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Chapter 323 - Changing Names

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

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“There’s no rush to change the system right now, first change the robotic dog’s program so it will listen to her,” Liu Gan ordered. Su Nina could already guess that Liu Gan wasn’t a representative of the mothership. Regardless, he would still pressure her to do work for him. Her psychological ability was stronger than his, but this wasn’t a dream. So he must have Yin He’s help to suppress her.

Su Nina started operating the PDA, and after a short while she stopped to look at Yin He.  

“What’s wrong?” Liu Gan asked Su Nina.

“I am unable to connect her to the mothership network. It seems like the signal is… hidden?” Su Nina asked Liu Gan.

“We are traitors that have escaped, she has been hiding her signal ever since. You will finish the task I asked you do to or else I will kill everyone here,” Liu Gan threatened Su Nina. There was no point in hiding his identity anymore, since he really needed her help to finish the task.

“Honestly, I knew that already… You just need to tell her to reveal her signal for a little while to match the time that allows me to join into her port. It should take around two minutes. I will try my best to finish it before general headquarters discovers her location.”

“Open up her port?” Liu Gan frowned. He wasn’t too sure about this since he was afraid she might mess with Yin He’s procedures.

“I won’t change her procedures. The moment I change anything, she would know. I just need to use her to join into the mothership’s database channel. That way I can connect to the robotic dog’s procedures to change ownership on the network. Then I can reconnect the robotic dog in offline mode to obey her,” Su Nina quickly explained.

Liu Gan looked at Yin He. Yin He nodded. Liu Gan agreed to let Su Nina operate as described.

Su Nina pulled out an external connector onto the PDA and quickly input data. The screen on PDA showed a large amount of data that Liu Gan couldn’t understand. This was out of his control. He could only hope that Su Nina cooperated and resolved the issue with the robotic dog. Otherwise, this robotic dog would create a lot of trouble for him and Yin He.

“I need your authentication code, and you better not lie about it. Don’t make me stick a needle in between your nails!” Su Nina held the PDA to Peng Xuetao’s face.

Liu Gan walked over and squeezed Peng Xuetao’s finger with the pliers. Horrifying cracking sounds followed shortly.

Under Liu Gan’s and Su Nina’s continuous threats, Peng Xuetao broke and gave up the authentication code. With the code, Su Nina was able to transfer over the rights to Yin He successfully.

“Her identity is still within the network, it hasn’t been erased yet. It is listed with a status of ‘missing’. So transferring the rights over to her was a lot easier. If you had wanted me to transfer the rights over to you, I don’t think I could have done that. In the database, there isn’t any information regarding you.” Su Nina looked at Liu Gan.

“Just work faster, talk less!” Liu Gan barked at Su Nina. First of all, he isn’t even from the mothership, so how would there be any information regarding him?

“Done! She can wear the shielding bracelet again. Okay, so you will need extra shielding material to cover the tracking signal. I’ve already set it to offline mode, but it requires a reboot. Remember that once a hidden signal tries to log back online, the controller would require new procedures to accept it,” Su Nina said to Liu Gan.

“Would these work?” Liu Gan pulled out two more shielding materials for Su Nina.

“Yes, this is very high quality shielding material.” Su Nina quickly started modifying the material to put over the robotic dog’s tracking signal in its leg. For safety, Su Nina turned off the Spatial Protection for the dog, then she wrapped the shielding material onto the dog’s leg. Afterwards, she restarted the program up again in the dog.

“I also casually gave it a name, so it is no longer called WangWang. You can call it NaNa. This name is hard set onto the microchip. To change it would require reconnecting it online. But, if we connect it to online, the mothership might regain control of it again,” Su Nina explained to Liu Gan.

“NaNa?” Liu Gan cringed. Did the robotic dog just become a small female pup?

“Yes, it uses my name. So when you call for it, I want you to think of me,” Su Nina blushed.

Liu Gan was speechless… Rather he didn’t want to say anything unnecessary. It was just a name. No matter what, it will obey Yin He so the name didn’t mean anything to Liu Gan.

After the robotic dog rebooted, the lights in its eye were green. Yin He tried to give it simple commands. Front… Back… Left… Right… Run… No matter what it was ordered to do, it obediently listened. After finishing with the commands, it would return to Yin He’s side and lay down. It would wag its tail as it stared at Yin He. If it weren’t for the metallic outer frame, it didn’t look too different from a regular dog.

Yin He rearranged its external appearance, not needing much time. She gave it a completely new redesigned look… It looked like a regular Chinese Garden Dog. Only when it equipped the Spatial Armor would the metallic dog appearance be restored.

Peng Xuetao couldn’t believe what he was witnessing and accidentally let out a shriek. After the catastrophe, he relied on the Spatial Protection and the robotic dog to be a tyrant at different laboratories. Today was a total loss. With his Spatial Protection being ruined, the robotic dog stolen, and his manhood cut off, he would no longer be able to show off his might. Let’s not even mention about messing with the female scientists anymore.

Now that he was within Liu Gan’s hand, there was no such thing as later on.

“Now can you trust that I don’t have any bad intentions?” Su Nina stopped in front of Liu Gan.

“Help me reconfigure the PDA’s electrical supply first.” Liu Gan pointed at the PDA.

“No problem, I will figure this out for you really fast.” Su Nina quickly got started. She set up the wiring one by one and placed the PDA into a metal container. When the PDA was re-connected to the electrical circuit, she used fast-acting white glue to stabilize it. Then she placed the metal container onto the back of the PDA. Now a normal plug could connect to back of the PDA.

“If the solar panel doesn’t provide any power, you just need this wiring to tap into the regular energy supply. Through the metal container, it will change into energy that can supply the PDA,” Su Nina explained briefly, avoiding an extended explanation.

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