng had left to gather food and water. 

There was a huge difference when Jiang JinYuan also reached level 6. The scattered normal zombies weren’t a threat. Young Gao and Jiang JinYuan searched the building together and found some useful materials. They built a communication device that was ready for use.

Liu Gan attempted to reach out to the prison compound, and after a few tries it was successful. He updated his current situation to Zhang ShengLi.

“We are in the Northern Region, I want to investigate this area first. I have to find out if the Spatial Transfer Gate exists in this area. I received information to enter this gate, it would require a key. Before I find the exact location of this gate, I don’t want to return yet. As for the compound, you are in charge,” Liu Gan briefly summarized. 

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