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Chapter 345 - In All Directions

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

The bear was angry, yet nervous. It gave up the den, but why wouldn’t it stop chasing? Perhaps, he is interested in something else that it has to offer? Like deflowering it? That wouldn’t be… good at all!

The bear ran on all fours through the jungle, it didn’t take long for the bear to escape to the deep parts of the jungle. But since it was unable to get rid of NaNa, Yin He was able to track the exact location and they trailed behind. 

Suddenly the bear couldn’t run any more. Like an anchor, NaNa had her hind legs stuck to a thick tree root. The bear’s paw lost a few centimeters of meat from where NaNa had bit into it, but NaNa was holding on steadfastly.

The tree root wasn’t thick, but it wasn’t thin, either. If the bear had enough strength, one paw was enough to pull up the tree roots from the dirt. At least the tree roots could’ve been broken into pieces. The current situation was quite precarious for the bear. The robot dog had dug its teeth deep into the bear’s paw. Even though the bear could move its paw, it was hard to tell which would break first, the paw or the tree root. 

Even if the bear pulled out the tree by the roots, with a large tree as anchor it would get stuck in between other trees. This was a difficult situation for the bear. The bear was panting, and it was in pain every time it moved its injured paw. With the other paw, it kept striking NaNa, but it was ineffective. 

Liu Gan and Yin He caught up to the bear. Yin He realized that NaNa couldn’t handle the situation so she equipped her Spatial Armor and shot out lasers from her fist at the Malevolent Bear. 

The Malevolent Bear didn’t have an outer shell like Kingler, so its defensive capabilities were far worse than Kingler. The lasers left holes in the bear’s body. With a few more punches, blood was oozing out from the wounds.

The Malevolent Bear felt that it would definitely perish if this continued. Even if it was painful, the bear violently swung the wounded arm around. Poor little NaNa was shaken off. The Malevolent Bear pulled off the layer of skin that was hanging on its paw. It was crying out in pain as it ran toward the jungle. 

NaNa got flung off, but it caught up to the bear. This time the little garden dog bit into the wound created by the laser. The bear couldn’t shake off NaNa again, so it endured the pain and focused on running away.

It didn’t take long for Yin He and Liu Gan to catch up. Meanwhile, Yin He kept shooting lasers at the Malevolent Bear whenever she had the chance. After an hour of chasing, the Malevolent Bear collapsed onto the ground. It was unable to continue running due to excessive loss of blood.

“That’s all it took?” Liu Gan wasn’t too willing to get close to the Malevolent Bear. Could it be playing dead? Or was this a chance for him to reach level 10?

This Malevolent Bear’s combat ability was far too weak. At least compared to Kingler, this bear was weak. With a little effort, it just gave up? This was a little too unusual. Perhaps, it wasn’t an Advanced Beast? Otherwise, it couldn’t be this weak, right?

Liu Gan was thoroughly disappointed as he walked up to the Malevolent Bear. Carefully, he shoved a hand grenade into an open wound on the bear’s body. The plan was to blow up the bear from within. 

The problem was that after the explosion went off and the smoke had dissipated, there were no black orbs that leaked out from the bear’s body. In fact, the explosion caused the bear’s body to swell up...

Yin He shot her lasers a few more times at the swollen body, but no harm was done. 

“Damn! He couldn’t have mutated into his second state right?” Liu Gan felt that something was wrong with the situation… The once wounded bear stood up. This time its eyes were complete black, there were no longer signs of intelligence behind those eyes. Aside from that, its black fur became as sharp as thorns.

In appearance, this bear looked more like a hedgehog now!

“Not good!” Yin He screamed, as she pushed Liu Gan onto the floor for cover. At the same time, a shadow trailed behind the black thorns as they were launched everywhere in the surroundings. These black thorns left holes in the trees wherever they came in contact. The thorns didn’t stop at the first tree, going through several trees until the force propelling the thorns was exhausted. 

Needless to say, this Advanced Malevolent Bear had two transformational states. After it was heavily injured, it would shift form to this state. In this state it could shoot out densely packed thorns. 

If Yin He hadn’t covered Liu Gan in time, his body would’ve been filled with thorns. The Mist Armor would’ve been severely damaged. 

Against this type of bear, even NaNa wouldn’t be able to do much damage. Even Yin He’s laser did limited damage to the new state of the bear. The lasers only created a dent on the surface of the bear, it was as if its skin had become a thick layer of armor.

“Hide somewhere far away for the moment, wait until I can beat the state of this bear. I will call you back over,” Yin He told Liu Gan.

“Do you have enough energy?” Liu Gan was quite worried. 

“Just enough, I will use the remaining three months of energy. It is more than enough to defeat it,” Yin He replied. 

The thorny bear charged toward Yin He and Liu Gan. The bear’s claws were extended. When it started waving its claws around, the nearby tree trunks were shaved off when they connected. The trees fell like fresh timber in the jungle. 

Liu Gan took the chance to use [Psychic Shock] at the thorny bear, but it was ineffective. It seemed that when it was in this condition the thorny bear didn’t have any conscience, so the skill was ineffective. 

With Yin He’s protection, Liu Gan escaped the scene. He couldn’t do anything to help now. He was just a burden to Yin He and NaNa if he remained on the battlefield. This battle was enough to rattle the mountain. Liu Gan stood a hundred meters away, but he still felt the shaking. He could only imagine how intense the fight must be at the center of it. 

Liu Gan thought that with his powerful psychic and superb defensive abilities, along with his underwater breathing ability, he was a strong contender. Up until now, he wasn’t able to awaken a offensive physical ability. Otherwise, at least he could have supported in the fight and not stood idly by. 

He was still unsure if Yin He and NaNa could handle the thorny bear, how much effort would it take to kill it? If too much energy was exhausted, then this fight was not worthwhile. 

Occasionally, Liu Gan snuck closer to the battlefield. From afar, he could see complete chaos. The trees at the center of the fight, were all taken down. The shrubs were crushed underneath the trees. There were traces of footprints, and thorns stuck on the trees.

The amount of thorns on the bear had decreased significantly, it looked like it had used up most of the projectiles. Yin He and NaNa had the upper hand, so killing the bear was only a matter of time. 

(Ed: This bear has some issues.)

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